Create a stunning vintage botanical print gallery wall with easy DIY steps, budget-friendly tips, and stylish home decor ideas. This project is perfect for transforming any space!

Transform your home decor with a stunning vintage botanical print gallery wall. In this DIY guide, I’ll show you how to create an elegant and budget-friendly botanical wall art display.

Using downloadable vintage botanical prints and easy steps, you can achieve a stylish gallery wall that adds a touch of nature-inspired beauty to any room. Discover how to refinish frames you already have and arrange your prints to make a beautiful botanical print gallery wall in your home.

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Creating a beautiful botanical print gallery wall is a fairly simple, straightforward DIY project. This guide will walk you through each step, from choosing the perfect vintage botanical prints to refinishing frames and planning your layout.

With easy-to-follow instructions, you’ll learn how to transform a blank space with stunning botanical wall art. Let’s get started on making a stylish and budget-friendly gallery wall that adds a touch of nature-inspired beauty to your home decor.

Several picture frames, some painted black, are laid out to dry on newspaper-covered surfaces. A jar of black acrylic paint is visible among the frames. One frame contains a photograph of a building with palm trees in the background, hinting at easy gallery wall ideas for your DIY gallery wall project.

Choosing Your Vintage Botanical Prints

Selecting the right vintage botanical prints is crucial for creating a stunning gallery wall. Start by exploring online sources for high-quality, downloadable botanical prints.

Look for prints that feature a variety of plants and flowers, ensuring a cohesive yet diverse collection. Consider the color scheme and style of your space when making your choices. Opt for prints that complement your existing decor and personal taste.

Additionally, check the resolution and quality of the downloads to ensure they will look sharp and vibrant when printed. Once you have your selection, you’re ready to move on to preparing and refinishing your frames.

Since my wall space is on the smaller side, I opted for six 8×10 prints. And there are so many downloadable prints to choose from and they are so inexpensive, easy to find, and download.

After scouring Etsy, I decided to go with these downloadable botanical prints. Aren’t they so pretty?

They were like $12 and fit perfectly with my cottagecore decor. Plus, I love how they look!

Photo showing three picture frames laid on a table covered with newspaper. Two frames are rectangular, one is black and the other red, while the third, a small square frame, is black. The frames are being possibly prepared or dried on the newspaper for a DIY gallery wall featuring vintage botanical prints.

Essential Supplies for Your Vintage Botanical Print Gallery Wall

Gathering the right supplies is key to creating your vintage botanical print gallery wall. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Vintage Botanical Prints: High-quality, downloadable prints.
  • Frames: Various sizes, preferably matching or complementary styles.
  • Paint and Brushes: For refinishing frames, such as black chalk paint. This is the brush that I used.
  • Sandpaper: For prepping frames. I used 150 grit sandpaper.
  • Wax: To seal and finish painted frames. This is the wax that I used.
  • Measuring Tape and Level: For precise hanging.
  • Picture Hanging Hardware: Hooks, nails, and a hammer.
A bright room with a window on the left side, covered by a sheer white curtain. Below the window, there is a basket with a green plant. On the right, the wall is adorned with four vintage botanical prints arranged in an easy gallery wall grid. Light wood flooring throughout.

Preparing and Refinishing Frames

When I first decided to create the gallery wall, I considered where to purchase new frames. Then it dawned on me…I have some in the basement that I’m not even using! We used to have a large gallery wall of family photos in the basement living room.

They have a reddish wood stain, but I decided to refinish them with black chalk paint that I had on hand so they would go better with my decor and the prints.

Transforming old frames to match your vintage botanical prints is a fun and easy process. Start by lightly sanding each frame to remove any old finish and create a smooth surface. This step ensures that the new paint adheres well.

Before painting, I gave them each a light sanding. After dusting the debris off, I painted each with a few coats of black chalk paint (you can choose whatever color you want!). Allow it to dry completely before moving on to the next step.

For a rustic look, you can lightly distress the edges with sandpaper. This is what I did and I love the result.

Finally, apply a clear wax to seal and protect the paint, giving the frames a polished finish. With your frames ready, you’re set to create a cohesive and stylish gallery wall.

A cozy living space with plants in wicker baskets in the foreground and a DIY gallery wall featuring botanical illustrations framed on the wall. Through the archway, a living room with a sofa, a rug, and two dogs lying on the floor can be seen. Natural light streams through large windows.

