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Why You Need a Potting Bench

Looking for ways to organize garden supplies and plant containers more easily? Then you need a potting bench!

My husband built a potting bench for me for Mother’s Day from wood scraps we had behind the shed.

And it has been a lifesaver!

If you don’t have one, you NEED one…stat!

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I’ve been gardening for well over twenty years.

But having a potting bench is a new thing for me.

It’s something I’ve always wanted but never bought.

I’ve shopped around for potting benches and talked about getting one for years.

How to Propagate an Aloe Plant

As I’m getting older, it’s more strenuous on my back when I lean over to work on my potted plants.

But my husband said he’d build one for me.

So I waited.

Through the years, we were busy doing so many other home improvement projects that building a potting bench fell to the wayside.

We remodeled a kitchen.

Gave our laundry room a makeover.

Remodeled the bathroom – that was big deal!

We painted the shed.

And painted every room in my house including the living room and dining room.

Potting Bench Idea

But then we had to stay home.

And that’s when Chris decided to make me a potting bench for Mother’s Day.

And I love it.

If you don’t have one – you need one!

Here’s why.

Potting Bench Idea

Why You Need a Potting Bench

  • It’s a great place to organize and store gardens supplies such as containers, tools and soil.
  • You work at counter height which saves your back, neck, knees and legs from strain.
  • The potting mess stays with the bench.
  • Some benches have sinks so it can also be used as a washing station.
  • It can be used for other things like an outdoor beverage table or buffet area for parties.
Why You Need a Potting Bench

And best of all?

It can be decorated for the seasons.

Check out how I decorated my potting bench for fall.

Why You Need a Potting Bench
Container Garden for Fall

Why You Need a Potting Bench

Doesn’t it look so pretty?

Now of course it won’t stay this way for long because I’m planting stuff.

But it was fun to see it this way for a bit before doing that instead of storing it all in my driveway.

Why You Need a Potting Bench


Do You Want a Potting Bench But Don’t Want to Build Your Own?

I found some cool options out there to but that are reasonably priced.



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Why You Need a Potting Bench For Your Garden
Why You Need a Potting Bench For Your Garden

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  1. Luv this potting bench Stacy, I used to have one that my dad made for me back in CT, but it rotted after years of use, unfortunately. I need one here in Maine for next summer for sure.