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No gardener is ready for the growing season without some tools of the trade. People often ask me what the best garden tools are for maintaining beautiful borders.

It’s a pretty simple list and you may already have most, but I bet there are a few things on here you haven’t seen or heard of before that I LOVE and use all the time.

And I think I love buying new garden tools as much as I do plants and flowers. Anything that makes the job easier is a total win for me!

Today, I’m letting you in on a little secret: you don’t need a fancy arsenal of gadgets to create a thriving garden. Some of the best tools are simple, sturdy, and can handle just about anything Mother Nature throws your way.

Wait until you see my go-to garden tool favorites!

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Garden Tools 101

Now, don’t let this list fool you into thinking you need an entire hardware store at your disposal to enjoy the magic of gardening. Sure, good tools make the job easier, smoother, and sometimes even faster.

A sharp pair of pruners snips with grace, while a sturdy shovel tackles tough terrain without complaint. But remember, gardening is as much about the connection with nature, the quiet satisfaction of nurturing life, and the joy of witnessing something beautiful bloom from your own hands.

So, don’t get bogged down by fancy gadgets or pricey contraptions. Start simple, invest in the essentials that suit your needs and budget, and embrace the imperfections and learning curves that come with every trowel stroke and seed sown.

gomphrena truffala pink proven winners with angelonia cascade blue, prism pink superbells and supertunia mini vista violet in planters by front porch of 1850 farmhouse with white rockers

My Top 10 Best Garden Tools

Here is a list of tools you may already have. I use them throughout the gardening season and update them every so often. Particularly when I lose or misplace them. Do you do that too?

I stock up on a few of these for that very reason. Pruners, I’m looking at you!

So, whether you’re inheriting a backyard wilderness or starting from scratch with a balcony box, this list of my top 10 beginner-friendly gardening supplies will have you digging, planting, and pruning like a pro in no time.

Hand Tools

To me, the best hand tool is a garden trowel. I use it all the time, particularly in spring and fall when I’m planting annuals and small perennials.

A sturdy hand trowel is your go-to for digging planting holes and transplanting seedlings. Don’t forget a cultivator for aerating soil and a small hand rake for smoothing out planting beds.

Having a hand tool set like this one on hand is great because you are ready for planting in spring and fall, and can easily cultivate the soil while you are working.

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Every gardener needs a good set of pruners like these or these. To me, you can never have too many pruners.

These are your trusty shears for keeping plants tidy and encouraging healthy growth. Opt for bypass pruners for clean cuts on thinner stems, and loppers for tackling thicker branches.

I misplace them all the time so I tend to keep a few on hand and store them in several areas of my yard for those moments when I want to quickly prune or deadhead spent flowers.

If you are growing a cut flower garden, I love to work with garden snips when I cut blooms. It’s quick, easy, and the blade is sharp. I sometimes use these when deadheading flowers too.

stacy ling cutting zinnia flowers in her garden

Garden Fork

To dig and divide plants, you’ll need a garden fork to help loosen roots and lift plants out of the ground. A good garden fork is like a mini pitchfork for turning compost, mixing amendments, and aerating compacted soil. It’s gentler than a shovel and helps air reach plant roots.

When I divided that hydrangea a few years ago, my garden fork was a true lifesaver. Because the spade shovel couldn’t finish the job. Garden forks can be used for planting, dividing, loosening soil, and spreading mulch. But I also use a garden fork when digging up my tender bulbs like dahlias, colocasia, and cannas.

It’s a multi-tasking tool you’ll use again and again in the garden. I’ve had my garden fork since I started gardening, so buy a good quality garden fork.

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Spade Shovel

Spade shovels are great tools when you are digging and dividing plants. For serious digging, like creating new planting beds or removing stubborn weeds, a spade shovel is your friend. Its longer handle and deeper blade give you extra leverage for tackling tough terrain.

I’ve also used my spade shovel for planting as well. This is another garden tool you’ll have forever so choose a good quality one.

Garden Shovel

And much like the spade shovel and garden fork, you need a garden shovel. A garden shovel is your workhorse for digging larger holes, moving soil, and edging planting beds. Choose a lightweight one with a comfortable handle to save your back.

They are great for heavy-duty digging and starting new gardens. But they are also perfect for adding compost and soil too.

cut flower patch: strawflowers in the potager garden

Garden Rake

Another go-to tool for me is the garden rake. This is another garden tool you’ll have forever if you take care of it.

For all that fallen foliage and general garden debris, a sturdy garden rake is a must-have. Choose a leaf rake for lighter materials like leaves and grass clippings, or a bow rake for heavier stuff like twigs and small branches.

I use my garden rake to help clean debris out of the beds in spring and fall. It’s also great for helping to spread mulch. They are the perfect asset to any gardener’s tool shed.

close up of cafe au lait dahlia - Dahlias in cottage garden -Planting for fall garden beauty with dahlias
Cafe Au Lait Dahlia Flowers


And you’ll need a wheelbarrow like this one for almost everything you do in the garden. From hauling soil and compost to moving plants from one side of the yard to the other, you’ll want a good-quality wheelbarrow.

I use mine all the time! Save your back and sanity with a trusty wheelbarrow. Haul soil, compost, mulch, and even harvested goodies with ease. Trust me, your future self will thank you.

I’ve replaced mine once in the 25 years I’ve been gardening, but in general, they last a really long time.

dahlia flowers in the potager garden as we prepare for fall planting

Weeding Tools 2 Ways

This hand weeding tool is a game-changer because it pulls weeds out, root and all. It’s also great for getting under rocks. And if you live in an area with rocky soil as I do, THIS TOOL is a gardener’s must-have. Weeding is so much quicker, and easier, and this is probably my favorite gardening tool.

Much like the handheld version, this stand-up weeding tool is another gardening must-have because it helps you weed from an upright standing position. Save your back with this very effective weeding tool!

Collapsible Storage Bin

The Collapsible Storage Bin is not so much a tool as it helps collect garden debris while working. It holds ALOT of garden debris, is very light, and folds flat for easy storage. I keep a few of them on hand so I can collect more and dump it into the compost pile in fewer trips.

This bin goes with me everywhere I go in my garden beds when I’m doing things like pruning, weeding, and deadheading. It’s also great when you are cleaning leaves out of the beds and is incredibly useful.

plants for fall garden

Don’t Forget Garden Gloves

Protect your precious hands from thorns, dirt, and blisters with a good pair of gardening gloves. Choose a breathable fabric for comfort and dexterity.

I wear mine all the time to protect my hands while working in the gardens. And I buy several different pairs too because I misplace them all the time too.

If you want to protect your forearms too for when you work with roses or go deep into brush, you’ll want long garden gloves like these.

Optional Garden Kneeler

OK so there’s really 11, but this one is totally optional. I use this garden kneeler often, particularly when the ground is wet to keep my knees dry and keep the surface softer to kneel.

But the best part? It also flips over to act like a little garden bench too while you are working. I love this one and while you don’t need it off the bat, it’s a great tool to have.

Stacy Ling using a garden kneeler while weeding her cottage garden
Stacy Ling using a garden kneeler while weeding her flower garden

Looking for More Garden Supplies?

I shared a great list of 67 must-have garden supplies to prepare you for the next growing season. And if you are interested in starting seed indoors, check out this seed starting supply list here.

More About Must-Have Garden Tools

Do you use any garden tools that you consider to be must-haves? I would love to know more in the comments below.

Thanks for stopping by the blog today.

Enjoy your day! xoxo

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