Are you ready to start decorating for fall? Grab a cup of coffee or tea and get inspired with a home tour of my new home with these farmhouse decor ideas for autumn.

It’s been almost a year since we moved from our rustic farmhouse to a new-to-us 1850 farmhouse on a sprawling 10-acre property.

So this continues to be a big year of firsts.

I shared our first Christmas and spring home tours.

And even shared a tour of all the incredible outdoor living spaces this summer.

Our new home needs some updating but it has gorgeous, expansive gardens throughout the property with lots of unique tree sculptures and garden statues.

As a gardener, it’s been super cool to see all the different plants grow and bloom here. It’s like Christmas morning for the garden as something new pops up almost daily!

We moved in shortly before the holidays in 2021 and I’ve been super busy updating the house and working on the gardens. So it’s been a busy year settling in, organizing, and renovating rooms.

A lot has changed inside since my spring home tour and I can’t wait to show you all of the updates!

Cause they are big!

If you find something you love in my home and garden, you can find sources here.

Wait until you see how I decorated it for fall!

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Welcome to My 1850 Vintage Farmhouse Decor Ideas for Fall!

As we walk to the front door, you’ll see several gardens here that are spectacular! Since we first saw the house last fall about this time, I had already seen what the porch gardens looked like.

I didn’t do much along the front porch this year, except tuck in some extra zinnia plants I had and sunflowers.

The sunflowers were meant for each pillar but a rabbit got to most of them, so I only had two flowers that flanked the front door.

They are done blooming now but looked amazing when they flowered.

The heads need to be cut off so I can harvest the seeds still. But it was so hot and is JUST starting to cool down now, so I’m adding that to my very long list of fall gardening chores this year.

If you’d like to see how much different the porch garden has changed over the last season, you can check out these posts where I shared my garden spaces.

Fall garden in front of vintage farmhouse with rudbeckia, hostas, sedum autumn joy and hardy hibiscus on a sunny day

My Front Porch in Fall

My front porch is currently a work in progress because it’s just starting to cool down here in New Jersey after an extremely hot and dry summer.

But just to give you a little taste of where it’s going, we have this gorgeous porch swing that came with the house.

So there has been lots of porch sitting this year. It’s a great spot to enjoy a cup of coffee as the sun rises.

white front porch swing decorated for fall with huecheras and houseplants on vintage farmhouse porch

Now that the temperatures are finally cool enough to work in, I’ll be adding lots of pretty flowers to the porch.

I know we see chrysanthemums out in August, but it’s just too early to buy them. It’s even a bit early in September because it is usually a little too hot for them.

Why We Should Wait to Plant Chrysanthemums

Garden mums are generally bred to bloom for just a few short weeks. So they pretty much flower and they’re done.

Chrysanthemums also are NOT fans of the summer heat so they can dry out pretty quickly if you don’t keep up with watering them.

Because they lack the staying power and are fussier to care for, I hold off buying them until October.

Unfortunately, despite what you see on social media, there’s no magic pill to making garden mums last longer – it’s a matter of buying them at the right time and not allowing them to dry out.

You can learn more about that right time in this best practices post for chrysanthemums.

close up of huecheras planted in a thrift flip vintage stroller with chinese evergreen and anthurium houseplants on the porch in fall

A Better Option

While I wait to add mums to the front porch, I filled a few thrift store finds with these gorgeous heucheras from Proven Winners Primo ‘Peachberry Ice’.

I dropped two plants in this vintage baby carriage I found thrifting last winter.

And I also potted it up in this beautiful copper boiling pot.

Isn’t that foliage so pretty?

If you are unfamiliar with this perennial, heucheras come in a variety of autumnal colors and keep their hue all season long.

huecheras planted in vintage copper pot with white porch swing in fall with zzz plant on end table

It’s an easy to grow, easy to care for, low-maintenance plant that you can decorate with, plant before the ground freezes, and it will return again next year.

But the best part?

It can be divided so you can grow your stock for free.

I love how it looks so far, but I’ll be adding some mums and pumpkins in the next week or so.

So stay tuned to see what I do here soon.

Front porch in fall with bistro table, fresh cut flowers, huecheras peachberry ice by proven winners and porch rockers

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Farmhouse Decor Ideas in the Front Entry Hall

The front entry was the last room I renovated and did it last minute on rainy day.

In fact, I hadn’t told my husband that was the plan when he left to run errands on a random Saturday so needless to say, he was quite surprised when he returned to see I primed over the former red walls.

You can see the before and after front entry makeover project here.

Because this room looks dramatically different!

Since we painted the dining room, which is adjacent to the front entry, this room stuck out like a sore thumb. So it needed to be done and I’m glad I did it!

We’ve been slowly picking up pieces to furnish it while thrifting.

And particularly, I’ve been hunting for storage pieces so I can have more room for my table decorations.

