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The ULTIMATE Guide to Poinsettias Care

Looking for ways to care for your poinsettias so they survive the holidays and thrive beyond? Follow these simple steps for poinsettias care.

Poinsettias are gorgeous holiday plants, aren’t they?

They are so festive, fun, and there are so many varieties to choose from now.

I picked up a few from the nursery and want to give them the best care possible so they will continue to thrive through the holidays and beyond.

Have you bought yours yet?

If so, here are a few poinsettias care tips to keep them happy and healthy.

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What you need to know about poinsettias care

Poinsettias and How to Care For Them

With some care, poinsettias can continue to thrive after the holidays and possibly re-bloom the following December.

Poinsettias can be fussy to maintain throughout the year.

Here are some poinsettias care tips to keep them happy during the holiday season and beyond.

Cover Poinsettias Well Before Transporting

If you are choosing your own poinsettias, make sure they are wrapped well before venturing into the cold.

Poinsettias can suffer if exposed to low temperatures, even for a few minutes.

It is healthier for poinsettias to unwrap it from the foil and set in a plastic saucer or re-pot it in fresh potting soil.

Keeping the foil wrapped around the plastic pot will retain water and rot the roots.

What You Need to Know About Poinsettias Care

The Best Growing Conditions for Poinsettia Care

Ideal room temps to keep poinsettias in bloom is between 65-70 degrees F.

For the best poinsettias care, they should be in a room with lots of bright, indirect natural light.

What You Need to Know About Poinsettias Care

Place them near a sunny window to receive the most available sunlight.

A window that faces south, east or west is better than one facing north.

Be sure to keep them away from drafts and appliances, and do not place on a hot or warm surface.

Hot or cold drafts can cause premature leaf drop.

Move poinsettias to a cooler spot at night if possible.

What You Need to Know About Poinsettias Care

Best Watering Practices for Poinsettias

Water poinsettias only when dry and do not let the plant sit in water or the roots will rot.

To determine when to water, check daily.

When the surface is dry to the touch, water until it flows from the drainage hole.

Do not leave the plant standing in water.

What You Need to Know About Poinsettias Care

Want to Get a Poinsettia to Rebloom?

If you are interested in encouraging the plant to re-bloom, please follow the recommendations from Rutgers Cooperative Extension.

How Long Can You Keep a Poinsettia Alive

In general, poinsettias can flower for about 2-3 months but most only last about 4-6 weeks before the petals start dropping.

So much like my theory on garden mums, it’s a good idea to plan when you want to buy them to get the most out of them.

How to Care for Poinsettias

My Perspective on Poinsettias Care

Much like garden mums, I view poinsettias as a holiday plant that is meant to bloom through the holidays.

So to me, they are better for holiday decorating than they are as a houseplant.

I know several people that keep them year round and get them to re-bloom again, but I’m not one of them.

To me, I love to enjoy them during the holidays, then I’m happy to be done with them.

If I’m spending time caring for a houseplant, it’s going to be one that isn’t quite as fussy, like these.

What You Need to Know About Poinsettias Care

Do you care for poinsettias during the holiday season?

If yes, do you try to keep them going after?

I don’t because they are too high maintenance for me. I prefer houseplants that are a little less needy.

Can You Keep a Poinsettia Year After Year?

Yes it is possible to keep a poinsettia year after year.

I know people who have successfully done it.

It’s just not me!

Can I Plant My Poinsettia Outside?

If you really want to try it, wait until all danger of frost has passed.

Before you plant, cut the poinsettia back halfway.

Place in a sunny but well-drained spot that is protected from high winds.

Good luck – and let me know if it takes!

Can a Poinsettia Go Outside in Summer?

I’ve not tried this before, but you can treat it like other houseplants and see what it does.

Wait until all danger of frost has passed.

Then bring outdoors and maintain in a shady spot that received a lot of light.

Water as needed and fertilize regularly.

I would use a slow release fertilizer so I only needed to fertilize once while it’s outside.

How to Care for Poinsettias

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The Ultimate Guide to Poinsettias Care
What You Need to Know About Poinsettias Care

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