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Christmas Amaryllis Care: What You Need to Know

(This post was written in collaboration with Gardener’s Supply but all thoughts and opinions are my own.) Are you looking for something easy to grow indoors that blooms? Amaryllis are not only fun to grow, but they make a great gift idea for the holidays because anyone of any skill level can grow them. Here is everything you need to know about Christmas amaryllis care.

I am SO EXCITED because my amaryllis bulbs just arrived from Gardener’s Supply.

Have you grown amaryllis before?

They are really easy to care for and produce big, gorgeous flower stalks indoors in about 6-10 weeks after planting.

And if you order new bulbs in late summer or early fall, a dormant bulb can be planted so it blooms for the holiday season.

If you’ve never grown amaryllis before, they are really fun to grow.

It is a must try!

Here is what you need to know to grow big, beautiful, and colorful Christmas amaryllis flowers.

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amaryllis bulbs in a bowl

All About Amaryllis Plants

The amaryllis is a tender bulb hardy to usda zones that comes from South America.

They are huge bulbs that produce gorgeous large trumpet flowers.

Amaryllis flowers add lots of bold color indoors and make great gifts for gardeners of any skill.

Depending on the variety, the amaryllis bloom can be either individual flowers or double flowering.

And the blooms can be pretty big!

Fresh cut amaryllis flowers - Christmas amaryllis care
Amaryllis make beautiful cut flowers.
amaryllis stalks in green pots at the nursery

What I’m Growing From Gardener’s Supply This Year

I just received some cool amaryllis bulbs from Gardener’s Supply. And I can’t even wait to see these bloom!

Here’s what I’m growing this winter:

  • Scarlet Belle Amaryllis – It’s a double flowering luscious Christmas Red Amaryllis that arrives in it’s own beautiful pot.
  • Velvet Easy Care Waxed Amaryllis – A fun waxed bulb encased in wrapped velvet that can be incorporated with holiday decor. When I took this one out of the box, I have to say it was super cool. And  the best part? It takes care of itself!
  • Waxed Upside Down Amaryllis – This bulb is encased in a waxed coating and arrives ready to hang upside down. It even comes with it’s own hanger!
  • Amaryllis Planting Kit – The kit includes everything needed and explains how easy it is to grow.
Potted amaryllis that produce big red and white flowers - christmas amaryllis care
I also just planted one of these Potted Amaryllis. The blooms look like they will be big don’t they? Photo by Gardener’s Supply.
close up of amaryllis bulb at the nursery

How to Select Amaryllis Bulbs

Because they are so easy to grow and produce big, gorgeous blooms, amaryllis are a must-have this winter.

Here’s what to look for when purchasing bulbs:

  • Select the largest bulbs available because larger bulbs typically produce more flowers.
  • Avoid bulbs with signs of mold, decay or injury.
  • Bulbs should be firm and dry.
holding and amryllis bulb to show the size of the bulb

Supplies Needed to Grow Amaryllis Indoors

You can purchase supplies need to grow amaryllis as a kit or you can piece it together yourself.

Here’s what you need to plant amaryllis.

As a general rule, it’s a good idea to use a heavy pot to plant amaryllis because the stalks and flower spike can get top heavy when the amaryllis blooms.

Thus, a heavier container will help weight it down.

However, you could also add a support stake to help keep the green stalk sturdy and the blooms upright.

How to Plant and Provide Christmas Amaryllis Care

Once you have everything needed to plant, this is how to plant and provide Christmas amaryllis care.

Here’s how to grow these gorgeous colorful flowers.

potted amaryllis kit from Gardeners supply on granite counter top
The Gardener’s Supply Amaryllis Planting Kit came with everything needed.

Choosing a Container

Choose a container with a good drainage hole because good drainage prevents root rot, pest, and disease problems.

As a general rule, the container’s diameter should be an inch or so wider than the diameter of the bulb which is the widest part of the bulb and twice as tall as the bulb.

The container should have a little weight to it to help keep the amaryllis stable while it grows.

moistening the soil mix before planting amaryllis bulb
Since my kit from Gardener’s Supply came with everything needed to plant, I needed to soak the soil pods to create sterile potting mix.


