If you’ve ever renovated a bathroom before, you know how much time, energy, and expense goes into it. Even doing it yourself can be a costly endeavor. Although renovating a bathroom is a big undertaking, it adds significant value to your home and makes it easier to sell when you are ready to put it on the market.

While there are ways to improve a bathroom on a small budget, we went all in on this one.

We wanted to gut it and start from scratch because it needed So. Much. Work.

Through the years, we’ve put a lot of work into our home, both inside and out.

I remodeled our kitchen.

Updated our living room.

Refreshed our dining room.

I renovated the entry way.

And we updated our laundry room.

We DIY’d much of it, but this small bathroom renovation was so big, we hired a contractor to do the job. And thank goodness we did.

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Renovating a Bathroom
When we first purchased our home 22 years ago, we loved this bathroom. The former homeowner built the cabinet himself and we loved the vibe the homeowners put into their small ranch home.

Before Renovating the Bathroom

Prior to renovating the bathroom, the tub, tile and fixtures were outdated.

The bathroom still had the original 1960’s yellow tile and fixtures.

As much as I love vintage tile, I was over the yellow.

The layout was pretty strange too.

When we added our second-floor addition 15 years ago, we moved the entrance from the end of the bathroom to a sidewall.

There was a lot of wasted space in the new layout, but it was supposed to be temporary.

When we moved the door, we had every intention of renovating the bathroom at some point but never got around to it.

start of bathroom renovation
When this house was a ranch, the door to walk into the bathroom was at this end of the bathroom. It led to the hallway that led to the bedrooms. Because we added a staircase to reach the second floor, this wall was closed up.

And let me tell you how bad this bathroom became!

We had some pinhole leaks in the ceiling pipes a few years ago so the sheet rock was opened and later repaired.

We never made it look good because we were “redoing the room anyway.”

At some point, the sink faucet started leaking so my husband temporarily shut the hot water off to stop the leak.

We also completely shut the shower down because those pipes were leaking into the basement.


To say this room was a hot mess is an understatement.

bathroom renovation down to the studs
It took two days to get this flooring out. Thank goodness we hired a contractor for this project.

During the Bathroom Renovation

Had the coronavirus pandemic not happened, we would have finished this project in a little over a month.

With the government shutdowns and overall uncertainty, it was not easy finishing this room, and took about three months.

bathroom renovation plumbing inside wall
We decided to forego a bathtub and decided on a beautiful stall shower with a bench seat.
bathroom renovation needing paint
During the renovation, the coronavirus pandemic hit which halted construction for several weeks. And the project was so close to being finished too!

Believe it or not, there were over 1000 pieces of tile that needed to be cut for this bathroom remodel.

I think the tile part of the project took about two weeks by itself.

Both Chris and I are very thankful we did not DIY this part.

It looked like A LOT of work!!!

bathroom renovation shower with boxes of supplies

The shower looked like this for several weeks until we could get the plumber back to get the bathroom operational.

We were about a day’s work close to completion when the government shut down and we all needed to shelter in place.

Our plumber had not had a chance to come back and get us operating so it took a very long time to finish and use this bathroom.

bathroom renovation new tile wood look floors
We installed this gorgeous wide wood plank tile floor. It looks like the real deal doesn’t it?

As of today, it still needs some finishing touches that I am hoping to accomplish as my state opens up.

It’s challenging to shop for the final touches when you can’t shop in a store.

I’ve decided to add a soft roman shade to the window but haven’t picked one out yet.

bathroom renovation new shiplap walls

The plumber eventually came back and we painted the room ourselves.

We painted Benjamin Moore White Dove on the shiplap and Simply White on the trim.

After the Bathroom Renovation

After the bathroom renovation, it is light, bright and completely updated.

I love how the subway tile looks.

Renovating the Bathroom
I’m so glad all the fixtures work now. This has been a great spot to water my plants and shower my dogs.

It’s not a smooth surface, but rather has a little texture to it so it has some dimension.

We used a dark charcoal grout to accent the tiles.

And I love the shiplap walls too!

That accent wall makes a big impact.

Can you believe the transformation? We love how it turned out.

Renovating the Bathroom

Renovating the Bathroom Cost

Since I’ve been asked several times, I would estimate that renovating the bathroom will cost anywhere between 5-10K depending on the materials you use.

Because we used a contractor we were towards the upper end of that range but had we done it ourselves, the remodel would have cost less.

BUT, we would have spent several weekends doing it, so for us, it was totally worth hiring someone to do it for us.

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Renovating the Bathroom

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  1. Stacy, I can see why you loved this bathroom when you first purchased your home. The yellow tile was so charming. You did a great job of making the bathroom updated yet timeless!

    1. Thank you Marie! It was really cute when we first bought it. My husband and I were so impressed with the craftsmanship the former owner DIY’d. We kept it for as long as we could but it was time for an update! xoxo

    1. Thank you AnnMarie! That is my favorite part! And the contractor was suggesting we go with a lighter grout – I’m so glad I didn’t listen! xoxo

  2. Wowza, y’all did a fantastic job! Love everything you did and it will look great for a hundred years. We need to do our master bathroom. The house was built in 2000 and we bought it in 2009. The thing looks like it’s straight out of the 90’s and we haven’t touched it. :/ It’s on the list as soon as the last one graduates from college. Ayi yi yi.

    1. Thank you Cindy!!! We are so happy with how it turned out and I”m so glad its usable now! I hear you with the cost – we are trying to get things updated here before our youngest graduates HS so the house is updated before we sell it. xoxoxo