The Best Garden Tools

The 10 Best Garden Tools

No gardener is ready for the growing season without some tools of the trade. People often ask me what the best garden tools are for maintaining beautiful borders. It’s a pretty simple list and you may already have most, but I bet there are a few things on here you haven’t seen or heard of before that I LOVE and use all the time.

And I think I love buying new garden tools as much as I do plants and flowers. Anything that makes the job easier is a total win for me! With so many options available, these are the best garden tools to use while planting, weeding and pruning.

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My Top 10 Best Garden Tools

Here is a list of tools you may already have. I use them throughout the gardening season and update them every so often.

But here is a list of tools you may not already own but should have to make your life easier!

  • Cobra Head Weeding Tool is a gardener’s must have. Stop pulling weeds by hand using this hand tool. Weeding is so much quicker, easier and gets right under the root. This is probably my favorite gardening tool.
  • Stand Up Weeding Tool is another gardening must have because it helps you weed from an upright standing position. Save your back with this awesome weeding tool!
  • Collapsible Storage Bin is not so much a tool as it is helpful for collecting garden debris while working. This collapsible bin holds ALOT of garden debris, is very light and folds flat for easy storage.
Best Garden Tools
Garden Path to the Shed and Vegetable Garden
Best Garden Tools
I was sitting on the front steps a few weeks ago while the sun was setting and the garden looked so gorgeous!

Best Garden Tools

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  1. What a great list Stacy! I’d forgotten some of those, but now that you remind me, I’m going to want to go shopping very soon! Especially if it’ll make my yard look like yours! 🙂 Thanks for the recommendations!

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