Looking for budget-friendly decorating inspiration for the bedroom? Wait until you see these thrift store decorating ideas that I found this month!

It’s the most fun time of the month when I gather all of my thrift store finds and share them in one post.

And let me tell you, I found some cool vintage stuff over the last few weeks!

Chris and I have been hunting around for storage pieces for the foyer. And while we are still looking for pieces that space, we are also looking around for bedroom furniture too.

The primary bedroom is coming along, but it has a long way to go if you catch my drift.

This month, we found some unique pieces. And one find in particular, we brought home. I can’t wait for you to see it too because we got a GOOD DEAL on it!

Here’s what I found thrifting this month!

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Why Decorate With Thrift Store Finds?

If you’ve got a good thrift store near you, I highly recommend shopping it for your home and garden.

Decorating with thrift store finds allows you to get creative and add personal touches to your home without breaking the bank.

Since moving to our new house, we’ve been slowly decorating each room to make it feel more like home. And while I’d love to snap my fingers and have a freshly decorated space, our budget doesn’t allow for it.

Here are 5 reasons why thrifting is better than shopping retail.

  1. Affordability: Decorating on a budget couldn’t be easier because thrift stores often sell items for a fraction of the original price.
  2. Unique Pieces: Thrift stores offer a wide variety of unique and one-of-a-kind items that are not available at big box stores.
  3. Upcycling: By taking older items and giving them a new life, you can save money while also being environmentally conscious.
  4. Rare Finds: Thrift stores are a great place to find rare and vintage items that can add character and history to your home.
  5. Cost-Effective DIY Projects: You can find great pieces at the thrift store that you can upcyle or flip into something really awesome on a dime.
vintage sette we found at the thrift store with flower print

The Primary Bedroom

I haven’t shared much of our new bedroom. Since moving in we hadn’t done much with it and this half of the space was a collection of stuff we didn’t know what to do with after unpacking. LOL.

We’ve been slowly working on it though and my goal is to hopefully have it finished over the next few months.

One of the reasons we loved this room is those huge windows that overlook the gardens. And the space it has because this room is like two rooms in one.

vintage brass lamp in front of primary bedroom window that overlooks the formal garden
The vintage brass lamp we bought at the thrift store for $10 in front of window that overlooks the formal garden.

For the longest time, I wanted to remove the wallpaper, paint, and decorate it. But I’d like to avoid taking the wallpaper down for now. It’s not that I love it, but it’s going to be a huge project that we don’t want to undertake this year.

Some of the walls have wallpaper. Other walls are faux-finished to look like that wallpaper. There is some damage to the walls. And I’d love to add some chair rail moldings. So for now, I’m going to work with what’s here and make the space feel cozy so we can enjoy it.

And so far, we are loving it.

Vintage farmhouse bedroom that is getting decorated.
Before we added the curtain panels.

The vintage floral area rug though?

That’s staying. I love that pattern, don’t you? It reminds me of pretty needlepoint. There is hardwood underneath and I know Chris would love to remove the carpet, but it’s staying because I love it!

We recently put up linen curtain panels around the windows. Originally, we thought we didn’t want curtains because we didn’t want to cover up the windows. But I decided adding curtain panels outside the window moldings would help hide the wallpaper and enlarge the windows.

And it looks so good!

I almost don’t mind the wallpaper anymore. Maybe once we find the right vintage art we’ll just leave it for longer than I thought. It’s kind of growing on me. So we’ll look for that too while we are out thrifting.

We positioned the TV where it is so we can see it from the bed. We need a storage piece to sit beneath it to house the wifi equipment and some decor.

bedroom with wayfair chaise lounges in ivory with vintage side table, flat screen tv between oversized windows, linen curtain panels, striped wallpaper and vintage floral carpet in primary bedroom

The Bedroom Living Space

Since we have a lot of space in the primary bedroom, I wanted to create two separate spaces. One for sleeping and one for cozy living.

