Are you looking for planting ideas for a container garden? Wait until you see how to plant these gorgeous copper containers.

When I first saw these stainless steel planters with an antique copper finish, it was love at first sight.

I mean…wow!

And I have to tell you, they are even more beautiful in person than they are online.

They look striking all potted up for spring.

Here’s how to achieve a similar look.

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How to Plant a Container Garden

How to Plant a Container Garden

Today, we are working with these planters that are even more gorgeous in person.

These planters were easy to assemble, are lightweight and very well made.

Since it’s a little early here to plant annuals in them, I potted them up with some pretty houseplants that would accentuate the beauty of the copper planters.

How to Plant a Container Garden
Begonia, Anglomena and Ivy

Supplies Needed to Plant a Container Garden

For this project, the plants I chose are:

  • anglomena
  • ivy
  • begonia
  • waffle plant red flame
Waffle plant red flame
Waffle Plant Red Flame

Determine Location

The first step is to determine where the container garden will be maintained.

Does the area receive full sun, part sun or shade?

Understanding the location will help you choose the right plants.

Looking for plants at the nursery

Choose Container Garden Plants

Once the location is determined, it’s time to shop for plants.

To play up the size differences in the planters, I wanted to plant the smaller container with one trailing plant and the taller container with a few plants.

If choosing to create a container design with a few plants, it’s important to make sure that they each have the same or similar light conditions as well as water conditions.

So read the plant tags.

Understanding light and water conditions will help you take better care of your container garden.

How to Plant a Container Garden

How to Design a Container Garden

While shopping around the nursery, I was looking for flowers that would accentuate the planters and could handle lower light conditions.

One of the things I like to do is group my plants together in the nursery to see how they look together.

Are they aesthetically pleasing?

I look at foliage, blooms, plant size, and the overall growing habit.

Howt to Plant a Container Garden
When I’m in the store, I’ll play around with the plants to get the right combination. But then I also do it when I’m home with the container to get the right configuration.

Because when designing a container garden, it’s important to use the thriller, filler and spiller method of design.

For the larger container, I bought this gorgeous houseplant, anglomena as the height or the thriller of the container.

I just love the details of the foliage with those pink veins, don’t you?

How to Plant a Container Garden

The filler is this pretty pink begonia.

And to keep things simple, I used ivy for spiller that trails over the container.

Don’t you love the color combination of these plants? They play off the copper real nice too.

adding the inserts to each container
I love that these planters each have their own container inserts!
adding weed fabrci to each container before adding potting soil
Adding weed fabric to containers before planting is a great way to keep the soil from flushing out when watering.
Planting the containers

Let’s Pot These Planters Up in 7 Easy Steps

  1. Gather supplies.
  2. Cut weed fabric to size to fit inside the container.
  3. Add some potting soil with a hand trowel or cup so the plants have some soil to sit in.
  4. Check the planting depth by adding your plants while still in their plastic nursery pots. You want the soil line to match up with about an inch down from the top of the container. If more soil is needed to get the right depth, add more.
  5. Remove plants from plastic pots and fan out the roots before setting them in the container. This encourages the roots to grow out into the potting soil.
  6. Backfill with potting soil, tamping it down as you go to remove the air pockets.
  7. Add a slow-release fertilizer like THIS ONE to the container, water and enjoy!
How to Plant a Container Garden

And that’s it!

Didn’t they turn out beautiful?

How to Plant a Container Garden

Since these planters are so tall, it is advised to weigh the inside down with stones or brick so they don’t blow over outdoors.

Want More Container Garden Ideas?

Growing gardens in containers is one of my favorite gardening activities to do. From designing to creating seasonal planters, you can do so much with a container garden!

Here are some ideas:

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How to Plant a Container Garden
How to Plant a Container Garden

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