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Before and After Remodeling a House in the Attic

Do you remember the attic project we started a few months ago? Wait until you see the before and after of my home office space after remodeling a house.

The attic remodel has actually been done for quite some time, but I was so busy in the gardens this year, I didn’t get a chance to share an update on it.

And you guys have been asking about it lately!

So since we are moving soon, I wanted to share how it was coming along.

Because now it’s getting packed up!

I wasn’t completely finished decorating, but you can at least see where I was going with it.

The space turned out better than I expected.

And although I’ll have a space for my office in the new house, I’m going to miss this space.

Wait until you see how pretty my attic home office is!

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Before Remodeling a House to Make a Home Office

To see how far this space progressed, you’ve got to see what this space looked like before!

When we renovated our home 15 years ago to add a second story on our 3 bedroom ranch, we included a walk-up attic in the design.

When we were remodeling our house, we didn’t have the extra funding to do EVERYTHING we wanted to do at the time, so we decided to break it up into phases.

And the attic renovation was a phase to do later.

Fast forward 15 years, and we finally did it!!!

You can read all about the attic remodel HERE.

Attic Renovation

But this is what it looked like before we started.

Now mind you, it was a HOT MESS before cleaning it all out.

We had storage boxes, bins, and all kinds of…just stuff…that we needed to move out and get rid of.

Looking back this project helped us clean out the attic pretty well before we packed it up for the move.

The attic had so much space to work with.

remodeling a house to add a home offic

And it did not have skylights originally.

We added those during the remodel to gain extra light up there.

That was one of the best decisions we made!

Because those skylights add SO MUCH natural light to the space and really make it feel bright and cozy.

We created a few storage areas too but for the most part, finished a good portion of the attic to make room for my office space.

And what a space it is!!!!

Attic Renovation

During the Remodel

You can really see the space take shape once the sheetrock and spackling were completed.

I mean, this was better than I imagined.

attic renovation

Because I wanted to keep the space light and bright, I went with Benjamin Moore White Dove on walls and Simply White on the trim.

In addition to keeping the walls and ceiling light, I went with a light berber carpet as well.

Attic Renovation

I love the smell of new carpet, don’t you?

It’s been finished now for a few months, but it still has that new carpet smell.

Love it.

Decorating My Home Office After Remodeling a House

With the space finished, I needed to add some office furniture and decor.

I wanted to create a clean, cohesive look while keeping the space light and bright.

My plan was to have all of my decor, faux greens, and florals displayed on chef shelves so I could see them instead of pulling things in and out of bins.

And in the age of Zoom meetings, I wanted my background to reflect me, so here’s how I decorated my desk space after remodeling a house.

remodeling a house to add a home office

I LOVE my desk.

It’s so large and spacious.

And it’s perfect for spreading out because it’s so long!

I use a desktop and my laptop here when I’m working and the size works so well.

attic renovation ideas

I also bought this office chair because I wanted something soft and comfortable that moves around easily.

THIS model fit the bill perfectly and coordinates well with my new desk.

To protect the carpets and help me move around easier, we bought THESE tempered glass mats.

remodeling a house to add a home office

And that’s how far I got decorating my home office.

As I’m writing this post, it’s all packed up for the move!

I can’t believe we finished this space and I barely got to use it.

But the new homeowners will get to enjoy it for many years to come.

And I’ll be replicating this to some degree in the new house.

More to come!

remodeling a house to add a home office

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Attic Renovation Ideas

Thank you so much for following along.

Enjoy a beautiful day! xo

Stacy Ling

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  1. I’m not sure an office space could get much prettier!!!
    Your desks are gorgeous, and to be surrounded by all of that floral goodness:)

  2. Hi Stacy,
    I just love your office. I, too, have plants and flowers all over my home. I also just replaced my “plastic” mat with a glass one and love it more than I can say. I was always trying to get the wheels of my chair out of the grooves in the old one. Your office reminds me of my apartment patio which I just fixed up. I laughed when I realized the patio now looks like a flower shop with a zero gravity chair. Great place to unwind. Good luck in your new home. Barbara

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  4. Hi Stacy – I’m so excited for you. Moving is a task isn’t it.
    Just an FYI the odor from carpet is formaldehyde which is a cause of cancer. I wish they would not use it but it sets the color in the product. Have you ever gone in a fabric store and your eyes burn, well that is because of the formaldehyde.
    Wood floors of plain old common wood is the healthiest. Not laminate or engineered. Try, as best you can, to purchase “green products” for the health of you and your family.
    Same thing with the smell of new car. Smells great while it is poisoning your lungs.

  5. It was such a great space! Guess what?! I’ve been storing my faux stems the same way in those metal shelves! So much better than tubs. Happy Monday, Stacy!