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Have a Laundry Room You Can Be Proud Of

It seems strange to decorate the laundry room doesn’t it? But hear me out. We spend A LOT of time doing laundry and if we have to do it, we should at least have a nice place to work.

Our small, outdated laundry room was part of the bathroom.

Laundry Room Ideas
Where I used to do laundry.

When we remodeled our main floor bathroom, we made two separate rooms.

So the current laundry room dimensions are roughly 6.5′ x 6′.

Searching for small laundry room ideas, I wanted the new space to feel open, warm, and inviting.

It is a pass through area to get into the bathroom so it needed to be functional and pretty.

I found lots of small laundry room ideas, then designed the space with a garden-infused modern farmhouse style.

And I just decorated it for fall.

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Laundry Room Ideas
Where I do laundry now. And it’s all decorated for fall.

Small Laundry Room Ideas

Since the bathroom and laundry room share a space, we changed the flooring to this gorgeous wood plank tile.

And it looks like real wood too.

To add visual interest, we shiplapped one wall.

And because our original appliances are about 15 years old, we replaced both the washer and dryer.

Laundry Room Ideas

Instead of using drawers underneath, we made a poplar countertop that we stained with same finish we used on my kitchen range hood.

In addition to the countertop, we added open shelving made with poplar and finished it like the countertop.

We used these large wrought iron brackets to hold the shelves. They are very inexpensive and look great!

And for storage organization, I purchased these gorgeous hyacinth baskets to hold all the laundry items. They fold flat and come in a package of 4. It was a steal.

Laundry Room Ideas

While I’m still tweaking the final touches, I did pick up this cool laundry cart.

One of the things I love about it is I can keep the dirty laundry in it so it’s not piled on the floor.

We had some room between the appliances and the wall, so it can be tucked in under the counter as well.

Laundry Room ideas

And how about this light fixture?

I looked all over for a beaded chandelier that was not too big to hang in this spot.

It is a perfect size and adds just the right amount of light to a room without any windows.

Beaded Chandelier in the Laundry Room

Now I really love passing through here to get to the bathroom.

And I love doing laundry in here too.

Although it is a small laundry room, it is now functional and pretty!

Laundry Room Ideas

Simple Ideas to Creating a Laundry Room You’ll Love

  • If your appliances are old and you can afford it, its time to upgrade. You can’t beat some of the features on newer models. And they are designed to fit small laundry room spaces.
  • Skip the drawers that go underneath the appliances. Add a countertop instead. It’s pretty and more functional.
  • Use open shelving instead of cabinets. In small spaces, cabinets take up a lot of visual space and look lifeless. Add open shelving to display decor and baskets for all the things.
  • Think about overall organization. What supplies do you need to store? Decorative baskets, storage bins and glass jars are a great way to decoratively hide the clutter on laundry room shelves.
  • Accessorize your space with the things you love! Add wall decor, a pretty area rug, trendy light fixture and seasonal decor items to personalize the space.
  • Add faux or real plants and flowers. They bring life to a space, warm it up and boost the mood.
  • And finally, add some seasonal touches. I just finished decorating mine with fall decor.
Laundry Room Ideas

Now that it is a pretty and functional space, I love to decorate it for the seasons too.

This is what it looked like for the holidays.

Wait until you see how it looks in spring.

Laundry Room ideas

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Laundry Room Ideas

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  1. I loved reading your post Stacy. We are in the process of refreshing ours. I am actually painting this week and we just got a new washer and dryer on Friday! Subway tile is next. I am looking for just the right light fixture in the corner of the room because it’s so dark. Maybe a sconce?