Are you wondering how many paint coats it will take to cover a dark wall or textured ceiling? Whether you are painting over a heavy faux finish, dark accent wall or textured ceiling, wait until you see Part 2 of this dining room renovation!

I think I’m on painting overload these days because I JUST finished painting over the faux finish in our sunroom, and now we are wrapping up the dining room.

I’m heading to the paint store today and wondering how much paint we’ll need to cover a faux finish textured ceiling in our dining room.

And I only want to make one trip, so I’m estimating how many paint coats I’ll need to cover up the faux finish design.

Not to mention, I’d rather not spend days just painting the ceiling!

The dining room is the first major project we are tackling in the new house.

And there are a lot of projects to do in here.

The house is full of dark faux finishes and I want to lighten it all up to start with a blank slate before really digging our heels in.

We started the dining room renovation by removing the upholstered walls.

But it also has a faux finish texture on the ceiling that needs to go.

Ultimately, we will either eventually skim coat the ceiling, panel it or replace the sheetrock.

Since that’s a larger project than we want to take on right now, we are just going to paint over it.

If it doesn’t look good after painting over it, we’ll figure out the best way to cover it all together.

So if you had to guess, how many coats of paint do you think it will take to cover the faux finish textured ceiling?

Let’s find out!

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Dining Room Before
Before the Dining Room Renovation

The Dining Room Textured Ceiling Before

Before we deep dive into how many paint coats are needed to cover textured ceilings or walls, I want to mention that I am not covering a popcorn ceiling.

There are a few different faux finishes on my dining room ceiling that I do not love and want to cover up.

The colors don’t really work for me and I don’t love the design.

It worked well with the former homeowner’s decor but it’s just too dark and distracting to us.

We just moved in and are still unpacking so we don’t want to take on a huge project right now, but rather want to quickly lighten up rooms to start making it feel more like ours.

How to Remove upholstered walls

The dining room feels so dark everytime we walk through it.

It has a gorgeous crystal chandelier that I want to highlight without as much focus on the ceiling.

And the padded fabric on the walls together with the textured ceiling made it feel really dingy with my rustic farmhouse table and black china cabinet and hutch.

Since you’ve already seen Part I of the dining room renovation, today we are working on the ceiling.

how many paint coats will it take to cover this faux finish textured ceiling

So How Do You Change a Textured Ceiling to Smooth?

To change a textured ceiling to smooth, there are a few directions to take depending on what’s there:

  • Skim coat then sand it.
  • Scrape or sand it off.
  • Cover it up with shiplap, beadboard, etc.
  • Remove it and replace with sheetrock.
  • Paint over it.

Since we just spent the last few months packing and moving, we want to go the easy route for now and just paint right over it.

Not to mention, I want to see what it will look like just painting over it before we completely remove or cover it all together.

We considered going right over with sheetrock but there are so many different levels it is easier and less expensive to just paint it.

faux finish on ceiling in vintage farmhouse dining room
The medallion has a really pretty marble faux finish. It’s almost a shame to cover it up but it’s distracting from the rest of the room.

So How Many Paint Coats Are Needed to Cover a Textured Ceiling or Walls?

To start, measure the dimensions of the room so you know the square footage of the space.

Since there are lots of dark colors and different finishes on this ceiling, we’ll need to lightly sand and prime the ceiling first before painting with a good flat latex paint.

Because the ceiling is so dark, it’s going to need a lot of coverage.

I am estimating I’ll need one gallon of primer and one gallon of latex ceiling paint.

Let’s see if I’m right!

before and after dining room renovation
It’s go time!

Supplies Needed

Priming the walls

How to Paint Over Textured Ceiling or Walls

In general, follow these steps to paint over a faux finish textured ceiling.

  • Sand lightly then clean the surface from any sanding residue, dust, dirt, and debris.
  • Apply one coat of primer and see how well it covers. If the design is dark and heavy like ours, I recommend doing two coats of primer on anything dark that’s still showing through.
  • Then apply flat latex ceiling paint using a paint roller.
  • Brush any areas that need to be touched up. If the texture varies, a brush can get in the small grooves.
faux finish textured ceiling after one coat of primer
Faux finish textured ceiling after one coat of primer.

So How Many Paint Coats Did It Take to Cover My Dining Room Ceiling?

For my dining room ceiling, it took 3 coats of paint total.

We primed the ceiling first.

Because the design was so dark in some areas, we painted two coats of primer.

Faux finish textured ceiling painted all white

And the applied one coat of flat latex paint.

My guess was correct!

I had just enough primer for the ceiling and have some flat latex paint leftover for the next room renovation.

Faux finish textured ceiling painted white - it's gone!

Doesn’t the ceiling look SO MUCH BETTER?

It always amazes me how much paint can totally transform a space.

The dining room feels lighter, brighter and beautiful!

I can’t wait to decorate it.

Faux finish textured ceiling is gone! After 3 coats of paint.
After painting the ceiling with 3 coats of paint.

Want to See More Before and Afters?

Before we moved here, we renovate our whole house.

From the kitchen to the dining room, the living room to the front entry, and even updated a bathroom and laundry room.

And most of these were all renovated with just paint!

Wait until you see the transformations.

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dining room ceiling before painting over the textured faux finish
dining room before and after painting over textured faux finish

Thank you so much for following along.

Enjoy a beautiful day! xo

Stacy Ling
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  1. OMG!!! I surely hope that you got a ‘great’ price deal on this house. There is soooo much work to be done to just make it presentable for your needs.

  2. Hard work for sure! Not sure I like the dining room rug and chairs. Rather a semi formal space. But…you’re the ones living there. Best of luck and enjoying your blog!

    1. Thank you Susan. And thank you for understanding we just moved in two months ago and haven’t finished decorating the house yet. Just getting it painted first.

  3. Whew…there is a lot of faux painting going on in the new house. Sunroom looks beautiful, and the ceiling makes the whole room shine. Nice job on both!

  4. What a difference! It was hard to tell how much of the faux finish was from paint creating the illusion of dimension. The old owners really went “all in” on this room didn’t they? LOL The clean white finish looks so much better!

    1. They were all in for sure! We are still finding faux finishes that look so real! My daughters bedroom has walls that really look like wallpaper – and one day I was looking closely at it and it’s faux finish! Whoever did it was super talented.

  5. I had no idea your dining room would be so much work Stacy. But you really have done such a beautiful job with everything. It looks amazing.