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Spring Garden Flowers That Bring Joy

I’m so happy that my spring garden flowers look as beautiful as they do. We had such a gray and dismal winter here in New Jersey. The sun rarely made an appearance and it was long! Add to that the current state of the world, and happy spring flowers are just what the doctor ordered.

There has never been a better time to get outside among the pretty flowers. I am truly grateful the spring gardening season is here because it is pure joy to see so much beauty every day. And every day, that beauty changes and grows into something more beautiful. Nature is truly amazing.

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Spring Flower Garden Tour

Spring Garden Flowers

This year, I am joining a group of talented bloggers to bring you virtual garden tours during the growing season. I learned so much from my weekly garden blogs last year, that I am really excited to join this happy group of gardeners. We all live in different parts of the United States and Canada, so each of our gardens are totally different. So follow the blog hop tour at the end of this post for tips, tricks and enjoy the garden inspiration.

Spring Garden Flowers Tour

Garden Therapy is a Thing

A few weeks ago, I started writing about the importance of gardening and how to get one started. Do you have yet? If not, you should no matter how small that garden is. Gardening is very therapeutic. It boosts the mood and will make you feel happier – I promise. Now that the weather is warming up, I am spending much more time in my gardens. Digging, planting and tending to the gardens have greatly lifted my spirits. There is something about getting fresh air, hearing the birds sing and soaking in nature’s beauty that is very calming.

Given the current state of the world, I’ve been feeling a bit stressed lately – how about you? It’s been a while since I spent time at a nursery, so I made my rounds this week to see what’s in stock. I felt so much happier just being there! Seeing the plants, the beauty and their possibilities in my gardens gave me hope. Playing around with different plant combinations, putting them on the garden cart and bringing them home gave me great joy.

Spring Flower Garden Tour
Close-up of my flowering crabapple blooms. Aren’t they something?

Don’t Have a Garden? Start Small

You don’t have to dig a huge bed to have a garden. Change an existing bed or find a small patch where grass doesn’t grow well and start fresh. Rehab the foundation of your home. Or grab a a few containers and start with that. Plant some flowers and tend your gardens. You will feel happier and much less stressed, I promise.

To learn more about how to start a new garden, click here.

Tour My Spring Flower Garden

Welcome to my spring flower garden tour! This garden is my happy place and is one of the first areas of my property to bloom. Isn’t that flowering crabapple tree fantastic? It may not bloom for long, but it puts on quite a show in my quiet suburban New Jersey neighborhood.

Spring Garden Flowers

The front walkway garden changes daily and greets you with a smile. This perennial garden blooms from spring through fall and has year long interest with a backdrop of evergreens. My walkway garden was the first bed planted on the property and was designed to attract pollinators and add year round color.

Spring Flowers Garden Tour

Here is a closer look at what’s blooming right now along the walkway. The daffodils are at the end of their journey for the season, as the tulips, forget-me-nots and creeping phlox take over.

I love spring bulbs! They add early spring color and brighten the gardens before I’ve had a chance to pick up annuals at the nursery.

Spring Flower Garden tour

These bluish-purple forget-me-nots billow through the gardens and self sow like crazy through the beds! I dig them up and transplant them early in the season so they get a front spot in the border.

Spring Flower Garden Tour

In the back of the border, I planted some arbor vitaes as a focal point and tucked in some boxwoods for year round interest. On the front porch, the urns are simple with dwarf alberata spruces.

New to the front porch this year is a beautiful yellow floral wreath. I love how it compliments the bright yellow daffodils! It was the perfect addition to my spring porch decor.

Spring Flower Garden Tour

Spring Garden Flowers Tour

Thanks for following along with my spring garden flowers tour. My friends and I garden in different zones so be sure to check out their spring flower garden blogs!

Follow the Spring Flowers Tour

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Spring Flower Garden Tour

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    1. Thanks Tracy! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I love that we can virtually visit each other’s gardens and am looking forward to watching them grow through the season! It’s so cool that we are all in different zones and have such different gardens. So fun! xoxo

    1. Hi Michelle! It’s so nice to meet you! I used to live in a small condo – that’s where the gardening bug bit me! Do you do any containers or anything there? xoxo

  1. Hi Stacy, I just loved seeing this post on your lovely front gardens! I haven’t been able to get out and do much of anything until this weekend. Your home is gorgeous, I just love a traditional two story home; reminds me of one we had many years ago. I’m sharing this post on All About Home Monday evening. thanks so much for coming by and joining in for the party!

    1. Debra Thank you so much for sharing my post on my Monday! I really appreciate that so much! Thank you!!! I’m so glad we met through the link parties. I love your blog!!!

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