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Spring Garden Tour – Container Gardens and Outdoor Living Spaces

Looking for container garden and outdoor living space ideas? Wait until you see how my gardens and backyard living spaces are coming along in this spring garden tour!

I love this time of year.

The gardens are taking off, I started harvesting cool-season vegetables like lettuce and broccoli, and we are hanging outside so much more.

New Jersey winters can be brutal.

They are cold, dreary and looooong.

When spring arrives and the plants start filling in, it’s great to be outside, working in the garden and soaking it all in.

With warmer temperatures comes less danger of frost, so it’s time to plant some annuals in container gardens.

Wait until you see how amazing the gardens and backyard living spaces look!

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Front Yard Spring Garden Tour

The front border is looking very green while it transitions to the mid-season spring blooms.

The Catmint, Bearded and Siberian Irises are on the brink of blooming.

My beautiful Peonies are not far behind.

On a side note, I wish peony flowers lasted longer than a week, but I’ll take what I can get!

But right now, this garden is all about the Alliums!

They look so good, don’t they?

Alliums are my all-time favorite bulb.

And for good reason too.

They are deer resistant.

As members of the onion family, deer will not touch them.

And depending on the variety, can grow quite large too.

There is nothing quite like globemaster alliums when planted en masse.

Those gorgeous round purple flower heads get me every time!

And they last a while too.

I planted the front urns with Dwarf Alberata Spruces.

Because the gardens are profuse with blooms during the growing season, I love the simplicity of planting small conical evergreens in the front urns as a focal point.

spring garden tour

But it’s not just the simplicity, the conical shape gives the place an eye to rest when looking at the gardens.

What do you like to plant on your front porch?

Let me know in the comments below.

Backyard Gardens and Outdoor Living Spaces

We spent most of our time in the backyard this week where we finished building a new fire pit area in an unused, debris-accumulating area of the property.

Here’s a sneak peek of what it looks like.

I love this view of the backyard berry garden and play area from the new fire pit area.

The aroma from the Everblooming Lilac is heavenly!

It took a few years to start blooming after planting it, but it is totally worth the wait.

First fire!
I’m taking a little break from container planting with my buddies in the fire pit area.

I also spent quite a bit of time pulling the deck together so it is ready for a good hang.

Since adding a gazebo, I love sitting on this deck now.

It is shaded, cool, and feels like I’m at a country club!

spring garden tour in the backyard living space on the deck

As part of my spring garden chores, I brought all of my houseplants outdoors to summer.

They love being outside this time of year and reward me with abundant growth and good health.

The time outdoors helps them throughout the year, particularly in winter when the days are darker and shorter.

Each spring I notice how well my plants rebound once I bring them outside.

If you notice your houseplants are not looking so good, HERE is how to revive plants.

In addition to creating outdoor living spaces, I also spent the week planting containers for the back decks and fire pit areas.

Can we all just stand back and appreciate this caladium?


Those pink veins are divine, aren’t they?

And I love them combined with those gorgeous double flowering impatiens.

Another planter I designed is this one with persian shield, geraniums and licorice plant.

This container garden for spring looks so good right now!

I love how persian shield’s foliage picks up the pink color of the geraniums, don’t you?

My backyard vegetable garden is doing quite well.

We started harvesting some of the lettuce.

And I got my warm-season vegetables and herbs planted.

Someday I hope to make a larger vegetable garden.

But for now, this works well!

Spring Garden Tour

Spring Garden Plant of the Week

But if I were to give an award to the plant of the week, my pick would be my reblooming lilac.

It will take a few years to acclimate and develop a good root system, but is well worth the wait!

Plant in full sun and it will reward you with prolific blooms.

I am in love this shrub!

Reblooming lilac in spring garden tour

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this week’s garden tour and appreciate you joining me.

If you missed a few tours or want to see how much the garden has changed, you can see it here:

I hope you enjoyed checking out what’s blooming this week and look forward to sharing next week’s tour with you!

I would love to hear what you think!

spring garden tour

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Wait Until You See This Spring Garden Tour

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