With fall around the corner, are you looking for fall decorating inspiration? Before we decorate, let’s learn how to choose a beautiful autumn color palette for your home.

I can’t believe we are heading into the home stretch of summer!

Is the summer flying by for you too?

While I’m not ready to give up my lake time or summer garden flowers, I am starting to think about decorating for fall.

I started decorating for almost fall by putting away my faux summer flowers to create clean and decluttered spaces that are ready for fall decor.

One year, I decorated with soft warm neutrals.

And last year, I warmed it up a bit more with a warm autumn color palette.

Not sure how to decorate for fall this year?

Let’s chat about the best colors for autumn.

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Where to Find Fall Decorating Inspiration

When creating an autumn color palette, I’m often inspired by what’s happening outdoors in the gardens.

Even if you don’t have expansive gardens like me, look to nature and pull colors that speak to you.

It’s amazing how the colors outside can inspire how we decorate for fall inside.

Outdoor Fall Decorating Ideas
Fall garden flowers in the front yard

Retailers are another great source of fall decorating inspiration.

Regardless of whether you shop in-store or online, retailers released their fall collections already so you can see what’s trending now.

To get an idea of what’s trending check out some of these retailers:

In addition to drawing inspiration from nature and retail, social media, TV and magazines provide a lot knowledge as well.

Start a folder on Instagram to save ideas.

Head over to Pinterest and pin ideas to your fall home decor boards.

See what your favorite bloggers are sharing.

Favorite Neutral Fall Finds from the Christmas Tree Shops
Welcome fall

How to Choose an Autumn Color Palette

Wherever you draw your inspiration from, stay true to the things that you love and are drawn to.

Choosing a fall color palette should not only reflect what you see around you, but also fits your personal style.

Just because some autumn color palette is trending, does not mean you have to do it throughout your home.

Adding just one piece can make a huge statement.

Potting bench with potted plants, mums, and pumpkins with potting shed signWhy You Need a Potting Bench
DIY Potting Bench decorated for fall

Shop Your Home First

Whatever color palette you choose, consider what you already have in your home.

From shopping the bins in your attic or basement, to looking at the big ticket items you own, let those drive your decorating style before you shop.

But what does that even mean?

Fall table decorations with pumpkins, green linen napkins and black and white buffalo check with neutral dinnerware
Rustic fall table decorations

I’ll give you an example of one of the decorating challenges I have in my home.

Years ago, we bought these beautiful dark leather sofas.

And I love them.

They are durable, have aged well and most importantly, do not show the dog fur.

With two black labs that shed and are all over my furniture, this was important to me when we bought the big ticket items.

Because these pieces are so heavy looking, it’s important for me to keep the decor light so it does not weigh the room down.

So instead of focusing on a lot of color, I add more patterns and textures with pops of seasonal hues.

Rustic Farmhouse Fall Home Tour
Neutral fall living room decor

And while it may feel like you have to buy more to get the look you want, if you do shop, find key pieces that you can use again and again.

This is why a key part of my decorating style is live and faux plants and flowers.

I buy a few new items every season to add to my collection and then create my decorating style from them.

As my collection grows, I have more opportunities to mix and match things.

neutral rustic farmhouse living room decorated with pumpkins, gourds and fall flowers - Fall Home Tour
Soft autumn color palette idea in the living room

Soft Autumn Color Palette Ideas

Because I wanted to tone down the warm autumn color palette in my home, last year I decorated with soft neutrals in my home.

When creating a soft neutral palette, it’s important to add lots of organic textures for adding life and dimension to the design.

Click here for more details of this soft autumn color palette in the dining room.

farmhouse dining room with black china cabinet and hutch and farmhouse table with vintage toolbox centerpiece with faux cabbage roses - Rustic Farmhouse Fall Home Tour
Vintage toolbox centerpiece idea for dining table decorated for fall

I love to use the color green as a base color with my neutrals because it is found in nature and helps make a room feel more alive.

