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Garden Design: How to Add Foliage Fall Color

Looking for ways to add more color to your garden? Learn how to achieve foliage fall color with these simple tips.

Although we had our first frost, we can still plant for next year’s garden.

As long as the ground is not frozen we are good to go!

There may not be much stock left at the nurseries, but even better deals can be had with what’s left.

Now is a great time to finish purchasing next year’s plants, dividing and moving things around to tweak the beds.

In my neck of the woods, a lot of tree foliage has fallen.

There are some trees with foliage left, but the woods behind my house are looking pretty sparse.

With the leaves falling, I want to show you how there’s still color in my gardens through the foliage.

Certain plants are meant to be at their peak this time of year and I wanted to highlight some in case you want to add to your gardens.

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Front Garden Tour

Achieving Fall Color in the Garden with Foliage

Although perennials are starting to die back, their foliage during that process can add more color to the borders.

The bright yellow foliage in this bed is from Balloon Flower.

Sedum Autumn Joy is still performing well – the blooms have deepened more as they start to dry out and the foliage is starting to yellow.

Achieving Fall Color in the Garden with Foliage

The fall decor on the front porch is still going strong.

I’m hoping it will hold out until Thanksgiving but I’m not sure the Mums and pumpkins will make it 3 more weeks.

Keep your fingers crossed because we are hosting!

Fall Front Porch Decor

Everything is in full bloom here and looks incredible!

The Ornamental Kale, Cabbage, Pansies and Mums are doing great!

I’m surprised that even the pumpkins are still in good condition – neither the squirrels or my dogs have messed with them!

Achieving Fall Color in the Garden with Foliage

Fallen leaves are covering the beds.

They will get cleaned out sometime in the next few weeks so that they do not accumulate around my perennials all winter long.

Achieving Fall Color in the Garden with Foliage

View from my front porch at sunset.

I love how the cornstalk and Maple Tree look with sun setting behind it.

The fall colors are amazing!

Achieving Fall Color in the Garden with Foliage

There is a lot of fall color happening in the well garden.

Smoketree is turning a bright orange and my neighbor’s Maple looks stunning behind it.

The yellowing foliage from my other plants compliments the crimson and orange hues – so gorgeous!

Oak Leaf Hydrangea

This Oak Leaf Hydrangea does not disappoint!

It is slowly deepening to a beautiful crimson.

My neighbor’s maple tree is the last one in the neighborhood to drop its leaves.

Backyard Garden Tour

Achieving Fall Color in the Garden with Foliage

I intentionally planted this border with fall foliage color in mind.

It is amazing how much color is still happening!

One of my gardening friends gave me this Hellebore years ago.

It is just about to bloom. I love the lacey green foliage on this beautiful perennial.

Achieving Fall Color in the Garden with Foliage

The plant in the foreground is one of my Blueberries.

Isn’t that fall foliage color incredible?

Achieving Fall Color in the Garden with Foliage

The Burning Bush is slowly deepening to a crimson color.

I love how it pairs with Ornamental Grass.

Snowball Spirea in Fall

When I picked Snowball Spirea up at the nursery a few weeks ago, I knew I would love the foliage color in the landscape.

How fantastic is that bright orange color?

Achieving Fall Color in the Garden with Foliage

The shed garden looks amazing right now!

Sedum Autumn Joy and the Ornamental grass together with the foliage in the woods is just gorgeous!

Achieving Fall Color in the Garden with Foliage
View of the Fire Pit Garden – I love how the color of Sedum Autumn Joy picks up the hue of the Adirondack chairs.

What Do You Think?

Don’t you just love all that fall color? 

I am so happy I added some new shrubs and trees to the beds and can’t wait to see how they look next year!

In the next week or so, I’m going to tuck more bulbs in the beds for early spring color before the ground freezes.

I’m a little late getting it done, but better late than never!

Do you consider fall foliage when choosing plants for your garden?

If so, do you have any favorites you’d like to share?  

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Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this week’s garden tour and chat about achieving fall color with foliage. I really appreciate you joining me and following along! If you missed a few tours or want to see how the garden has progressed during the growing season, you can see them here:

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