For the cozy living space portion of the bedroom, I ordered two chaise lounges for us to use as we sit in front of the fire while watching TV. And it’s a great space to retreat to when my kids have their friends over.

We opted for chaise lounges instead of a sofa because it’s really just us and I wanted more flexibility in moving it around if we wanted to face the fireplace. I’m really glad we went that route too because they are seriously comfortable!

chaise lounges from wayfair in front of marble fireplace with striped wallpaper and vintage floral carpet

Because I chose a shade of white and I have black furry dogs that shed, I bought some dog blankets to lay on them and so far so good, all is well with the lounges.

Anyway, these are the only big-ticket items I bought for the bedroom. The rest of it is thrifted or vintage pieces we were given by family.

The bedroom lacks overhead lighting as the former homeowners had lots of beautiful art with frame lights that lit up the room and lamps. We don’t have the art to decorate the walls like that, so we need to find lamps, end tables, artwork, and bedroom furniture.

Our current bedroom furniture isn’t fitting my vibe and I think we are going to move it to one of my daughter’s rooms. So when we go out thrifting these days, we are looking for lots of stuff!

black lab on dog blanket on chaise lounges in front of gas fireplace with marble mantel, striped wallpaper and mini boxwoods with floral vintage carpet
black lab on dog blanket on chaise lounges in front of fire

7 Thrift Store Decorating Ideas for the Bedroom

Because it is a great way to find unique pieces on a dime to curate and decorate our home, thrifting has been a great way to furnish our new home on a budget.

Wait until you see what I found while we were out thrifting this month!

Upcycling Thrift Store Finds

Whenever we are walking around the thrift store, I look for pieces that can be upcycled with a fresh coat of paint or some new hardware. Furniture, lamps, picture frames, or other decor can easily be updated on a dime if you are willing to use a little elbow grease.

I’ve done it several times now and you can save so much money decorating a space this way. Here are some quick updates I made to some thrift store finds.

So while we were thrifting this week, I was looking at ways to refinish some of the finds for the spaces that need decorating.

I mean, how cool is this piece? The curved lines and details in the wood. The fabric isn’t the worst, but it would seriously clash with my vintage floral carpet.

It could be recovered or I could paint the fabric on it. I sat on it – it’s pretty comfortable too for occasional seating. Don’t think we’d watch TV from this piece but it would look pretty in the foyer.

vintage sette we found at the thrift store with flower print

Mix and Match New and Old

One of the most fun things about thrifting is how you combine vintage and modern pieces to create an eclectic, unique look.

I mean, we purchased those chaise lounges and they look amazing with the floral vintage rug and side table I snagged a few years ago from Facebook Marketplace.

While shopping around, I found some cool vintage lamps that would look amazing in the bedroom. They would look great flanking the bed on the side tables that I’ve yet to find! LOL.

I love those painted roses!

pair of vintage lamps with painted flowers at the thrift store

But I also found some fun side tables that would look great in the living space portion of the primary bedroom.

They’ve got some interesting leg shapes, details, and a vintage vibe. Look at the details in the wood.

I may or may not refinish this one.

And it was only $40!

thrift store side table with french country style

But check this one out too. I didn’t get it and am regretting it now. But maybe it’s still there?

The legs are so cool, right?

We didn’t snag this one because I had other things we were buying and I didn’t want to bust the budget but now that I’m looking back at this picture, I should have bought it. It would look great with a little love.

thrift store side table with beautiful wood details

Wall Art

Thrift stores often have a large selection of artwork, frames, and mirrors that can be combined to create an eye-catching display. I look for ones made with wood that have interesting details that I can bring out when I refinish them.

I’d love to find some pretty pieces for the primary bedroom. As you saw earlier, the walls have limited space because we have all of those amazing windows.

Chris loves to head over to the wall decor section of the thrift store first because he’s looking for vintage paintings for his home office.

paintint at a thrift store near me

We’ve found some cool mirrors here, beautiful wood frames, and other cool pieces that we brought home and refinished.