Farmhouse decor Ideas front entry hall with painted piano and gallery wall, houseplants and faux flowers with pumpkins and jute rug

Budget-Friendly Decorating Ideas

After painting this room, I wanted to fill some of the empty wall space with things I already had. So I grabbed some old wood frames and gave them a makeover to coordinate better with the renovation.

This vintage print gallery wall was so easy to do. I originally made these frames to decorate my other dining room.

And since I wanted to use them here, I used a little Rub ‘n Buff and totally changed the look in under an hour.

I still get asked a lot about how my painted piano is holding up, particularly after the move. And the answer is…


I have no regrets painting it. It looks great and if you want to learn how to paint a piano, this is how I did it.

farmhouse decorating ideas for fall in front entry hall with staircase and thrift store finds

Probably the biggest change in this room is the stair railing. Do you remember what it looked like before? You can see the stair railing before in this post.

But it had these hand-painted Chinese lettering on the spindles. It was really pretty but a little too much for the space and my decorating style.

So we painted over it with Benjamin Moore’s Linen White.

I love how this room turned out. There is still more that I want to do in here, but it is moving in the right direction.

front entry hall leading into dining room with crystal chandelier and french doors plus thrift store decor

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My Vintage Farmhouse Dining Room in Fall

Since we are almost in the dining room from the front entry hall, let’s go in. We did A LOT of work here last winter and the transformation is pretty amazing.

The walls used to have padded fabric that was full of dust and the ceiling was textured with lots of painted details.

Some of the details were really pretty and extremely well done, but it took away from this gorgeous crystal chandelier.

So we pulled all the fabric down, repaired the walls, and painted over all of the faux finishes.

Upcycle ideas to make a ceramic bowl look like stone finished in dining room as a centerpiece with greenery and pumpkins for fall

The walls and trim were both painted with Benjamin Moore Linen White just to bring the room to neutral.

It was hard to really look at this room objectively with so much going on.

And now, I love it because the eye focuses less on the ceiling and more on the pretty details and that chandelier.


Eventually, I’d love to add some moldings or more detail to this room but for now, I love it.

cyrstal chandelier in vintage farmhouse fall home tour 2022 in dining room

Real Life vs What You See on TV

One of the biggest complaints I heard after renovating this room was that my dining room set did not go and people didn’t like it.

Like my furniture from the old house really struck a chord with people. Isn’t that crazy? Like this is not an episode of Fixer Upper where we move in and fix it up in under an hour. LOL!

This is real life and these things take time. I didn’t love it either, but our budget wasn’t super large and we could just move in and replace everything we owned because it didn’t go with the new aesthetic.

So we kept our eye out while thrifting and I found this set for $300!

Isn’t it fabulous?

I plan to recover the chairs and pull the orange hue out of the wood but have not had time to do it yet. This dining room set is very well made and I love the french country style.

vintage farmhouse decor ideas in dining room with french country table and chairs, black china cabinet and hutch with crystal chandelier

There is a small part of me that is considering…considering…stripping the black paint off the China cabinet and hutch.

But I really love the black so it’s not a priority to do. It would look pretty all stripped down though.

And here’s that ceramic bowl I recently upcycled to look like stone.

I love how it looks with some pretty faux ferns and pumpkins as a dining table centerpiece.

vintage farmhouse dining room in fall with crystal chandelier, french country table and chairs with pumpkin centerpiece.

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The Living Room Farmhouse Decorating Ideas for Fall

We wanted to paint the living room this fall but I don’t think we are going to get to it. We have a few other projects we want to do first, so this room is on hold for now.

It has Venetian plaster walls, painted inlay floors, and a very detailed hand-painted design on the ceiling.

Although it’s not my style, the artistry is amazing and I’m not sure I want to paint over it all just yet if there’s a way to keep some of it.

Vintage Farmhouse Living Room in Fall with dark leather couches, cozy throw blankets, throw pillows, vintage floral art, french country tables and area rug

So instead of painting and doing a total renovation, we are living with it and I have to say, I love how it looks!

It’s warm, cozy, and inviting. My plants love it in here and it’s a great place to sit down with guests when they visit.

I upgraded the rug, bought a new coffee table, added that vintage floral art, and incorporated some cozy fall throw pillows.

vintage farmhouse living room in fall with cozy throw pillows, dark leather sofa, cozy plaid chair, vintage flower prints, area rug and french country coffee table with houseplants and flowers

Speaking of the rug, I LOVE the earth tones it has. It’s got lots of pretty olive tones, charcoal and some earthy browns. The details are really pretty and it helps pull the room together.

Since we moved, I’m not a huge fan of the dark leather sofas anymore. But they work well with my two black labs who shed and go on my furniture a lot.

My dogs aren’t in this room as much as they used to be in our former home so I could probably upgrade them to something lighter. But I’m not quite ready to make a big ticket purchase on new sofas in here just yet.

