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67 Must-Have Spring Garden Supplies

Are you ready for the next growing season? Get prepared early with these must-have spring garden supplies.

(Post updated February 25, 2022)

Every year, I like to look back and re-evaluate my garden needs for the next growing season.

What my top spring garden supplies were in my former home, will look a bit different this year.


Because my new gardens are different.

They are more expansive and I’m not sure what’s going to come up yet.

I am planning to start a new cottage garden this year much like my previous gardens.

And I discovered some great new gadgets, grew some different plants, and experienced some pest problems that I learned from and will be better prepared to tackle this year.

Check out what I’m stocking up on for the next growing season.

And it’s only a few weeks away!

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Dahlia 'Jowey Winnie'
Dahlia ‘Jowey Winnie’

My Must-Have Spring Garden Supplies

Spring gardening season is just around the corner.

Are you ready yet?

I cannot wait to get started.

This comprehensive list of tools and supplies will cover you from seed starting through fall.

Random Thoughts About This Must-Have Garden Supply List

  • The grow-through hoops are something that I buy more of every year. I love having them on hand for plants that need additional support. And it always seems like I never have enough.
  • Both the stand-up and cobra head weeding tools save your back and make weeding so much quicker.
  • I don’t use weed fabric much in the beds anymore, but I do use them to line containers. It helps keep the soil in the container and allows water to drain.
  • The poison ivy scrubs and lotions are essential. They saved me several times from severe rashes.
  • I have a tumbling compost bin behind my garden shed. They work really well! It was originally my mother-in-law’s that she gave to me a few years ago. You can also DIY a bin instead of purchasing one. For the best compost recipe, CLICK HERE.
  • I don’t use fertilizer on my perennials, shrubs, and trees. Instead, I feed the soil with compost and other amendments. I do, however, fertilize my houseplants and annuals.
  • For better staking in my cut flower garden, I’m going to use THIS netting. Last year, I used green garden stakes and felt they didn’t do as good a job as the netting.
alliums and roses on the happy gardening tour

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  1. Those pink dahlias are gorgeous! It looks like you are ready and waiting for gardening season to arrive! I am ready for the general contractor to tear up my backyard to put in a pool!

  2. Great post Stacy! I’ve been making a supply list of my own, and most of the things here are on both of our lists. Great minds think alike.

    1. Thank you Kim! Now I need to get cracking on getting stuff – those grow-through hoops went fast last year remember? I need to get a lot! xoxo

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