Before planting, fill the container halfway with sterile fresh potting soil that is high in organic matter.

Plant the amaryllis bulb pointed end up so the roots sit on the potting soil.

The pointed end is the top of the bulb.

When planting amaryllis, make sure the root side is down. It's typically the wider end of the amaryllis bulb
Bottom of an amaryllis bulb where you can see the roots
close up of the top of an amaryllis bulb
Top of an amaryllis bulb

Back fill with soil until about the top third of the bulb is visible.

Tamp down on the potting medium surrounding the bulb.

And then water after planted.

I typically leave them alone after this and only occasionally give them a drink of water. They don’t need much to grow and thrive so definitely don’t overdo it.

setting amaryllis bulb in green nursery pot with potting soil mix
Fill the pot halfway, then plant bulb root side down.
backfill soil so top third of the bulb is exposed
Backfill with soil until top third of bulb shows.


Consider adding a stake like these to help the flower stalk remain stable while it grows.


Move the planter to a location where it will receive indirect bright light, like a sunny windowsill.


As a general rule, water thoroughly until the soil is moist. Make sure the container drains thoroughly and dump any water sitting in the bottom of the saucer or decorative container.

Only water when the top 2 inches of soil is dry and make sure the container fully drains excess water. Use this test to determine soil dryness.

Christmas Amaryllis Care After It Flowers

Here are some amaryllis care tips to keep plants happy and healthy after they produce a full bloom.

  • When the old flowers fade, cut off the faded flowers to prevent it from going to seed. This encourages the bulb to store energy for future blooms next year. If we don’t cut them off, seed formation depletes energy and reduces blooms.
  • Cut the flower stalk back when it turns yellow. Do not cut it back while still green because it’s still storing energy for future growth and blooms.
  • When it’s done blooming, place in a sunny location so it can continue to grow.
  • Water and fertilize the plant regularly with an all-purpose houseplant plant fertilizer.
  • After the plant dies back, allow the pot to completely dry out.
  • Store in a cool, dark and dry place for at least 8 weeks.
  • To encourage amaryllis rebloom, repeat planting and care process with fresh soil and place in indirect light about 6-8 weeks before you want it to bloom.
Red double flowering amaryllis flower by gardeners supply
Aren’t the flowers striking on this Scarlet Belle Potted Amaryllis? Photo by Gardener’s Supply.

Amaryllis Bulbs from Gardener’s Supply

What I love about Gardener’s Supply amaryllis flower bulbs is that each bulbs is big, beautiful AND comes with everything needed to plant.

So even the beginner of beginner gardeners can do this!

To give you an idea how easy it is, here’s a closer look at each bulb received.

potted amaryllis from gardeners supply in red container for christmas and the holiday season

The Potted Amaryllis arrived ready to go as soon as I opened the box.

potted amaryllis kit from Gardeners supply on granite counter top

The Amaryllis Planting Kit provided everything I need to grow this gorgeous flower. And I can’t wait to see it bloom.

waxed amaryllis bulb arrived with hanger from gardeners supply
Waxed amaryllis bulb can be hung upside down

But the coolest ones by far are the two waxed amaryllis bulbs I am trying out. 

This waxed amaryllis bulb came with its own hanger. It can be grown upside down. And it will still bloom that way.

I mean, how cool is that???

holiding velvet waxed amaryllis bulb

And the other is wrapped in a gorgeous red velvet that looks really festive and fun.

And the most amazing part?

The waxed bulbs need no care!

How easy is that?

Just take it out of the box, place it in indirect light and what for the blooms.

Home and Garden Blogger Stacy Ling with some of her houseplants and an amaryllis flower

I am going to order a few more of these. It makes the perfect holiday gift plant!

Thanks so much for hanging out and planting amaryllis with me today!

The blooms are incredible, aren’t they?

Houseplants and Amaryllis on white tiered Plant Shelf
Garden blogger Stacy Ling planting amaryllis bulbs and doing christmas amaryllis care

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close up of red amaryllis flower

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