Front Yard Colorful Garden

Why did you start the blog F.A.Q.?

Gardening, decorating my home, DIYs and entertaining friends has always been a thing for me.

I had always wanted to start a blog but just didn’t have the time raising three active girls.

When my oldest daughter left for college a few years ago, I was feeling a bit lost.

I didn’t know what to do with myself and realized my kids were starting to leave the nest.

Since I’m a goal-oriented and driven individual, I decided I was going to go all in a blog and build a brand.

It’s been a great life change for me because I love to write, be creative and I get to do all the things I love with a purpose.


Where do you live?

We live in northwest New Jersey in hardiness Zone 6a. Our home is an hour from NYC, the Jersey Shore and the Poconos Mountains in Pennsylvania.

How do I find where to buy things in your house F.A.Q.?

We live in a small town with the CUTEST main street. There’s lots of great small businesses here that I love to shop.

There’s also a fantastic nursery that sells plants and garden-inspired decor. It might be my favorite place to go!

I also love antique stores, flea markets and shopping garage sales to find unique vintage items.

Occasionally I find some incredible stuff at amazing prices in stores and online.

You can see all my bargains and shop my house here.

and shop some of my favorites here.

Where did you learn how to garden?

The gardening bug bit me while my husband and I were living in a small condo.

At the time, I was attending law school and he was just starting out as an architect.

One of my neighbors had the most gorgeous gardens in what little area she could plant in our development.

I started asking her questions about it, bought myself a houseplant, then started a small garden of annuals outside our condo until we moved to our current home.

Once in our current home, my passion grew exponentially where I started adding more and more gardens.

I mostly learned from doing.

While my kids were small, I studied to become a master gardener.

You can learn more about me here.

You can learn about my home and garden here and how much its changed through the years.

How Many Gardens Do You Have F. A. Q.?

Oh there is a lot.

My labor of love is my cottage garden by the front walkway. It is my favorite garden because it blooms from early spring through fall.

But I’ve also got the shed garden.

My outdoor living space gardens.

And so many more.

I’m thinking about starting a garden–do you have any advice?

Yes. I love to chat about all things garden! You can read all about starting a blog here.

Learn how to get free plants here.

Learn about the best plants to attract butterflies.

Discover what the best plants are for fall.

I also offer both in-person and virtual garden coaching services. Email me at to get started!

Can you help me with my houseplants? I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.


Some houseplants are fussier than others.

And they may or may not love the micro-climates in our homes.

To learn how to care for your houseplants, read this.

To learn the secret to keeping your houseplants alive, you have to read this.

And if you want to purify the air in your home, it’s super easy to do with these easy-care houseplants

Do you accept guest posts?

At the current time, Bricks ‘n Blooms is not accepting guest posts but contact me here about how to collaborate.

Can we work together?

I love partnering with brands and discovering new products to showcase.

You can learn more about working with Bricks ‘n Blooms here or e-mail me at

Thanks for stopping by the blog today!

Enjoy your day! xoxo

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