Do you love thrifting around for the best deals? Wait until you see my thrift shop finds and how I styled them!

With all the thrifting I’ve been doing lately, I thought it would be fun to share not just what I bought, but how I styled it!

Now that we are moved in and updating spaces, I’m pulling them together with some of my flea market finds.

It’s so fun to hunt around and find the right piece for the proper space!

And while it’s easier to hop online and buy something from Wayfair or Amazon, it’s a whole lot more fun thrifting around at the local antique malls, flea markets, Facebook Market place and thrift shops.

You can find something that is more unique and not mass produced for a song!

Wait until you see what I found and how I styled it!

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My Thrift Shop Finds and How I Styled Them

While I loved my old house, I couldn’t find the right spot for some of my finds.

So once we moved here, I am making it a point to include them in my decor.

gardening zone 6a summer flowers in the backyard

Vintage Wrought Iron Basket

At my former home, I was using this vintage wrought iron basket in my cut flower garden as outdoor decor, but here in the new house, I stuffed it with some pretty faux ferns and paperwhites.

When I first filled it with my faux greenery and flowers, I decorated my coffee table in the family room with it.

After the family room makeover

But after painting the front entry hall?

I am loving it on my painted piano.

Doesn’t it look great there?

front entry hall makeover project

Old Vintage Mirror

Speaking of the front entry hall, when Shana was home a few weeks ago, we went thrifting and found that awesome mirror.

There was no price on it so we asked a store clerk who told us it was originally marked for $250 but felt it was going to break on the floor so we could take it for $40.

And let me tell you it is totally worth it.

The weight of it alone is tremendous and the vintage design is made of wood.

It had a brassy finish on it though? So I went over it lightly with some gold Rub ‘n Buff and voila I’ve got a cool vintage mirror that goes so well above the piano.

thrift shop finds - the mirror

Vintage Wood Frame

So I bought that cool vintage wood frame I was telling you about for several weeks.

By the time we went with Shana, it was still there for like $20, so I bought it figuring I would eventually refinish the wood or find a vintage botanical print to cover the painting.

thrift shop find

Well, I haven’t done any DIYs on it yet, but it is also currently situated in the front entry hall above our antique chess table.

And the back story behind that chess table is my father-in-law won it in a poker game decades ago.

We love that table and have been looking for the right spot for it.

After remodeling the front entry hall a few weeks ago, I moved the chess table in here and added that vintage painting above it.

It works for now. My husband isn’t the biggest fan of the painting so eventually, I’ll do something with it.

Vintage frame and painting in front entry hall

Thrift Shop Jugs and Crocks

I never met an old vintage jug or crock that I didn’t love.

You can find so many different spots for them, am I right?

I used to keep a collection above an armoire in my former living room as well as the bay window with some of my houseplants.

But now, I have them sprinkled around the house holding pretty faux flowers and greens.

old vintage crocks from the thrift shop
spring in my vintage farmhouse house tour

Vintage Urn

Do you guys remember that urn I snagged on my way out of the antique flea market in Vermont?

That was such a great find.

I used it in my old home but it’s found a permanent spot in my formal living room with these gorgeous faux roses.

vintage urn from the thrift shop
living room vs family room

Old Wood Butter Churn Bucket

I’m not sure when I found this one, but when I saw it in Vermont I knew I had to have it for my plants.


And I know I didn’t show it off much in the old house, but I didn’t have it in the best photographic location.

after the family room makeover

But here in the new house?

It contains my gorgeous Monstera deliciosa in the family room.

Don’t you love it too? GAH!

After the family room makeover

Old Wood End Table or Plant Stand?

Do you guys remember that wood end table/plant stand I bought a few months ago at the thrift store?

Well, here it is all lightened up for the family room.

I haven’t decided whether to use it as an end table or plant stand yet though.

It has great stability to lift my lacy tree philodendron off the ground so I’m leaning toward that direction, but I don’t know, what do you think?

my thrift shop end table as a plant stand for my lacy tree philodendron

Wait Until You See What My Friends Found Thrifting This Month!

My good friend Kim from Shiplap and Shells is creating a timeless tabletop for every season with her fabulous thrifted vintage finds.

Wait until you see how beautiful her finds are!

tablescape with teapots, lilacs, and aqua cup & saucer

And my good friend Jennifer from Cottage on Bunker Hill shared her best tips for how to upcycled vases from the thrift store.

Wait until you see these stylish ways to update a vase!

metal vase with branches

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my thrift shop finds and how i styled them

Thank you so much for following along.

Enjoy a beautiful day! xo

Stacy Ling

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  1. Ooooh, that mirror was a steal!! It looks gorgeous and reflects the light so nicely. And that view out of your living room onto the zen garden is amazing…
    Your father-in-law and Dapper Dan at the chess table is a great picture!!

  2. You find the best things! I think that plant stand looks amazing with your large plant, so striking! I know you didn’t mention it, but I love that swan planter also, so graceful and pretty. Your home is really coming along. We moved into a new home two years ago after living in a manufactured home for over twenty years, and I didn’t realize how long it would take me to get things organized and decorated they way I wanted, I’m still working on it! You really do have to live in a space for awhile to figure things it; I’ve learned it’s best not to rush and make hasty purchases you may regret after you’ve waited to long to return😬! Thanks for sharing!

  3. It’s so fun to see where you’ve put your thrifted finds, Stacy. I think my favorite find is that gorgeous mirror above the piano. What a great deal.

    1. Thank you so much! It was fun thrifting with you. That mirror was such a deal – I’m loving the Restore by us. They get the best stuff!

  4. That mirror! What a bargain and what a find! It looks fantastic over the piano. Also totally love that chess table. What a great story!

  5. Hi Stacy – Once again your trained eye went to the. jewel of the day – the mirror. Just magnificent!!!!!
    Yes, take your time and let the home talk to you.
    This new old home is breathtaking. The dated but lovely finishes needed to go – not that they were unattractive, just a different time for different people.
    I went a bit overboard with my home and now I see some things must go.
    Keep on thrifting.

  6. Love your ideas. I’m already raiding my she-shed for some things to change things up. Thank you for this post.