I noticed that my aloe plant outgrew its container and sprouted some babies. That means it’s time to repot it! Since I’m moving it to a larger container, I’m going to propagate aloe plants.

If you’ve never done this before, it’s really easy to do.

And I’ll have a bunch of new air purifying houseplants to bring indoors when the growing season ends.

How to Propagate Aloe Plants
In addition to sprouting some babies and overgrowing the existing container, the terra cotta pot fell over and broke. Time to give this aloe plant a new home.

If you aren’t familiar with how to care for aloe plants, they are very easy to grow.

Place them in a bright sunny window and be sure not to overwater them.

Aloe plants purify the air of formaldehyde and benzene, which are found in varnishes, floor finishes, and detergents.

Do you have aloe plants that need to be divided too?

It is super easy to propagate them so grab the following supplies and let’s get started.

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How to Propagate Aloe Plants

This aloe was just a baby last year.

I split it from the mother plant in late winter and it’s doing quite well.

My aloe plants love to summer outside.

Supplies Needed to Propagate Aloe Plants

  • gloves
  • several containers to repot each aloe (Tip: grab a few small ones and one larger one to accommodate the mother plant.)
  • potting soil
How to Propagate Aloe Plants

How to Propagate Aloe Plants

  • Gather all of the supplies needed.
  • Carefully remove the aloe plant from the container.
  • With your fingers, gently separate the babies from the mother plant.
  • Depending on the size of the mother plant’s rootball, fill a container with potting soil about 1/3 to halfway.
  • Repot the mother plant.
  • Backfill potting soil to the base of the aloe plant then set aside.
  • Repeat process with each baby plant.
How to Propagate Aloe Plants

Here is my aloe plant out of the container.

Notice the little aloe babies that are ready to be separated.

How to Propagate Aloe Plants

Gently separate the mother plant from each baby aloe.

Be gentle with the roots.

How to Propagate Aloe Plants

Fill container about 1/3 to halfway depending on the size of the rootball.

Drop the plant in the container to make sure it’s sitting at the right height.

How to Propagate Aloe Plants

You want the base of the plant even with the soil.

Depending on how many babies can be split off, you could wind up with several new plants.

How to Propagate Aloe Plants

If you don’t have room for the plant babies in your own home, consider giving them away or gifting them during the holidays.

Have I mentioned how much I love working on this potting bench?

How to Propagate Aloe Plants

Seriously every gardener needs one.

I never had one until recently and I had no idea what I was missing!

How to Propagate Aloe Plants

Time to style my new plant babies on the potting bench!

Don’t they look great!

Thanks for following along.

Happy Gardening!

Potting Bench Idea
How to Propagate Aloe Plants
How to Propagate Aloe Plants

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  1. I did this in July for the 1st time. It wasn’t easy to separate the babies from the mother plant and needed the assistance of a razor knife to cut them apart. So happy to have several now! Have you ever tried applying the gel to your face as a mask? I love it!

    1. No but I did use the gel on a really bad case of poison ivy I had a few year ago and it was amazing! It really cooled the rash!

  2. Can you propagate new plants from leaves that had been bkoken off the mother plant? I tried putting some in water and also potting soil with rooting hormone without success.