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10 Easy-Care Bulbs and Early Spring Blooming Perennials

Looking for flowers that bloom in early spring? Plant these 10 gorgeous bulbs and spring-blooming perennials for early season color.

Before Easter, my crocus and daffodil bulbs bloomed and were pretty much done by Easter Sunday.

So the garden looked a little bare.

Since I was hosting Easter, I wanted to add some quick color outside the front door and created these small urn planters to greet guests when they arrived.

I typically don’t purchase full blooming bulbs but needed the flowers now.

Do you do that too?

You save a lot of money planting bulbs in the fall, but sometimes you need the color now.

Want to learn what to plant so you can grow early spring flowers?

Plant these early spring flowering bulbs and perennials.

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There is nothing quite like the early blooms of daffodils.

Am I right?

Narcissus is a great deer-resistant flower that is easy to grow and comes in a variety of colors and shapes.

Plant daffodils in fall with other spring-blooming bulbs and you’ll be rewarded with blooms early on in the growing season.

From whites, to yellows, peaches, and pinks, they are so pretty aren’t they?

Double flowering daffodils

But what if you planted spring bulbs like daffodils in fall and they fail to bloom?

CLICK HERE to see how to troubleshoot and fix it!

Daffodils are deer resistant flowers


Gosh, where do I even start with tulips?

They are gorgeous bright flowers that bloom in early spring.

Much like daffodils, plant bulbs in fall and you’ll be rewarded with lots of beautiful colors early in the growing season.

Tulips are amazing spring garden flowers that bring joy

Tulips can be planted in the ground or grown in pots.

And there are so many different varieties to choose from too.

The day after Easter, my red tulip bulbs kicked up their show and started blooming.

tulips in my early spring flower garden

Every time I walked out my front door, a few more tulips would start blooming in the garden.

It has been quite a show!

And while they look beautiful while they bloom, they are even prettier as the petals drop.

My Early Spring in the Garden Tour
Early Spring Tulips


My forget-me-nots also started kicking in this week.

They produce the prettiest dainty purple flowers and I love their billowy effect in the garden.

Every year, they self sow like crazy throughout my garden!

My Early Spring in the Garden Tour

So this year, I moved a few of them around to the front of the border in early spring.

And I am so glad I did that because they look fantastic right now in their new location!


The pansies that I planted in the fall have all bounced back and are doing quite well. They will last until it starts to get hot and humid here in New Jersey.

I will likely dig them out when I plant summer annuals and move them to a shadier spot so they last a little longer as summer nears.

My Early Spring in the Garden Tour


Dianthus, also known as mountain pinks, always look so pretty in the garden too.

These are perennials that will return year after year.

I dig and divide mine so I can keep the plant healthy and grow them in different beds on the property.

Dianthus ‘Tickled Pink’

Creeping Phlox

Have you ever grown creeping phlox before?

It’s a great perennial that stays green year-round and flowers in early spring.

What I love most about creeping phlox is they are deer resistant and look great trailing down a stone wall.

how my cottage garden flowers grew in 2021 creeping phlox

They come in a variety of colors such as blue, pink, and white.

Plant this easy-care perennial in spring or fall to get early spring color in the garden.

Early Spring in the Garden


If you have not grown alliums yet, you should!

Plant these gorgeous bulbs in the fall and get beautiful spring blooms.

When planted en masse these flowers make a real statement in the garden.

And the best part?

They are deer resistant too!

spring cleaning in the garden


Whether you grow bearded iris or siberian iris, they are a must-have in the spring garden.

Each flower has these gorgeous lines and incredible details.

And they last forever!

These purple and white iris flowers were gifted to me by my mother-in-law over 20 years ago and continue to do well today!

5 Ways to Grow a Cottage Garden
bearded iris is a great early spring blooming perennial to grow in the garden

Flowering Crabapple

And some of my favorite trees and shrubs bloom in early spring too!

One of which is this GORGEOUS flowering crabapple tree.

This was the tree that sold us on purchasing our home several years ago.

They don’t last long but they are stunning while they flower.

I wish you could smell them through the screen because the scent is incredible here!

Spring Garden Flowers
Flowering Crabapple

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