At about this time every year, I crave time in my garden. It’s still pretty cold outside, but there is so much I want to do out there that I just want to get started! To satisfy my craving, I like to bring the outdoors in with houseplants and fresh florals. By adding pops of color to my neutral decor, the indoor vibe is immediately brightened and my need to get outside in the garden is met.

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Choose a Spring Color That Inspires You

This year, I am drawn to orange. I have never been much of an orange person, but for whatever reason, it is resonating with me right now. Orange is bright, it’s cheery and after all the wet weather New Jersey has had for the last year, my soul needs to see and feel something vivid and fun.

Add New Houseplants

As part of the almost spring refresh, I love to add new houseplants. There are so many benefits to having houseplants that include:

  • providing cleaner air
  • lowering the risk for illnesses
  • boosting our mood
  • enhancing concentration and memory
  • warming up living spaces

In addition to these benefits, I love to add new houseplants because it gives me an indoor gardening challenge to learn about that plant and it’s care.

While hunting for new plants, I was drawn to this cute little orange begonia at my favorite nursery. I’ve only grown begonias outside so I’m interested to see how they do inside my home.

How to Decorate for Almost Spring

I know of few of you are not into real houseplants because you haven’t had much luck with them. If you are just not into it, I encourage you to pick up some faux greens. While not the same, both real and faux plants are a great way of softening the lines in a room while adding some personality to a space. There are some great faux plants at Homegoods, Marshalls, Target, Hobby Lobby, etc. Now is the time to pick some up if you want to green up a living space because these stores are well-stocked with good supply.

Add Fresh Spring Florals

Since I spend a lot of time in my kitchen cooking and hanging out with my family, I picked up some beautiful roses with a sunset hue of orange and yellow. Having a fresh bouquet of roses not only brightens up my kitchen in late February, but also smells heavenly too! It is an instant mood booster and makes me smile every time I see them. If you are feeling the winter blahs, I highly encourage you to pick up some fresh blooms from the local market.

How to Decorate for Almost Spring

How to Decorate for Almost Spring

How to Decorate for Almost Spring

While I was at the market, I also picked up some pretty orange tulips that I added to my current living room decor. Note: While writing this blog, I am preparing the living room for a total refresh. Pics to come soon – yay!

How to Decorate for Almost Spring

We are in the home stretch of winter my friends – the countdown to spring has begun! If you are feeling the winter blahs but aren’t quite ready for spring, consider adding some fresh florals and houseplants to your home decor.

For easy houseplant care tips, read my blog post here. If you are interested in seeing photos of my kitchen before the renovation, click here.

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