So for now, we’ll make it work.

cozy reading nook in the living room of a vintage farmhouse - farmhouse decor ideas for fall with throw pillows, blankets, plants and flowers

For fall, I added cozy throw pillows and blankets with my plants, flowers and faux pumpkins to warm up the space.

As an aside, isn’t it amazing how much different my furniture looks here than in the other house?

This room gets a lot of lot and is more square shaped than our former living room.

And I love those huge floor-to-ceiling windows. They really bring the outdoors in.

close up of the leather sofas with fall farmhouse throw pillows and area rug in fall home tour

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Kitchen and Family Room Farmhouse Decor Ideas for Fall

You are probably wondering why I’m grouping both the kitchen family room together for the last leg of the tour.

And that’s because they are adjoined and we haven’t done as much with the kitchen as we have to make both rooms feel like one open space.

The biggest change we made was removing the upper cabinets so we could see into the family room from the kitchen.

It feels so much brighter and more open now.

view from the kitchen to the family room with white walls and gray sectional sofa with monstera plant and butterfly linen print

It’s nice to be able to chat with whoever is in the family room while I’m cooking dinner and lately, this is where I spend most of my time writing.

Before removing those upper cabinets, we didn’t use the family room as much. So it’s made a world of difference in how we live here and use the space.

A Can Of Paint Goes a Long Way

In addition to removing the cabinets, we painted the walls in both rooms with Benjamin Moore Linen White.

Do you remember what the family room looked like before?

Family room in fall with fresh cut flowers from the garden, round wood coffee table, gray sectional sofa, with fall throw pillows, blankets and monstera plant

The walls were a brown Venetian plaster and it felt very dark despite all those amazing windows!

What a difference a can of paint makes to completely transform a space. Right?

The former homeowners had huge plantation shutters on every window that we removed shortly after moving in.

They were really beautiful but we took them down pretty quickly after moving in, I don’t even think I photographed what it looked like with them up.

The slats didn’t stay open and they took away from the beautiful gardens outside and closed the room.

And you know how much I love the gardens, so we took those down in an afternoon and have not regretted it since.

family room in fall with gourds, scented candles, fresh cut flowers and monstera plant with neutral throw pillows on gray sectional with round wood coffee table.

Over the next year, I plan to spruce up that garden that you can see through the windows here. It is full shade, so I am dividing plants in fall to create a whole new look here for next year.

Right now, it is mostly mulch with some larger flowering shrubs in the background. I can’t wait to see it come together.

Decorating for Fall

To spruce up the family room for fall, I added some fresh neutral fall throw pillows, some cozy blankets, and some scented candles with fresh-cut flowers from the garden and this cool gourd.

When the fall gardening season wraps up, we are planning to paint the kitchen cabinets ourselves. Because we want to keep costs down, we are not replacing the countertops right away.

Since the granite is so dark, we are going to lighten up the cabinets to blend with the walls. And I think it will amazing when it’s done.

We are hoping to get it completed before Thanksgiving but time will tell.

Fingers crossed!

farmhouse kitchen in fall with fresh cut flowers and light beige cabinets with green granite counters

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Wrapping Up My Vintage Farmhouse Home Tour

And that’s the end of my vintage farmhouse fall home tour!

I hope you enjoyed it and I look forward to sharing the outdoor living spaces in a few weeks as I get them decorated more for fall.

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Next up on the Bloggers’ Best Fall Home Tour is my good friend Jennifer from Cottage on Bunker Hill. She’s great friend of mine with a beautiful home in New Hampshire that I’m sure you will enjoy.

New cottage garden by front porch in fall with rudbeckia, sedum autumm joy, and celosia

Want to See More of My Home Tours Throughout the Seasons?

I love a good home tour, don’t you?

The best part about these home tours is they feature both my former and new homes.

And the difference between my two homes is the decorating style. While both are geared toward farmhouse style, they have a different feel to them.

My former home had a rustic farmhouse vibe.

But the new house?

We are moving towards rustic elegance and french country-style decorating.

Wait until you see my homes throughout the seasons with these inspiring house tours.

front porch gardens in front of 1850 farmhouse with walkway and stone wall

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farmhouse coffee table vignette
multiple pics from fall home tours

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    1. Stacy you have done so much to your home and I am so impressed! It is gorgeous inside and out. I love your new dining set but honestly I loved your old one too. People can be so interesting with their opinions?! Anyways…your hard work is paying off and it must feel so good to see it all come together. I can’t wait to see the kitchen! Lovely tour my friend and happy Fall!

