Looking for ways to grow a garden that’s always in bloom? Come tour my everblooming flower garden.

If you have been following my blog and social media for a while, you know how much I LOVE my flower garden.

Making the world a more beautiful place around me is important.

For me, gardening is relaxing, reduces stress, and makes me feel happy.

But it is so much more!

I recognized a long time ago that gardening is a creative outlet that brings a lot of joy. It’s like painting a canvas with nature.

I love to experiment with new plants, learn what works in my small part of the world and what doesn’t.

The colors, the changes, just watching nature is an amazing thing!

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Spring Flowers

Where My Passion for Flowers Began

I was not raised in a garden nor was I ever really exposed to it while growing up.

When Chris and I purchased our first home together, I was inspired by one of my neighbors who was really into gardening.

And her gardens were gorgeous!

I started asking her questions and started very small.

Through the years, I spent a lot of time honing my skills, learning more, and just doing things in the garden.

While honing those skills and gaining knowledge, I realized that flowers, plants and gardening meant more to me than just being a part of nature.

They make me feel happy. And I love to watch the gardens grow and change throughout the growing season.

As we approach spring, I find myself craving the beauty of plants and flowers again. 

I started looking through last year’s flower garden photos, which seemed to satisfy my craving…for now.

Spring Flower Bulbs

Why I Love My Front Flower Garden

I love my front flower garden because it started as a vision and grew to become everything I ever wanted in a flower garden.

It constantly blooms from spring through fall, there are lots of colors, and pollinators visit often through the growing season.

I don’t grow the most exotic plants and flowers but rather focused on native and easy care plants that adapted well to my microclimate.

Because I live in deer country, I also use more plants that they prefer to leave alone.

That’s not to say that I never use plants they devour, but rather, more of the ones they don’t.

I spray deer-loving plants with a repellent, and that works for me with keeping deer damage at bay.

I would love to show you how well this garden grew last year and hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Spring Flowers

I love spring in the front yard cottage garden.

It’s so fun to watch the plants break ground, grow and bloom.

This border houses tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, viburnum, and lots of other easy-care plants.

everblooming farmhouse garden

I planted these arbor vitaes a few years ago to add year round color and interest.

Conical evergreens give the eye a place to rest in the border.

So I planted them around the windows with some smaller boxwoods.

farmhouse walkway garden

Aren’t these tulips so pretty?

Since I live in deer country, I have to spray these with repellent the moment they break ground.

And then I spray them a few more times until they bloom to ensure the deer will leave them alone.

tulips in bloom

In addition to spraying plants with repellent to protect them from deer, I also plant things that they tend to leave alone.

Not only do salvias and forget-me-nots look good together, but deer tend to leave them along.

Now that’s not to say they will never eat these, because deer will eat anything if they are hungry enough, but from my experience, they have totally left these alone.

Spring Flowers

One of my favorite bulbs to plant in fall is alliums.

I love allium globemaster.

When planted en masse they look so pretty in the garden.

And because they are a member of the onion family, deer tend to leave them alone too.

purple alliums blooming in cottage garden

Summer Flowers

When the spring garden fades, the summer blooms explode with lots of warmer colors and textures.

Because New Jersey gets so hot in the summer, it gets tough to get out here and weed.

So I try to minimize garden chores and only do them in the early am or evenings.

view of gardens by walkway

One of my favorite flowers in summer is this moonbeam coreopsis.

They really brighten up the border.

And I love those dainty yellow flowers.

Plus they are easy to care for and super simple to propagate.

Midsummer Flowers in the Perennial Garden

But I also love my phlox and coneflowers.

They look so pretty in the summer border and the butterflies LOVE them.

If you want to grow a garden that attracts butterflies too, check this out.

Butterfly Garden

My gardens are covered with monarchs and swallowtails throughout the summer.

And other pollinators love them too like the bees and hummingbirds.

It’s so fun to watch them all enjoy the nectar.

garden in bloom by front walkway

As we move through summer, the garden starts to change again.

The pink and yellow blooms start to mute and my hydrangea paniculata starts to bloom.

Gosh I love those flowers.

They turn pink as we approach fall and its just so pretty to watch.

Preparing the Flower Garden For Fall Plantings

Fall Flowers

As we move into fall, the garden takes on more autumnal hues as the foliage begins to change.

My hydrangea paniculata continues to bloom.

Sedum autumn joy starts to change from chartreuse to a deep pink hue.

And I love to tuck in a few mums, asters, and pansies.

everblooming cottage garden

One of the things I love about sedum autumn joy is how much the bloom color changes.

It is such a work horse through the seasons.

And is so easy to care for, it’s a must-have flower in the everblooming garden.

Preparing the Garden for Winter

I also love decorating the porch for fall.

It is so fun to play around with pumpkins, gourds and other organic fall items.

Now if only I could keep the squirrels from hollowing them out!

Preparing the Flower Garden for Fall

Final Thoughts

Isn’t that so cool?

It’s really neat to look back at how the garden performed.

Although my gardens keep me happy during the growing season, just looking at these photos really brightened my day.

Fall Flowers

And I hope they brightened yours too.

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Everblooming Flower Garden

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  2. Hello Stacy,
    This is the first time I have ever been to your blog. Your garden is absolutely beautiful, and brought a ray of cheer to my heart today. I too enjoy gardening, whether it’s vegetables or flowers. With everything going crazy in our world today, gardening is a type of therapy for me.

    1. Hi Shonda! Thank you so much for stopping by and I’m so happy to hear that! Gardening is therapy for me too – it’s so good for the soul! I love getting out there…especially now while we are all staying home. It is so nice to meet you! Stay happy, healthy and safe. xoxo

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