Here are a few wood frames that I found at the thrift store that I refinished in about 10 minutes using rub ‘n buff in antique gold. The smaller frame is made of heavy wood that cost me $.50!

And I love the larger floral painting too. I think we bought this one for $20. The wood frame was kind of dark and dingy so much like the smaller frame, I touched it up with some rub ‘n buff and love how it turned out.

close up of vintage painting and frames that I refinished in rub and buff antique gold with vintage plate holder on buffet

Big Ticket Items

As I mentioned earlier, I want to completely replace our bedroom furniture. So we’ve been looking for beautiful end tables, headboards, lamps, and other items to use in the bedroom portion of the space.

I didn’t find a whole lot of bedroom furniture this week that would fit our space or style, but I found some beautiful vintage pieces that would look amazing if they were recovered.

Aren’t they beautiful?

Since I have plenty of seating, I don’t need anymore but thought these pieces were unbelievable. The fabric has seen better days, but I mean, look at the details of the wood.

And can you believe the price?

vintage chair at thrift store
vintage sofa at thrift store

Storage Pieces

Thrift stores can be great places to source dressers, consoles, cabinets, and other storage pieces. And we found some beautiful ones this week!

I loved this one for the bedroom but it’s a little too large for that space between the windows under the TV.

We considered this one for the foyer too, but it’s just too large. Plus, I don’t need a lot of drawers.

thrift store dresser

And how cool is this piece?

We have one that’s similar in the Vermont cabin. It’s solid wood and I love the details on it. But the only place we could use it is under the TV and I don’t think it would look all that great there.

It needs a little love too, but how pretty! And let me tell you, it is a solid piece.

thrift store dresser

But then I found this. And I was calling for Chris after I found it too cause I wasn’t leaving it alone!

Even if we didn’t use it as a storage piece somewhere, wouldn’t it make a great vanity if we added a sink bowl on top?

It has a marble tabletop and the wood details were too beautiful to pass up. So we bought this one for $100!!!

Not sure where it is going yet but we had to have it. We will find a place.

vintage storage piece with wood details and marble top at thrift store


You can find a great deal on lighting too at the thrift store too. I’m gravitating to brass these days and found one that we liked for the bedroom.

If you love the shape of a lamp you find but don’t love the design, there are lots of ways you can update them.

You can change the lamp shade. Or you can refinish the actual lamp itself. From making ceramic look like stone are adding paper mache, you can find an inexpensive lamp and make it fit your home decorating style with a little bit of elbow grease.

more thrift store decorating ideas with vintage lamps that are ceramic, brass and porcelain.

When I saw this lamp I immediately thought of our bedroom carpet.

Don’t you think it kind of picks up similar colors? We didn’t buy this one because I wasn’t sure where it would go, but I think it’s pretty.

Would you buy it?

vintage lamp at the thrift store

Plants and Other Decor

Thrift stores often have a variety of vases, planters, pots, books, and other decor that can be used to display or decorate with houseplants.

I found this beautiful copper vase at the thrift store for $8! It had the ugliest looking faux plant in it that I tossed immediately when we got home.

But it was love the first time I saw it and I knew it would look perfect with some pretty greenery and some books.

close up of books on a library shelf with copper vase and faux fern branches

I also found the vase in the upper right part of the library for $8 too.

The colors fit the library well and I love the pretty details on it.

Speaking of the library, this room is a work in progress. We need to buy more books, so I’d love to find some vintage ones at the thrift store.

And the truth is, I had a lot before we moved and got rid of a bunch because we didn’t want to pay to move them!

The boxes were adding up as we were packing up the basement and we just had to let some things go so we didn’t have to get a third moving truck! Cause believe me, we were close to needing one.

holding my latest thrift store find - a vintage vase I found for $8
vintage chess table in the library with books and decor
close up of vintage books

More Thrift Store Decorating Ideas for the Bedroom

What was your favorite thrift store find this month? I have serious regrets about not getting that side table. But I am super psyched we found that marble storage piece.

Did you find any cool pieces thrifting this month? I would love to know more in the comments below.

