Wait until you see what I’m shopping for in this week’s in Friday Favorites!

With the new house, I’m doing lots of new projects both inside and outside my home.

And while I’m shopping around for stuff, I’m going to share my favorites with you from the week.

Because I’m doing A LOT of shopping and finding great stuff!

Oftentimes people ask me about what I’m using or decorating with, so I’m going to share it here with you first!

Some things I’m purchasing now and others may be saved in my cart for a future date because I’m still mulling it over.

But I’m finding SO MANY neat things that I’m going to highlight my top picks here thinking you’ll love them too!

And by the way, there is no particular order or genre of items – just random things I’m shopping around for!

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Here’s What I Found This Week For Friday Favorites!

This week, I’m on the hunt to work on a few spaces.

Wait until you see the cool things I found this week!

Pillow Covers

I am on the hunt for some pretty pillow covers and came upon these.

There are so many to choose from, I am on the struggle bus finalizing what I want.

I love so many of them and can probably do a whole post just on mixing and matching throw pillows!

For my living room, I’m leaning towards muted earth tones, so I’m going to mix some colors and patterns.

This set of three is a contender.

Aren’t they so pretty?

To learn more about these and other gorgeous pillow cover options, CLICK HERE.

Seriously, I love them all!

throw pillow ides

Vintage Stool

While I haven’t shared the master bath yet, I’m looking for a french country vintage stool to sit next to our claw foot tub.

I love the lines of the spindle legs, don’t you?

Stools like this make great plant stands too!

I have this one and a few others in my cart to sprinkle around the house.

To get more information and see more options from this shop, CLICK HERE.

three legged wooden stool

Waterbury Wide Wicker Sofa

Since the weather was so warm last weekend, Chris and I toured all of the outdoor living spaces and hung out for a bit to get a feel for how we wanted to enjoy each one.

We decided to search for a comfortable sofa for the backyard porch that overlooks my soon-to-be zen garden.

So far, this one is a contender because it can fit my whole family if everyone is home.

And works with the rounded shape of our porch decking.

It’s in my cart, but I’m still thinking about it because the wicker is a little lighter than I’m looking for.

And you only get 2 out of the 3 sofas pictured here for the price.

So maybe I answered my own question.

It is pretty though!

To learn more about it, CLICK HERE.

outdoor half circle cushioned wicker seating with blue and white rug

Danny Wicker Patio Sofa

The second option I’m looking at and leaning towards is this patio sofa.

It will take up a little less space on the porch given the shape and looks pretty comfy, doesn’t it?

The only drawback is you can’t fit 5 people on it.

So I’d probably need to get at least one more chair.

But I love the tone of the wicker and think it would look great in my sunroom when we bring it indoors for winter.

To learn more about it, CLICK HERE.

outdoor wicker couch with beige cushions, beige and black throw pillows, and black hexagon rug

Bleached Rustic Farmhouse Stool

I’m also looking for side tables for my formal living room.

In some spots, I’m looking for smaller tables to allow for circulation.

Benches and stools are great options if you can find the right height.

I’m loving this one to use next to my leather sofa in the living room.

We need something small there and I love the bleached wood texture to brighten up the dark leather.

So it’s in my cart right now!

To learn more about it, CLICK HERE.

antique farmhouse stool

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Friday favorites shopping guide for home decor

Thank you so much for following along.

Enjoy a beautiful day! xo

Stacy Ling

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  1. I currently have 3 tabs open and 1 zillion throw pillows in my imaginary carts so I will be zero help…also never thought of looking on Etsy so thanks for that…another tab open on my laptop now!!

  2. So many beautiful options– and i loved that vintage stool. I am always on the hunt for different items, and Wayfair is my go-to… lol. Actually currently there looking for some garden art. 🙂