Looking for ways to decorate a table for fall? Wait until you see this easy fall tablescape idea that is set in my outdoor dining space.

As the days get shorter and we move further into fall, the temps cool down, the fabrics we wear get heavier and autumnal colors to brighten the landscape.

When hosting a fall dinner party or gathering, I love to incorporate these elements into my designs.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know how much I love a pretty table set with cozy linens, flowers, and lots of mood lighting.

As we head into fall, I’m all about decorating with plaids.

Do you love a pretty plaid too?

Wait until you see how to make this easy fall tablescape idea inspired by plaid!

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How to Make This Easy Plaid Fall Tablescape Idea

Entertaining does not need to be a huge fuss.

Grab things you have laying around and make intentional purchases when you shop around.

Where to Find Table Decor for Dinner Parties

This tablescape idea was fairly easy to create using things I have.

I want to give you some ideas of how to decorate your home using items you already have instead of purchasing new decor.

Think outside the box, shuffle things around and use them in other ways.

Simple Centerpiece Idea for the Fall Table

So for example, the centerpiece I used in this tablescape comes from the dining room.

For a quick fall centerpiece that I didn’t have to spend a dime on, I just moved it from inside to the outdoor dining table and voilà! A festive centerpiece is born.

Setting a Cozy Table for Fall

I also frequently use my fine china as well as my everyday dishes when I host events because they are all neutral and can be dressed up or down.

Because I don’t have a lot of storage space for dishware beyond that, I prefer to work with what I already have and add seasonal table decor to create a cozy and welcoming vibe.

When I shop the big box stores like Homegoods, Marshalls, etc., I try to pick things up on sale that I know I can use throughout the year.

Like these galvanized steel chargers I found at Homegoods.

Fall Tablescape Idea

I can use them any time of year and they make my Lenox feel a little more casual.

In addition to things like chargers, I also LOVE to collect linen napkins.

You can never have too many really.

They can be found in the discount stores for a steal, so grab colors you like and want to decorate with.

If you pick up a few staples, you can mix and match them for any season.

Fall Tablescape Idea

When I posted one of these photos on my Instagram and Facebook feeds, I was asked a few times about the pumpkins I used because they look like freshly baked bread.

To those that mentioned it, thank you for that wonderful comment! I’m good…but I’m not that good!

I’ve been collecting these pumpkins for my indoor decor for the last few years from Morris County Farms.

The funny thing is I didn’t even realize they looked like bread until you pointed it out to me!

I just thought they coordinated well with the rust-colored roses and tablecloth!

Fall Tablescape Idea

Creating this Simple Plaid Fall Tablescape

I usually leave my wood tables exposed, but for this tablescape idea, I wanted to create a warm, layered look.

To start, I used a neutral off-white tablecloth.

Since I wanted a layered look but don’t have any plaid tablecloths, I used this fall scarf that I had.

Yes…that is a fall scarf that I wear and you can find a similar one here for under $15.

Simple Plaid Fall Tablescape Idea

Once the table was set, I added the centerpiece from my dining room and these two brass candlesticks that I picked up from Facebook Marketplace for like $3.

They weren’t in the best shape so I spray painted them with this oil rubbed bronze paint.

For each table setting, I started with Cedar Branch Placemat that I use in almost every tablescape I create.

You guys, I love these!!!

Fall Tablescape Idea

Next, I decided to use my galvanized steel chargers to play off my centerpiece and dress down my Lenox.

On top, I added a neutral Lenox dinner plate, folded linen napkin, a Lenox salad plate, and the pumpkins I mentioned earlier.

As a final touch, I added my Lenox wine goblets.

They add casual elegance and I love how the gold rim plays off the pumpkins and plaid scarf.

Fall Tablescape Idea

What Do You Think?

Are you hosting any dinner parties this fall?

I hope this tablescape idea inspires you to create something special for your guests!

Don’t have much decor to work with?

Consider purchasing a few staples that you can use in multiple seasons instead of only one.

How do you like to set your tables?

Send me pics of your designs or let me know what you think in the comments here. 

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simple plaid fall tablescape with faux flower centerpiece and pumpkins
Fall Tablescape Idea

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Enjoy a beautiful day! xo

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