Although it has been a pretty rainy spring so far, my flower garden is starting to look beautiful! The daffodils are just about done and my tulips are starting to take over the show. Since we have been staying home, I have not visited the nursery to pick up plants. So I’m really grateful that my gardens start blooming at the first sign of spring.

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Early Spring Garden Tip

Since I live in deer country and they LOVE to eat tulips, I spray them with this deer repellent. From the moment my tulips emerge from the ground, I spray the foliage. If I don’t, deer will start to nibble on them. To teach them to stay away, I start spraying them roughly every 1-2 weeks until they bloom. Once the flower heads appear, I give them one last spray then let them be. To learn more about deer proofing your garden, click here.

Early Spring Perennial Garden
Muscari and tulips are a beautiful combination.

Because I need to spray my tulips, they are planted in the front walkway garden so I can keep an eye on them. If I planted them n the back or another garden that I don’t walk through daily this time of year, I may not watch them as closely for signs of deer damage.

Early Spring Perennial Garden
The front door wreath compliments my daffodils and completes the front entry.

In addition to spring bulb blossoms, the forget-me-nots, pansies and creeping phlox started flowering. Although I did not shop for pansies this year, the winter pansies that I planted in fall bounced back.

Early Spring Perennial Garden
I received a flat of pansies with a fresh produce order from Alstede Farms. That flat of pansies made my day because I have not been able to shop at the local nurseries and have been itching to plant something.
Early Spring Perennial Garden

My viburnum is also blooming and smells incredible right now. I love walking past it when approaching my garden from the garage. While viburnum blooms do not last long, they are worth having in the garden for that reason alone.

Early Spring Perennial Garden
Early Spring Perennial Garden
Early Spring Perennial Garden
My dogs love to tour the gardens with me. This is a rare moment I asked them to sit nicely in the garden and they actually did! LOL

One of my favorite parts of the spring garden is the front flowering crabapple tree when it flowers. Although the blooms do not last long, it is a real showstopper in my yard.

Early Spring Perennial Garden

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Early Spring Flower Garden

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