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7 Easy Indoor Gardening Ideas for Beginners

Do you want to garden indoors but aren’t sure how? Wait until you see these indoor gardening ideas for beginners. Turn those black thumbs green with these indoor gardening tips.

I was an outdoor gardener long before I found success as an indoor gardener.

It took me several years to figure out and understand how to translate my outdoor gardening skills indoors.

When my kids were very young, I started dabbling with indoor plants and had very little success.

Looking back, I was choosing the wrong plants for me and overcared for them to boot!

Not all plants are suited for our indoor home climates.

And not all plants are suited for our lifestyles.

Thus what we want to grow, may not work with our home environment and lifestyle.

So it feels like we fail, get down on ourselves and avoid gardening indoors.

But it’s important to keep in mind that even the most experienced indoor gardeners have plants that don’t do well.

Sometimes bad things happen to good plants.

We don’t always get it right.

So if this sounds like your experience with indoor gardening, this post is for you.

Because guess what?

You got this.


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Houseplants on Vintage Chair in the garden

Indoor Gardening Ideas for Beginners

So what’s an indoor gardener wannabe gonna do to turn those black thumbs green?

Let’s get started on a path to indoor gardening success.

Here are some indoor gardening ideas for beginners, intermediate and advanced gardeners alike.

7 Quick Ways to Keep Houseplants Alive

To achieve success with indoor gardening, one needs to understand the basics of houseplant care.

From their indoor environment, light, watering, and fertilizing needs, CLICK HERE to learn how to take care of plants with these simple tips.

Indoor seating in the greenhouse with houseplants - 7 Easy Indoor Gardening Ideas for Beginners

Start Your Indoor Gardening Journey With These Plants That Also Purify the Air

With the indoor gardening basics covered, CLICK HERE for a great list of easy-care plants to begin with.

And the biggest benefit of starting with this list?

These houseplants help purify the indoor air in addition to being easy to grow.

Which is a good thing, particularly when we are mostly indoors for the winter.

Looking for plants at the garden nursery

The Secret to Keeping Houseplants Alive

Ok so now you’ve got the basics covered and have a list of easy-care plants to start with that are really hard to kill.

But guess what?

Sometimes we overcare for our indoor plants when we should maybe leave them be.

CLICK HERE to learn how to know when to care for and when to leave them alone.

The Secret to Keeping Houseplants Alive

How to Revive Plants in 9 Easy Steps

So you’ve learned the basics, started with some easy-care plants, and noticed your houseplants are declining?

From leaf drop to root rot, pest and disease problems happen.

It happens to the best of us.

So don’t stress about it because all is not lost.

In fact, I’m reviving a few plants right now that did not love our recent move.

CLICK HERE to learn how to revive your plants and restore good health.

Cutting off the dead foliage to revive this plant -how to revive plants

How to Care for Plants in Winter

With all my years of indoor gardening experience, without fail, my plants start to look a little sad in winter.

But you know what?

It’s pretty typical for plants to look like they are struggling or lose some leaves as we make our way through winter and head towards spring.

CLICK HERE to learn why and how to care for plants in winter with these simple tips.

Houseplants on the south side of the house in winter - How to Care for Plants in Winter

How to Start Seeds Indoors Without a Greenhouse

Setting houseplants aside for the moment, starting seeds indoors is a great winter gardening activity that gets our hands in the dirt well before spring.

It’s pretty easy to do and is so rewarding when the seedlings grow and mature into beautiful plants.

CLICK HERE to learn how to start seeds indoors for an amazing garden next year.

To learn all about seed starting as well as how to start a cut flower garden, check out these posts.

Starting Seeds Snapdragons under grow lights on wire shelving

Why You Should Grow Amaryllis

By far, one of the EASIEST indoor flowers to grow is the amaryllis.

Are you familiar with these gorgeous blooms?

The flowers are big and bright.

And they are super easy for the beginner gardener to grow.

CLICK HERE to learn how to care for amaryllis.

Home and Garden Blogger Stacy Ling with some of her houseplants and an amaryllis flower

4 Easy More Easy Indoor Gardening Ideas

And if you are looking for more indoor gardening ideas?

I’ve got some easy to grow, easy to care for ideas to keep you busy in winter.

CLICK HERE for the post.

giving the houseplants and garden mums a bath in the farmhouse kitchen sink -Have a Green Thumb with These Indoor Gardening Ideas

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  1. I really need to learn about indoor gardening Stacy. You would think my gardening green thumb would cross over to the indoors, but apparently, it doesn’t work that way.

    1. You def need some houseplants – they are so fun especially during winter but I love them even more in the summer outdoors! xo