So whether I’m using faux or real plants, live and artificial plants add personality and help unify the overall design.

farmhouse kitchen with corner hutch holding pothos. Kitchen has black island with granite countertops, vintage seed prints and centerpiece with vintage wood crate and fall flowers - Favorite Neutral Fall Finds from the Christmas Tree Shops
Neutral fall decorating ideas in a farmhouse kitchen

When going with a soft autumn color palette, look for items with organic textures.

Mix old with new items.

And add those greens, whether they are real or faux.

Click here to see more of this neutral rustic table design.

And learn how to make this rustic fall centerpiece idea for the dining room table.

rustic fall table decor ideas using faux pumpkins, berries and plants - Easy Fall Table Decor Ideas
Neutral rustic farmhouse table decorations idea

Warm Autumn Color Palette Ideas

One of my favorite fall table decor ideas is this blue and orange inspired tablescape.

From the neutral textures to the warm autumn color palette with pops of blue, I loved it.

Click here to see more easy fall decorating ideas for the dining table..

Easy Fall Centerpiece Idea with warm autumn color palette of orange and blue decor

I hadn’t realized how much I love the warm autumn color palette until I looked back at these photos from last year.

And the warmer neutral tones really brought out the details in the range hood that I refinished with General Finishes gel stain.

rustic farmhouse kitchen with painted cabinets and range hood finished with gel stain with Favorite Neutral Fall Finds from the Christmas Tree Shops
Rustic farmhouse kitchen decorated for fall

As an aside, isn’t it amazing how changing up a few pillows can change the whole color palette of a space?

Last fall, I got a little bored with my soft autumn color palette and decided to warm it up by mid-September.

warm autumn color palette in a rustic farmhouse living room with dark leather couches
Rustic farmhouse living room decorated for fall

If you have pumpkins you’d like to incorporate live fall garden flowers with your fall decor, try this dining table centerpiece idea using fresh pumpkins and garden mums.

Or you can design a beautiful and cozy fall harvest table using fresh cut flowers from the garden.

fresh pumpkin centerpiece idea for the dining table with garden mums that is perfect for your Thanksgiving Aesthetic using fresh pumpkins and garden mums on a farmhouse table with neutral table decorations, cedar branch placemat, dinnerware and tapered candles on brass candlestick holders
Simple fall centerpiece idea for dining table with fresh pumpkins and garden mums

Which look do you like more?

The soft autumn color palette or warm color palette?

It’s hard for me to choose, I love both.

Fresh flower arrangement for fall harvest table in outoor dining space with hydrangeas, zinnias and dahlias -This flower arrangement was made from my cut flower garden with hydrangeas, zinnias and dahlias. .how to set a cozy fall harvest table
Fall harvest centerpiece with fresh cut flowers from the garden

Pulling It All Together

Whether you choose a soft neutral or warm autumn color palette in your home, decorate with things that bring you joy and make YOU feel comfortable in your home.

Shop for and collect seasonal decorating items that reflect your lifestyle without breaking the bank and have some longevity.

We don’t all have the same decorating style and that’s a good thing!

While we draw our inspiration from the world around us, there should be some individuality in the way that we decorate our living spaces.

That’s what makes our homes cozy and unique.

Gorgeous vintage toolbox centerpiece decorated for fall with faux flowers in farmhouse dining room with black china cabinet and hutch with farmhouse table -Simple Fall Table Decor and Thanksgiving Food Ideas

For More Fall Decorating Ideas

Thank you so much for following along.

Enjoy a beautiful day! xo

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  1. I have done the neutral fall decor in the past, too, but I always tend to go back to the traditional fall colors. I do like to add in some deep jewel tones, too. Your displays are so pretty, you have me anxious to get more of my fall things out and get to work!

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  3. So many pretty ideas! I’m looking forward to decorating this fall and already have my Pinterest board ready! Thanks for sharing!