      1. Thank you so much for that Kelly! You know what I didn’t mention? I wound up moving the old set to the library! I didn’t photo it for this tour but will for the Holiday one. We actually love it in there! It’s a great spot to do puzzles, work, read, eat, play games…whatever! Thanks for organizing such a great group of bloggers Kelly – it’s always an honor joining you all. xoxo

  1. I love your black china cabinet so please don’t change the color. It looks so elegant in your dining room. I only wish I had one like it in my home.

  2. Stacy,
    Your home has come along so nicely. Every detail is so stunning. I know you have worked hard to make it your own. Such a beautiful tour.

  3. You accomplished A LOT in the time you’ve been in your new home, Fall decorating is so lovely and inviting. The leather sofas piled with pillows and throws look fine. I suggest you wait until after you figure out the painting to replace them. It’s hard to tell ceiling height but the Living room looks high so it may be the scale that’s throwing you off & possibly need higher backed sofas. This has been my experience. So glad the family room is being used since opening to the kitchen because it’s a great space, so welcoming. We had shutters when we moved here and a tip is they have a little screw on the side that requires tightening now & then to remain open. Drove me nuts until figured that out. In case you use them somewhere. I agree about your keeping the black on the hutch, I love it too, elegant and important. And keeping the kitchen counters until later, they are quite prettY, love the spice shelf and green is a neutral. As a FL girl I’m always astounded by your beautiful gardens. 😊 great post.

    1. Thanks for all of your great tips! We knew about tightening the slats – we wanted a completely unobstructed view to the gardens because they are so beautiful! Gotta bring the outdoors in. Happy Fall!!! xoxo

  4. Everything looks great Stacy! You guys have done so much already in the house! I have my cabinets on my Fall to-do list too…it seems like a daunting task!!!

  5. Stacy, your hard work in the house and gardens are paying off big time. Your home and gardens are stunning. I always enjoy all of your tips for planting throughout the seasons.

  6. Stacy,
    Oh my, friend, this is all STUNNING! I feel like I am flipping through a magazine.
    Your home looks fall-perfect.
    I love being on this tour with you, cheers to cozy fall days.

  7. I was really inspired by your porch decor- so many great ideas! I also really love your living room with your beautiful pillow collection. And I’m actually envious of your Venetian plaster walls. I think they are stunning.

    1. Thank you Shawna! They are pretty cool! I’m glad we haven’t done anything in that room yet. It’s grown on me and I like it! So fun touring with you this fall. xoxo

  8. Yay for your first fall home tour in your new place. It looks so pretty, Stacy. I can’t believe how much work you’ve already done in such a short time. Happy to be touring with you today. Pinned!

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    1. Thank you Michelle! Isn’t that so funny and you are so right! That is the coolest part about blogging – and I love how we document it and can look back. Really neat! Thank you so much for dropping by and touring with you. Looking forward to yours! xo

  10. Stacy, I love the changes you’ve made since the last tour–everything looks beautiful! Your front porch is one of my favorite spaces and your painted piano looks great! Pinned! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

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    You have gotten so much done in a year.

    Rabbits are worse than deer at times. Your front porch is gorgeous.

    I get it about the dogs and furniture. You’ll at my tour.

    Love thr piano and the mirror us beautiful

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  14. Your home looks so pretty and ready for fall! It is fun watching the changes you are making to your home. I LOVE the dining room chandelier! Your porch looks amazing and I really like the look of the heuchera. We have a ton of landscaping to do, next year, and heuchera is tops on our list. So good to tour with you this week, Stacy!

  15. It’s amazing how many changes you’ve made since moving in last year. I love all the fresh paint and the staircase looks so good without all that red. I’m loving that gorgeous chandelier. It makes such a stunning statement. Loving those gorgeous outdoor spaces my friend. Happy fall!

  16. Your home is lovely Stacy. I love the warm and cozy feel you have going on. I agree, let the light in and enjoy those beautiful gardens through those windows.

  17. Hi Stacy!

    Your home is so pretty! I guess I didn’t realize it was built in 1850. I love that. Mine is 1891. I love the way you incorporated some vintage elements in your decor. Your chandelier is stunning!! Your porch is amazing and I love how inviting your swing is! I enjoyed seeing the way you decorated for fall. I loved seeing all of your cozy elements like the pillows and throws along with the beautiful flowers from your gorgeous yard! I pinned your beautiful home to my fall board to share!


  18. Where do I start?! I can hardly believe all that you’ve accomplished in the short time you’ve been there! And I love how your furniture just fits right in and looks amazing. Love your fall touches and your porches and gardens are over-the-top magnificent. Looking forward to seeing those lighter cabinets and walls even though I think they are a pretty color now. Enjoyed touring with you this week. Big hugs

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    I love everything about your cozy home. Most of all because it is REAL! I also have a large dog (and a camel colored leather sofa because of her) it’s lovely to see real life inspiration! Happy Fall my friend!

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    1. Thank you! I don’t know but I may just keep covering them with pillows and blankets until they come back. hahaha