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How to Add Solar String Lights to the Yard

Looking for ways to add mood lighting to areas of your landscape that lack electricity? Wait until you see how to add solar string lights to the yard!

Adding solar string lights to the yard will create ambiance and improve visibility to areas of the landscape that are not well lit.

Unless you have strategically placed trees and structures though, there may not be a good space to hang solar lights in the yard.

My husband and I used these Yardguard galvanized metal poles to help string the lights. They are relatively inexpensive but need to be cemented into the ground for stability.

Overall this project is pretty inexpensive to do and only took a few hours (minus the drying time for the concrete).

Wait until you see how easy it is to do!

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Supply List for Adding Solar String Lights

How to Add Solar String Lights to the Yard
After finishing this project, I want to add another strange that wraps around and extends from the tree to the house.

How to Add Solar String Lights When There is Nothing to Attach it To

We did not have a way to hang solar string lights in the fire pit garden, so we needed to add something to the yard to attach them.

While a tree and our house are in the vicinity, we needed another corner or two to get more angles to drape the lights.

I wasn’t sure about cementing poles in the garden, but it looks fine and is not that noticeable.

While I don’t love the poles, I do love how the lights turned out so it’s worth the sacrifice.

How to Add Solar String Lights to the Yard

Step 1

  • Determine where to site the poles. Where you want to site them will determine how many poles you need.
  • Set up ladders to determine proper spacing
We set the poles up in the ladders when we were determining location so we could see how the poles would look in the garden once set in concrete.

Step 2

  • Temporarily string lights through the ladders for desired placement. Using the ladders allows you to “hang” the lights to get an idea how it will look.

Step 3

  • Dig holes large enough to set the mix kit in.

Step 4

  • Rough up one end of the pole with a sledgehammer because the concrete will grip better to the metal if it is roughed up.

Step 5

  • Follow the cement mix manufacturer’s directions. Mix the concrete and set the pole.

Step 6

  • When setting the posts be sure to level them.
  • Once level, we bungeed the poles to the ladder to keep them in place.

Step 7

  • After the cement dries and hardens, hang the lights. We used carabiners to attach them to the poles.
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And that’s it! Although my husband did most of the work, it wasn’t very difficult to do.

I wasn’t sure how I felt about the poles before we strung the lights but I LOVE how it looks at night.

And now I want to add more…

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  1. Your garden lights turned out really pretty! Would also love to know where you got the lanterns and your Adirondack chairs as well.

    1. Hey Lauren! The lanterns are linked in the blog – they are the best! The adirondack chairs we bought several years ago from a local woodworker, but I painted them with Ashley Gray by Benjamin Moore recently to match my shed.

  2. Hi Stacy.thanks.for.all ideas re outside seating.your garden is gorgeous and the trees beautiful I loved the.cane furniture best so it still looks great why.not spray paint it will last.another 20.years

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