I love a beautiful centerpiece that exudes the spirit of the season. Most of you know how much I love greens and florals, so it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that I would want a centerpiece that warms up the room, adds some personality and lends a seasonal vibe.

The key to having a centerpiece that you can use throughout the seasons is to pick up a few supplies and swap some out seasonally. I suggest picking up:

  • container or vessel that you love
  • floral foam
  • bunches of greens
  • sprigs of greens
  • bunches of florals (neutrals are easier to transition through the season)
  • berry sprigs

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Choosing the Right Container For a Centerpiece

When designing any centerpiece, the first thing to consider is the vessel you want to use to house it all. Do you love metal? Baskets? Glass? Dough Bowl? There are lots of options out there so don’t limit yourself. Use what you love and start there.

For me, I LOVE this metal lattice planter. It has a vintage vibe with lots of texture and dimension. This planter looks beautiful with pretty much everything I’ve put in it, so this is my year round container.

How to Style Shelves

Choosing Faux Greens

When I shop for faux greens, I look for ones that look authentic and real. They should not look like plastic or off-color of what a plant would really look like. It is easy to spot a fake when the colors and foliage don’t look close to what we would find in nature. So be judicious when you are shopping.

There are a few ways greens are sold: as bunches or as sprigs/stems. I try to pick up both because each has different uses. I typically use bunches of greens as a base in containers and sprigs/stems as filler.

In this centerpiece, the base is made up of two bunches of greens. I could not tell you what kind of plant they are suppose to be because I am not well versed with varieties of houseplants, but boy does it look real! The foliage is a flat finish with different hues of green and looks like it has both new and old foliage. From a short distance, it’s really hard to tell it’s faux!

The container with just these greens makes a great base and I could leave it as is. When I am transitioning from season to season, I just tuck in the seasonal items and there’s my centerpiece.

If you want to anchor the greens and florals, consider using floral foam. I did not use any in this centerpiece because the bunches of greens do a really good job anchoring everything.

Centerpiece Ideas for Every Season

How to Style Shelves

Choosing Florals, Berries and Other Fillers

When planting any vessel, it’s important to think about the thriller, spiller and filler theory of container design. To learn more about it, check out my blog on Container Gardens.

With this theory in mind, the green bunches are airy enough to spill over the top of the container and act as a filler. Because there are loops at the top of this planter, I fluffed some of the greens to flow a little more naturally over and through the edges.

If you are starting from scratch, stop by your favorite store that sells faux florals and pick up a few supplies. Look for items that mirror what you would find in nature or at a nursery.

When shopping for new stuff, I go early in the season to grab the good stuff before they sell out, but you can also wait until the end of the season where you might find incredible sales on whatever is left.

faux floral centerpiece
To see more ways that I used these gorgeous cabbage roses, see my blog about Neutral Fall Tablescape Ideas.

Faux Florals

I look for floral bunches that have a big impact, such as the beautiful rust-colored roses or creamy cabbage roses you’ve seen me use a lot lately. While both are perfect for fall, the cabbage roses are neutral enough to use in spring.

Both of these are sold in bunches, so I just tucked three bunches of each in this vessel. The greens hold them in place pretty well so I don’t need to use floral foam. Be sure to fluff them out so they look natural in the vessel. Most bunches look very tight and rigid so – it’s bend and move them around to make them look more natural.

Centerpiece Ideas for Every Season
We could leave this centerpiece as is, but it looks a little unfinished to me. I like to tuck in berry sprigs to add more texture and dimension.

Faux Berries and Other Natural Elements

To add more texture, dimension and interest, I love to tuck in berries, small twigs or some other type of natural element. If I am using sprigs or stems, I typically pick up 5-9 sprigs of the same set and then tuck them in around the container. Fluff these out as well – don’t leave them in the straight form they arrive in.

Centerpiece Ideas for Every Season

With the holidays approaching, I may swap in some faux red roses or white faux poinsettias, add some berries and tuck in a few evergreen sprigs that I have.

And that’s it! To watch how I created this centerpiece, check out my latest IGTV video here.

Centerpiece Ideas for Every Season

Centerpiece Ideas for Every Season

Fall Decorating Ideas
This is the same centerpiece but has different florals. The berries and greens are the same. To see more of how I used these florals, see Fall Decorating Ideas.

What Do You Think?

I love beautiful centerpieces and hope these centerpiece ideas inspire you to create something special for your home! I’ve been swapping different centerpieces out for years and finally settled on this one vessel that I design a few ways depending on the season. It is great to have that versatility and allows for an instant decor change.

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faux floral centerpiece with faux berries and greenery in a rustic metal container with a black farmhouse china cabinet in the background

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