Hanging Your Botanical Print Gallery Wall

Hanging your botanical print gallery wall requires precision and planning to achieve a balanced and appealing display. I usually grab my husband for this stuff because I don’t have the patience for it. Do you do that too?

Start by laying out your frames on the floor to experiment with different arrangements. Use a measuring tape and level to ensure even spacing between each frame. Mark the positions lightly on the wall with a pencil.

For a secure hold, use picture hanging hardware such as hooks and nails, ensuring they are appropriate for your wall type. Begin hanging your frames, starting from the center and working outwards, to maintain symmetry and alignment. Adjust as needed to perfect your botanical wall art display.

A beige wall showcases a DIY gallery wall with six black-framed botanical illustrations arranged in two vertical columns of three. Each drawing features detailed plant artwork, perfect for easy gallery wall ideas. The setup is flanked by a white curtain on the left.

Tips for Enhancing Your Botanical Gallery Wall

Incorporating Other Decorative Elements

To elevate your botanical print gallery wall, consider adding complementary decorative elements. Incorporate items such as vintage mirrors, small shelves with potted plants, or antique wall sconces to create a dynamic and visually interesting display. These additions can enhance the overall aesthetic and tie your gallery wall into the rest of your room’s decor, adding depth and personality.

Maintaining and Updating Your Gallery Wall

Keeping your botanical gallery wall fresh and appealing is key to long-term enjoyment. Regularly dust and clean the frames to maintain their appearance. Consider updating your prints seasonally or adding new ones to keep the display current.

Swapping out prints or rearranging the layout periodically can breathe new life into your gallery wall and prevent it from feeling static. This way, your wall art remains a focal point that continually enhances your home decor.

A well-lit living area features an easy gallery wall with six vintage botanical prints arranged vertically on a white wall. Below the prints are two woven baskets, one with pink flowers and the other with greenery. A cozy living room and staircase are visible in the background.

Where to Find the Best Vintage Botanical Prints?

You can find high-quality vintage botanical prints on various online platforms such as Etsy, eBay, and specialized art websites. Look for downloadable prints that offer a range of plant and flower illustrations.

How to Choose Frames for Botanical Prints?

Select frames that complement the style of your botanical prints. Consider the color, material, and size of the frames. Vintage or distressed frames often pair well with botanical art, enhancing the overall aesthetic.

What Tools and Supplies Are Needed for This Project?

Essential supplies include vintage botanical prints, frames, sandpaper, paint, wax, a measuring tape, level, and picture hanging hardware. These tools will help you prepare, refinish, and hang your gallery wall.

How to Arrange a Gallery Wall Symmetrically?

To arrange a gallery wall symmetrically, start by laying out your frames on the floor. Use a measuring tape and level to ensure even spacing and alignment. Begin hanging from the center and work outward to maintain balance.

Can I Mix Botanical Prints with Other Art Styles?

Yes, mixing botanical prints with other art styles can create a dynamic and eclectic gallery wall. Combine different art forms, such as abstract or vintage pieces, to add depth and interest to your display.

A cozy interior features a DIY gallery wall with six vintage botanical prints. Below the artwork, two potted plants in woven baskets add greenery. A large window with sheer white curtains lets in natural light. A wooden table and chairs occupy the foreground.

Congratulations on creating your vintage botanical print gallery wall! This beautiful addition to your home not only enhances your decor but also showcases your creativity and love for nature.

Enjoy the elegance and charm it brings to your space, and don’t hesitate to update it with new prints or decorative elements to keep it fresh and inspiring. Whether in your living room, dining area, or hallway, your botanical gallery wall will be a delightful focal point that you and your guests will admire for years to come.

Aren’t downloadable botanical prints so pretty? They go so well with my garden-style decor and I really love them in the black frames, don’t you?

I am really happy with how this project turned out and feel like it finishes off the room.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear! And feel free to share this post with anyone you think would find it helpful too.

I moved and refinished these same frames AGAIN! You can see what I did and how my new gallery wall looks in this post.

Thank you so much for following along.

Enjoy a beautiful day! xo

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A dining area with a wooden table and chairs. A beige table runner with a candle and greenery centerpiece graces the table. The walls feature vintage botanical prints, creating an easy gallery wall idea. Large windows with white curtains bring in natural light, while decor includes potted plants and flowers.

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