Looking for beautiful fall table setting ideas? Wait until you see this simple fall tablescape idea.

I’m already experimenting with ways to set a table for Thanksgiving and other fall dinner parties using the fall decor that I already have.

Check out this fall table setting ideas using some key pieces that will make your guests feel welcome and cozy without breaking the bank.

Why I Love Fall

For me, fall is the best time to celebrate with friends and family.

I love bringing the gatherings into my dining room and creating beautiful tablescapes for my guests.

With Thanksgiving coming up, I am starting to plan my table.

Yes, I start planning months in advance because it’s my favorite time of the year.

And I can’t wait to show you some of the ideas that I’m kicking around.

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How Can I Decorate My Fall Table?

There are lots of different ways to decorate a fall table.

For starters, it’s important to choose an autumn color palette for your home.

Whether you go with cozy fall neutrals, or a warm and bright color palette, finding that vibe will drive how to set your table.

In addition to choosing a fall color palette, what is your fall aesthetic? Are you into rustic farmhouse, industrial farmhouse, cottagecore, grand millenial?

You get what I mean.

For this fall table setting idea, I’m working with cozy neutrals with earthy greens.

And to keep things really simple, I am using all artificial fall greenery and flowers.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t also love a table set with fresh cut flowers from the garden.

Like this cozy fall harvest table idea a made for one of my supper club themes.

Simple Fall Table Setting Idea with vintage toolbox centerpiece idea for dining table, flowers and pumpkins with a black china cabinet and hutch

How to Set a Beautiful Fall Table Setting

I love entertaining and dressing up my dining room table for guests.

No matter how big or small the event is, I enjoy designing a beautiful centerpiece and setting a table that coordinates with it.

Fall Centerpiece Ideas for the Dining Room Table

I am loving this super simple centerpiece. Wait until you see what I used instead of a table runner.

Inspired by last year’s fall centerpiece idea, I used all of the same autumnal greens, florals and berries in my favorite centerpiece container for the dining room table.

The vintage toolbox.

I love this toolbox.

I found it at an antique store in Vermont for like $15. It was such a great deal!

This toolbox has gone through several seasonal looks this year.

It started with this gorgeous Thanksgiving centerpiece idea.

Then I tweaked it to make this beautiful Christmas centerpiece idea.

After the holidays, the same toolbox transitioned to this amazing winter centerpiece idea for the dining table.

Then it transitioned to spring with this centerpiece idea for the dining table. Since the florals were neutral and gorgeous enough, I kept it through summer.

And now, this same toolbox has two new looks this fall.

I made this one with pumpkins. It was super easy to make!

But here’s the design I’m using for the season.

I love those cabbage roses, don’t you?

With the fall centerpiece done, let’s decorate the dining room table.

simple fall centerpiece idea for the dining table in a farmhouse dining room with black china cabinet and hutch and farmhouse table with vintage toolbox centerpiece with faux cabbage roses - Rustic Farmhouse Fall Home Tour

Simple Fall Table Setting Ideas

Last year, I played around with a few different options for my Thanksgiving table.

I designed a rustic fall table setting idea with lots of pretty fall colors.

Then I toned it down a little and focused more on neutral florals.

But when Thanksgiving arrived, I decided to go with a wintry neutral vibe. This one was my favorite and was a huge hit with the family.

Last week, I shared a similar tablescape using a lot of the same items. You don’t have to break the bank creating different tablescapes.

Use what you have and try to mix things up.

A few key items can go a long way creating different looks.

So I tweaked a few things and achieved a whole new look.

close up of beautiful and Simple Fall Table setting idea with pumpkin, neutral dinnerware, green linen napkin rattan chargers and cedar branch placemat

For this tablescape, I kept my gorgeous wood farmhouse table exposed instead of covering it up with a table cloth.

To add some warmth, I layered this jute table runner underneath the vintage toolbox centerpiece.

I love this table runner and use it a lot in my tablescapes because it adds organic texture and dimension.

For the table settings, I layered this cedar branch placemat, rattan charger, and my everyday dishes.

Simple Fall Table Setting Idsea with vintage toolbox filled with faux cabbage roses and greens with a farmhouse table set with cedar branch placemat, rattan chargers, neutral dinnerware and pumpkins

My favorite piece is the placemats and I use them often too. Unfortunately, the aren’t available anymore, so if you like the look, swap them out for a boxwood wreath instead.

But I love the look of the greenery at each place setting because it adds a boho, garden-inspired vibe regardless of the season.

I found these gorgeous neutral fall green napkins at the Christmas Tree Shops a few weeks ago.

That green is perfect and can be used in more than just fall.

close up of moscow mule mug used in a beautiful fall tablescape idea on a farmhouse table

And how cute are these moscow mule mugs?

I love how they compliment the cute pumpkins like these that I added to top off each place setting.

They pull that color from the pumpkins pretty well too, don’t they?

Close up of fall tablescape setting idea with casual dinner plates, pumpkins, green linen napkin, rattan charger, cedar branch placemat and moscow mule mug in a Simple Fall Table Setting Ideas

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Simple Fall Table Setting Idea in a neutral farmhouse dining room with black china cabinet and hutch

Looking for more fall and Thanksgiving decor ideas? Wait until you check out these posts.

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Simple Fall Table Setting Ideas

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