Wait until you see what I’m shopping for in this week’s in Friday Favorites!

With the new house, I’m doing lots of new projects both inside and outside my home.

Since moving in a few months ago, we updated the sunroom, the dining room, and the family room.

Although we updated each room with some paint, we’ve got some decorating to do.

While I’m shopping around for stuff, I’m sharing my favorite finds with you from the week.

Because I’m finding great stuff!

Oftentimes people ask me about what I’m using or decorating with, so I’m sharing it here with you first!

Some things I’m purchasing now and others may be saved in my cart for a future date because I’m still mulling it over.

But I’m finding SO MANY neat things that I’m going to highlight my top picks here thinking you’ll love them too!

And by the way, there is no particular order or genre of items – just random things I’m shopping around for!

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Here’s What I Found This Week For Friday Favorites!

This week, I’m hunting for lighting for the family room, my new gardens, and Easter basket fillers.

Wait until you see the cool things I found this week!

Quorum Florence 11 1/4″ High Persian White Sconce

Now that the family room has been painted, we need new light fixtures throughout the room.

There is a spot for two wall sconces that flank the arch over the breakfast bar that I’m shopping around for because right now, we just have bare bulbs there.

Neither Chris nor I wanted to put the old fixtures back up, so we need wall sconces stat.

I’m looking at a few different options and here’s one that I found.

It’s neutral and would look good once we stone that whole archway.

CLICK HERE to learn more.

rustic white wall sconce

Quorum Salento Collection 14″ High Persian White Sconce

Another option I found is this pretty scroll arm version.

My hesitation is it might not look right once we add a stone veneer around the archway.

But I love the look.

CLICK HERE to learn more.

2 candle rustic white wall sconce

Schoolhouse Floating 7″ Wide Brass and Frosted Glass Ceiling Light

In addition to shopping around for wall sconces, I’m also looking for a ceiling light that will go above the door to the back deck from the family room.

I love the schoolhouse lights, don’t you?

This one is SO affordable and I love the look.

CLICK HERE to learn more.

ceiling mount light fixture

Natural Rattan Decor Tray with Handles Brass Finish

I am LOVING this beautiful tray from Hearth and Hand and want to use it on an end table in the family room.

CLICK HERE to learn more.

rattan tray

2ct Stoneware Pillar Candleholders Natural Sand Finish

And I’m really loving these stoneware pillar candleholders!

How much nicer are they than a glass jar?

These would be perfect on the shelves flanking my breakfast bar, even if I never use them for candles!

I love the texture from the stoneware. Since my family room has a lot of neutrals now, I want to add more organic decor with texture and dimension.

And these are so pretty!

CLICK HERE to learn more.

modern home decor

Round Tapered Ceramic Bud Vase

I’m also into pulling together groupings of bud vases.

These are from Target and they are such a great price!

Much like the candleholders, I’d add these to the shelves that flank my breakfast bar.

CLICK HERE to learn more.

stone vase

Antique Moroccan 20-inch Urn Planter by Christopher Knight Home

Aside from lighting and decor, I’m still shopping around for some pretty planters for the backyard zen garden.

I love this one by Christopher Knight (aka Peter Brady – fun fact!).

The details on it are really pretty and it would look great with the stone wall and hardscaping in the backyard.

It’s also made of lightweight concrete so it will be a little easier to move around.

CLICK HERE to learn more.

stone urn planter

Banded Stoneware Planter

I’m also loving this banded stoneware planter.

It’s simple but has a lot of texture and dimension so it won’t distract from a gorgeous planter design.

CLICK HERE to learn more.

aged stone planter

Garden Torch – Deco Home Garden Torch Set of 4 

Are you a fan of tiki torches for you backyard living spaces?

I am a big fan, but those torches you find at the local market don’t fit the vibe here in my new gardens.

So I found these gorgeous tiki torches that are a pretty good price for a set of 4.

I bought 2 sets for the ponds, figuring I could always move them around.

Won’t they look great there?

CLICK HERE to learn more.

bronze torch

Mini Monogram Necklace

I’m also looking for Easter basket ideas for my daughers and found these adorable mini monogram necklaces.

They are so cute and VERY affordable since I’d need to buy three.

CLICK HERE to learn more.

gold letter necklaces

Looking for more Easter basket ideas? CLICK HERE.

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pics of favorite home decor

Thank you so much for following along.

Enjoy a beautiful day! xo

Stacy Ling
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  1. Stacy, how fun to be looking for new items! I love that part of home remodeling. You have great taste too!

  2. So many good items. I’m sure you are having a great time decorating your new home! Love the sconces! Have a great day!