Looking for ways to decorate your home on a budget? Come to the thrift store with me and see what I found (and bought) this month!

Lately, Chris and I have been out thrifting a lot! We need so much for the new house and you can find the best deals at the thrift store.

We’ve been shopping at the Habitat Humanity Restore in Manville, New Jersey.

Have you ever been to one before?

They get great stuff!

Anyway, we found some great pieces this month.

Some things we were looking for.

Others we happened upon.

And I’m sharing some fun stories of things that happened during our thrift store adventures too.

So let’s go thrifting!

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Wait Until You See What I Found (and Bought) This Month at the Thrift Store!

I can’t even begin to describe the cool things we found at the thrift store.

From plant stands to dinnerware, dressers to fireplace surrounds, we found (and bought) a lot!

With owning a new home, the layout is much different than our former home.

So we need a bunch of new pieces to decorate spaces.

And while I love shopping around for new things, I also appreciate a good thrift store deal.

Don’t you?

thrift store near me had great finds!

Some things you hunt around for, but others you learn you need it when you see it, am I right?

But that’s the fun part about thrifting.

Dining Room Storage and Garden Ideas

Last month, Chris and I were shopping around for budget-friendly dining room storage pieces.

And although we didn’t find anything we wanted yet, we found a bunch of other cool things for other areas in our new home.

finds at the thrift store near me

Like this baby changing station.

It is solid wood!

While I wouldn’t use it for that (cause I’m out of that phase in my life) it would make a great potting station in my garage.

Ultimately, we bought other things so we did not buy this piece.

But seriously, wouldn’t that be a cool potting station?

thrift store furniture piece

While we were hunting around for dining pieces, we found this gorgeous buffet.

I love those pretty details.

It’s a little big for the space I want to use it in.

So we didn’t get it, but how cool is it?

china cabinet and hutch at the thrift store near me

I really wish I had the space for another china cabinet and hutch somewhere.

Because this one is super cool.

I don’t love the finish on it, but it would look awesome stripped down and lightened up, don’t you think?

small solid wood end table that we found at the thrift store

Thrift Store End Table or Plant Stand?

Have you ever seen a piece that you walked past several times and didn’t even notice until you started walking out the door?

Yep, that happened with this gorgeous solid wood end table.

It was kind of packed in among a bunch of other tables.

And was a bit low to really notice.

But as we were leaving the thrift store, I said to Chris, “We need this – it would make a great plant stand!”

So we bought it.

For $20!!!!

I’m going to refinish it too by stripping the finish off it to lighten it up and bring out the details.

end table we found at the thrift store
Although I’ll probably take this split leaf philodenron out of the basket for this piece, the end table is PERFECT to hold my larger houseplants.

Do We Need a Fireplace Surround?

While we were walking around we saw this awesome fireplace surround.

It’s solid wood and has some pretty details.

But it’s a little big for our existing gas fireplaces to use as a mantel.

So we didn’t get it.

And that kind of bothered me..

fireplace surround we found at the thrift store near me

A few days later, I realized…wait a second!

That fireplace surround would be PERFECT on the blank dining room wall.

It would add a lot of interest, take up little floor space, and I can decorate on top.

Plus it was $90 so it was a good deal to boot.

I probably should have gone back sooner just in case it got snatched up.

But we waited until Saturday, hoping it would still be there.

And guess what?

It was!

fireplace surround we found at the thrift store near me

So we brought it home and put it in the dining room just to see how it looks.

Don’t you love it???

I’m going to refinish this piece too – do you think I should strip it and lighten it up to bring out the details or paint it chippy white?

Let me know what you think in the comments below because right now, I am undecided.

It looks good as it is, but there are a lot of dark wood tones going on in the dining room right now so it needs a makeover for sure.

Here it is styled for an upcoming post I’m working on.

fireplace surround we found at the thrift store near me styled for easter brunch
Sneak peak of a future post. Doesn’t the fireplace look great in the background?

Thrift Store Vintage Picture Frame

We also found this super cool wood frame.

I don’t love the art work, but the frame has lots of pretty details.

And I was debating buying it.

Ultimately we left without purchasing it, but now that I’ve sat on it for a week, think it will still be there?

I could easily antique the print or remove it all together and replace it with a vintage print from Etsy.

I should go back and get it if it’s still there.

paintint at a thrift store near me

Bedroom Storage Dresser

Tori needed a dresser because her room is on the third floor and doesn’t have a good size closet.

So we found this one. It’s nothing fancy, but she didn’t care what we found because she just needs immediate storage and knows we can refinish pieces.

When I first saw this dresser, I walked away to text her and grab Chris.

And wouldn’t you know?

dresser we found at the thrift store near me

Some thrifters were seriously eyeing it.

So Chris and I lurked close by.

They did not leave this piece for like 10 minutes.

And the moment they stepped away, we snagged the ticket off it and ran to make the purchase.

It’s the thrill of the hunt, am I right???


Thanks so much for thrifting with me today!

Wait Until You See What My Friends Found Thrifting Too!

My good friend Jennifer from Cottage on Bunker Hill shared her thrifty decorating tips for the front entry.

I love how she makes thrifted items look so good!

How adorable is that bird? I want one!

thrifty decor in the front entry
thrift store chairs

Thank you so much for following along.

Enjoy a beautiful day! xo

Stacy Ling

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    1. I don’t understand what you mean – they are in the post. I just looked from a few different browsers and all of the photos are there. Could be your internet connection or maybe try a different browser?

  2. Love the mantel! I actually like it the color it is – goes with the wood table, etc. However, if you really want to refinish it – you should do completely opposite so a white would look great!

  3. Love the mantel but that buffet stunning.

    You have so much to do with gardening around the corner.

    You’re like Superwoman

  4. I love, love that mantel!!! I want one like that…that was a great find!! The dining room looks so different with the fresh paint.I went to my ReStore on Saturday but I didn’t find anything and it was overpriced

  5. So many great things Stacy! I am loving that mantel you scored and can’t wait to see what you do with it.

  6. You found some great pieces! I love thrifting,
    ; there is for sure something about the thrill of the hunt and getting a bargain that makes it so fun, and I also love that it’s environmentally friendly. That mantel is amazing! I like the idea of doing soft white (like your trim) and maybe doing some distressing and/or glazing to bring out the pretty details. It’s pretty as is, but I agree that with all the other stained wood tones in the room, as well as the darker floors and rug, that light and subtle would be great! Thanks for sharing!

    1. That’s what I was thinking – it would balance out the black china cabinet and hutch. I’ll probably lighten up the table and get new chairs this spring…

  7. Yes, it is all about the hunt. I have been looking for a fireplace mantel for my bedroom. Not luck yet. I am so glad you purchased that mantel. A great buy!

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  9. NO to chippy white on the mantle frame. Love the wood finish. I have been looking for just the right surround to put on my kitchen wall and just have not seen the right piece. I saw one in a house years ago with chalkboard insert. Her grandchildren were allowed to draw on it and it entertained them for hours.

  10. I would call that a successful haul! Loving that fireplace surround. I have been on a lookout for a small one for my bedroom. No luck yet!