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How to Decorate Your Home for Fall

After renovating the main floor of my home, I wasn’t sure how my fall home decor would fit in with my lighter and brighter, neutral color palette.

I want to stay true to the neutrals, but I also do not want to go out and buy all new decor just to be neutral.

To see what my home looked like before I decorated for fall, click here and here.

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Seeking Fall Inspiration from the Outdoors

When I’m decorating for any season, I look to what’s going on outside.

I love the cozy and rustic feel of adding greens, foliage, flowers, and other natural organic elements.

Plants and flowers make me feel happy, so as far as I’m concerned, the more the merrier.

Limelight Hydrangeas are the best fall flowers

I could decorate my dining room with just the fall centerpiece, but I love to tuck in faux greens and fall foliage stems to add fall touches to my hutch.

As an aside, I love how the rust-colored roses coordinate with my chandelier!

Fall Decorating Ideas

Shop Your Home Before You Buy

While I do like to add a few new faux greens and florals to my existing collection, I took out all of my fall home decor bins to sift through what I already had.

After playing around with my stuff, I headed to my favorite local shop that sells THE BEST faux florals and greens to add more to my collection.

(When I can’t shop local, I love to shop online HERE for faux greens and flowers.)

I was really drawn to a deep vintage palette in the shop. I found the florals to be rustic, yet elegant and sophisticated.

Walking around the inspiration house, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

Feeling super inspired, I picked up a few florals and headed home.

Rustic Fall Tablescape Idea

Creating Vignettes

I like to start with one room at a time and work on small vignettes. Maybe it’s an end table or a corner of a room, but I start in small sections.

Some rooms I will add more to than others, but I play around with my decor and work on different combinations until it feels right to me.

When creating vignettes I like to layer items in odd-numbered groupings and vary the sizes, shapes and textures.

Fall Decorating Ideas

It’s important to keep a vignette or something you styled in balance.

For example, if one side of a mantle has a tall object, balance that tall object with something tall on the other side.

It doesn’t have to mirror the object but it’s more pleasing to the eye if it is balanced.

I also look to keep vignettes to scale.

Grouping several small items together can look cluttered. Instead, add different objects with various shapes, sizes and textures to avoid a cluttered space.

Fall Decorating Ideas

Add Fall Inspired Pillows and Throw Blankets

While I don’t do this in every room that I am decorating, I like to add autumnal colors through throw pillows, pillow covers, and blankets.

If you don’t want to use them on a sofa, chair, or bed, consider adding them to a basket and tucking in some pumpkins and greens.

Even a small pop of color creates a cozy, fall vibe.

Fall Decorating Ideas

Feeling inspired by the rust-colored florals I picked up, I added some decor with the same color scheme to spice up the master bedroom.

I had all the pumpkins, greens, neutral pillows, and bedding.

But added the flannel blanket and fall-colored pillows to get the fall feels.

Add Greens, Florals and Other Natural Elements

This is my favorite part…but I love to bring the outdoors in by adding natural elements to every room.

I love to use pumpkins, gourds, houseplants, faux greens, and flowers.

They liven up vignettes and make it feel warm and cozy.

Fall Decorating Ideas
Think outside the box when using planters to hold florals and greens. Lately, I’m into using vintage tin cans to display seasonal florals.

If you don’t have anything, start collecting faux pumpkins, small sprigs, bunches, and garlands that you can tuck in around your home.

They can be found at Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, Amazon, etc. and many local small shops.

I have been working on my faux collection for a few years so if you don’t have anything, start small and just add items to your collection, little by little.

Right now, my houseplants are still vacationing on my deck.

They will be coming indoors in a few weeks.

So my fall decor does not have much in the way of live plants yet.

There are a few, but not many.

Centerpiece Ideas for Every Season

Throughout the seasons, I use this vintage metal tin basket but change out the greens and florals.

When I went shopping recently, I picked up these beautiful rust-colored roses and they work beautifully with my existing fall decor.

I already had all the stems and sprigs that are on the hutch.

Every season, I add a few more fall items to my collection so I have more to decorate with the following season.

And each year, the vignettes look a little different than the last.

Neutral Fall Finds from the Christmas Tree Shops

Final Touches

And finally, get some fall-scented candles, battery-operated flameless candles, or twinkle lights.

Nothing says cozy fall more than a pumpkin spice candle and some soft mood lighting.

What Do You Think?

I hope you found you found some fall decorating inspiration from this post.

If you don’t have a lot of fall home decor or don’t know where to begin, just start with one room and work on small vignettes.

It’s much less intimidating if you start small.

My love for plants and flowers seeps into every aspect of our home.

I love incorporating natural elements to warm up my indoor spaces and enjoy pulling cues from nature to decorate.

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