27 Soothing Water Feature Ideas for the Yard

Looking for ways to bring peace and serenity to an outdoor living space? Add soothing sounds with these 27 water feature ideas that will accommodate any space or budget.

In the past, we’ve chatted about backyard ideas to create an outdoor living space you’ll never want to leave.

And today, I’m sharing 27 water feature ideas to foster that ambiance because if you don’t have one…trust me, you need one.

In our former home, we did not have a water feature at all.

But now that we moved, we are blessed with two ponds to enjoy. I can’t tell you how relaxing it is to listen to the sounds of babbling water in those ponds!

And now that we have them?

I regret not adding some sort of water feature in those outdoor living spaces because we very easily could have done something somewhere.

The truth is, we always wanted a water feature but never quite got around to doing anything about it.

A pond garden was high on the priority list, but we were pretty built out there and could not afford the space for it.

So we hemmed and hawed about what to do and then never did anything. It was debilitating.

Does that happen to you to?

Now that we have ponds, I can tell you we were missing out on the soothing sounds of running water.

If you don’t have room for a pond, a water fountain is an easy way to add that water feature.

And although we have two ponds here, I’m considering adding one in the formal garden down the road.

Because listening to the sounds of the water makes a huge difference in the outdoor atmosphere.

It is not necessary to live by the water to enjoy the ambiance because you can easily add a water feature that will fit any space and budget.

Wait until you see some of these water feature ideas for the backyard!

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27 Soothing Water Feature Ideas

27 Soothing Water Feature Ideas Ideas

Even if you don’t have much space to add a water feature, there are so many different shapes and sizes to choose from.

You can add a fountain to a new garden and design plants around it. Or you can add one to an existing garden that needs a focal point.

If you lack garden space, consider adding one to a porch, deck, or patio area.

And if there isn’t a lot of room there? You can hang one on a wall.

It’s that easy to do.

Here are 17 water feature ideas for your backyard or outdoor living space.

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