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dahlia kogane fubuki in the potager garden

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Let’s See What My Friends Found Thrifting This Month!

My good friends Kim, Lora, and Jennifer also went thrifting this month to decorate their home and garden spaces.

Wait until you see what they found!

My good friend Jennifer from Cottage on Bunker Hill found some great stuff while thrifting this month. New England has some great spots to find vintage decor and other antiques for a song.

cottage on bunker hill antiquing thrifting for home decor on the seacoast

My good friend Kim from Shiplap and Shells refreshed her hallway with architectural salvage that she found while thrifting around.

shiplap and shells architectural salvage for cottage style home in pacific northwest

My good friend Lora from Lora Bloomquist Create and Ponder repurposed a vintage vanity into these beautiful side tables.

Lora Bloomquist create and Ponder repurposes vintage vanity as an end table

Want to See More Thrift Store Finds?

I’ve been sharing lots of cool items I found for our new home and garden.

Come thrift with me!

two black labs in front entry hall with vintage furniture finds from the thrift store nearby in 1850 farmhouse

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  1. Hi Stacey, I love this post about thrifting and really want to do more but I live in North Jersey and there is a real deficit of big thrift stores. Most of them like Salvation Army and Goodwill are in neighborhoods that I would never venture to sadly and I haven’t come across any others that are as huge as the one you showed. Can you offer any places that may be near me that I don’t know about? Thanks

    1. Dianne I HEAR YOU! It’s not easy thrifting here! Do you have a Habitat for Humanity Restore near you? They have great stuff. I’ve gone to both the ones in Randolph and Manville (which is more central NJ).

  2. The lamp that you mentioned would look good in your bedroom brought tears to my eyes.
    My parents lived on a small budget and for them to spend the price of that lamp was astretch. My dad was indifferent to the lamp but my mother loved her lamp! Her joy in a simple thing like a lamp was a lesson to me and my sisters to purchase items that give you joy and you will not regret it.

  3. So many great finds! It’s amazing what you can find, and for great prices, too.
    Your bedroom carpet is to die for, it is so beautiful.
    Hugs to you.

  4. Your bedroom is gorgeous!! I don’t think I would leave that chaise…especially with the fireplace going!! I really love the carpet too.

  5. It’s been so fun to see your new home and how you’re making it your own:) Your BR carpet is gorgeous; bet they spent a pretty penny on it! You’ve created a wonderful cozy space in there with the chaises facing the TV and the gardens; I’d never leave! Love the marble-top thrift store piece; can totally see that in a bathroom with a vessel sink. So fun that you and your hubs can enjoy thrifting together!

    1. Thanks Lora! It’s so fun – he especially loves going to the Restore cause they have all kinds of stuff we need (or we realize we need) every time we go! I love that carpet too when he said let’s expose the wood floor I was like NO WAY!!!! It’s worn in some spots but I don’t care. LOL. xoxo

  6. That table with the barley twist legs is great – don’t see that detail on tables very often…occasionally on the older antique walnut or oak tables. That heavy metal lamp on the first table (I assume that’s a lamp) – that’s pretty cool, too! Love the chaise lounge chairs for your bedroom – and its great that you cover those so the dogs can enjoy them, too. They are just like our little terrier, Abbie – she LOVES a good fire. The quarter sawn oak sideboard piece next to the stairwell is over the top gorgeous. You have a real knack for showing the pieces you have to their best potential. Your home is beautiful!

    1. I appreciate that so much Deb! It’s so fun working on it and enjoying the process. They are like family and cozy up with us all the time on the furniture. I love my black labs so it’s doesn’t gel with white furniture but we can adapt! LOL! I bet she loves a good fire…mine do too. I have to go back for that table – I should have gotten it anyway. So fingers crossed it’s still there!

  7. I can’t even believe how gorgeous your bedroom is Stacy. Your spacious sitting area is bigger than the size of my entire bedroom. Love the bright and beautiful vintage rug. I always love your fabulous finds my friend.