Looking for potting bench ideas? Wait until you see what my husband built from a bunch of wood scraps!

I don’t know how my husband does these things, but his ingenuity and building skills amaze me sometimes.

We found a bunch of wood scraps stored behind the garden shed when we were cleaning out the debris.

Because we had so much, Chris offered to build me a potting bench for Mother’s Day.

Knowing what I wanted, I found a few potting bench ideas on Pinterest, sent him a few pics and off he went to build it.

And the result is amazing!

You have to see it.

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Potting Bench Idea

My New Potting Bench

It was pretty neat watching it all come together.

For the most part, it took about two days to build.

But in all fairness, we were also prepping the garden shed to be painted so it probably wasn’t a full two days.

Potting Bench Idea

As he was putting it all together, he needed a few more pieces to build the hutch.

So Chris picked up a wood pallet from one of the local retailers and finished the project.

I’m not sure I’ve mentioned how incredibly handy he is.

Potting Bench Idea

When Chris was in college, he used to work construction before becoming an architect.

Because he understands how to build things, he is amazingly creative.

And makes the coolest things!

Potting Bench Idea

Like this potting bench.

There was no plan.

Or directions to follow.

He just built it out of the scraps we had laying around.

Potting Bench
The bench stayed in the front for a few weeks until we finished painting the garden shed. It was so much easier to pot up my summer annuals here.

Isn’t that amazing?

And it’s perfect for potting plants and flowers at counter height.

We moved the bench behind the garden shed so clean-up would be a breeze and the mess would be out of sight.

Potting Bench Idea

When we moved it behind the shed, I started grabbing all the terra cotta pots we were storing.

I had no idea I had this many!

It’s amazing what we hide away in storage and forget about.

Am I right?

Potting Bench Idea

What Do You Think?

It looks incredible doesn’t it?

I’ve used it a lot already to pot up my summer annuals and houseplants.

And I have to say how much easier it is to work behind the shed.

Potting Bench Idea

I don’t have to clean up the dirt.

All of my tools and supplies are neat and organized.

Everything is easy to find and looks pretty too!

To learn more about potting benches, check out this article from the University of Florida.

Potting Bench Idea

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Potting Bench Idea

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  1. I wouldn’t want that “mess” out of sight Stacy! It looks great! My husband also whipped up a potting bench for me for Mother’s Day using an old vintage sink and Pinterest photos I sent to him for inspo, haha. “A Day in the Life of a Blogger’s Husband…” a post for another day!

    I hope you will share this post at All About Home this week. You can link up here:https://followtheyellowbrickhome.com/all-about-home-link-party-48/

    Have a great week!

    1. Thank you so much! I will do it! Have you shared yours yet? I would love to see it!!! You must love having a sink. xoxo

  2. It’s great to have a talented partner to help you express your dreams and follow through with the things that take a toll on your body as you get older. Sounds like he understands you completely and loves to work with you. Consider yourself lucky and I’m lucky too, when mine is not playing golf! Love your place!

  3. Miss Stacy, Thank you! Appreciate your flowering/garden tips, advice, ideas, and pics of your own personal yard. I’m a beginning gardener. Loved the pics of daughters graduation and appreciate your sharing of your life. If I lived next to you, we’d be besties 💕Thank you