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17 Simple Fall Home and Garden Ideas

Looking for simple fall home and garden ideas? Here are my favorite fall garden, home decorating, table settings, DIYs ideas…and so much more.

There is no season quite like fall.

The air is crisp, the flowers start to fade, the foliage turns and the leaves start to fall.

Oh and give me everything with a little pumpkin spice.

I started thinking about my favorite fall things like fall plantings, decorating, entertaining, pumpkins and blooms.

So today, I’m sharing 17 simple fall home and garden ideas that include my favorite fall gardening tips, decor, DIYs, and more.

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13 Simple Home and Garden Ideas

My Favorite Fall Garden Tips and Tricks

Since the temperature is still pretty hot here, it’s not quite time to start fall plantings yet.

Could I start planting stuff?


But it would be a lot more work to keep them going.

So I’ll hold off for another week or two.

While I’m waiting to get started, here are my favorite fall garden tips and ideas.

Everything You NEED TO KNOW About Mums

Garden mums are gorgeous flowers but can be a little fussy.


They never seem to last long and we either toss or replace them shortly after buying them.

In order to achieve success with them, we need to change the way we think about them.

CLICK HERE to learn the secret to keeping your mums looking fabulous

Garden Mums

3 Ways to Prepare the Flower Garden for Fall Plantings

With only a few weeks left of summer, there are things we can do to prepare the garden for gorgeous fall plantings.

It’s also a great time to stand back and reflect on the gardening season to consider changes you want o make for the following season.

CLICK HERE to see when you should stop feeding your plants

Midsummer Flowers Garden Tour

Easy Fall Garden Maintenance Tip

Once fall arrives, I get a little lazy with watering.

Do you do that too?

I’ve got a little trick to do a little less maintenance as we head into cooler fall temps.

CLICK HERE to learn how to do less in the fall garden with this simple tip

Easy Fall Garden Maintenance

Best Plants for the Fall Garden

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I’m not a huge fan of garden mums.

It doesn’t mean I won’t buy them, but I’d rather focus on other plants that do A LOT more in the garden.

CLICK HERE to see what to plant instead of mums

Best Plants for the Fall Garden

Dividing and Transplanting in the Fall Garden

Although we can divide and transplant successfully in both spring and fall, I do a majority of it in the fall.

Follow these simple steps to increasing your plant stock for free.

CLICK HERE to learn how to divide plants and why it’s best to do it in fall

Easy Houseplant Care Tips

Achieving Fall Color in the Garden with Foliage

Foliage is just as important as the flowers when adding fall color in the garden.

Follow these simple tips to get more brilliant autumn foliage and interest in your gardens.

CLICK HERE to learn how to add fall color without flowers

Oak Leaf Hydgrangea

Fall Garden Tip that Will Save You Money

Patience is a virtue.

No truer words have ever been spoken when it comes to gardening.

Sometimes we need patience for good things to happen.

CLICK HERE to learn how to buy plants for half price

Planting Next Year’s Garden in Fall

While the best time to plant is in spring or fall, I prefer to do a majority of my plantings in the fall.

There is a way to do it so you can do less work AND spend less money.

And who doesn’t want that?

CLICK HERE to learn about the best time to plant new stock

Planting Next Year's Garden in Fall

My Favorite Simple Fall Decorating and Table Setting Ideas

How to Decorate for Almost Fall

Now that we are getting back into a routine, I’m almost ready to start decorating for fall. I even went as far as to take the bins down from the attic.

I opened  and thought to myself, “it’s too early.”

So I put the bin back upstairs.

Because it’s still feeling a bit like summer, I’m going to start getting the house ready for fall decorating instead.

CLICK HERE to see how to transition from summer to fall with these simple decorating tips

How to Decorate for Almost Fall

Fall Decorating Ideas

When I start decorating for fall, I seek inspiration from the garden and run with a color palette that is garden-inspired.

Oftentimes, it’s found in new plantings I add to the beds.

Since it’s a little too hot here to start fall plantings yet, I’m not sure how I’m decorating yet.

But I LOVED my rust-colored palette from last year.

CLICK HERE to see how to decorate with faux fall florals

13 Simple Fall Home and Garden Ideas

Centerpiece Ideas for Every Season

I’m a HUUUUGE fan of centerpieces and love to make them with either faux florals, real plants, or both.

To save money on florals, I think ahead to how I can use the same centerpiece through the seasons without changing the whole thing.

CLICK HERE to see how to make a centerpiece that you can transform seasonally

Centerpiece Ideas for Every Season

How to Decorate for Fall and Christmas

Are you Team Fall or Team Christmas?

Can I be both?

I entertain the family on Thanksgiving so I prefer to keep a lot of my fall decor out.

Last year, I found a way to decorate for both and the result is amazing!

CLICK HERE to see my fall decorating tip so you can have the best of both worlds

How to Blend Fall With Christmas to Decorate Before Thanksgiving

My Favorite Ways to Set a Fall Table

I entertained quite a bit last fall. From dinners with friends to celebrate birthdays and holidays with family, we did a lot of celebrating.

While we might be scaled back a bit from our celebrations this year, it’s still fun to set a pretty table and make a meal special for our loved ones.

Here are some of my favorite ways to set a fall table.

How to Make a Table Bigger for Extra Seating

I am NOT a fan of using folding tables when I host family gatherings.

The tables are all different heights, widths, and lengths.

They wobble. And it never looks quite right.

CLICK HERE for the awesome DIY to ditch the folding tables at your next family gathering

15 Simple Fall Home and Garden Ideas

2 Neutral Fall Tablescape Ideas

CLICK HERE to see how to decorate a fall table with neutral pumpkins, florals and greens

Neutral Fall Tablescape Idea

Rustic Fall Tablescape Idea

CLICK HERE to see how to set a fall table using fall colors and rustic decor

Rustic Fall Tablescape Idea

Fall Tablescape Idea

CLICK HERE to see what inexpensive item I used to create this pretty fall dining table

Fall Tablescape Idea

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17 Simple Home and Garden Ideas

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