Looking for ways to transition your home decor from summer to fall without going full on pumpkins and gourds? Learn how to decorate a living room for almost fall with these simple tips.

While it is almost August, I’m looking out the window and watching the leaves fall in my backyard here in New Jersey.

Is it that time already?

I guess it is!

You know that time of year when you want to decorate for fall but don’t want to let go of summer quite yet?

We don’t have to go full on pumpkins, gourds, and garden mums yet to create a cozier home that feels like almost fall.

Follow these tips to learn how to decorate a living room for almost autumm with these simple to do almost fall decorating ideas.

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How to Decorate a Living Room for Almost Fall

To transition from summer to fall, I like to minimize my decor to prepare for the changing season.

This is the time when I gather all my summer decor, pack it away and start pulling out decor that has a neutral organic texture.

black china cabinet and hutch in rustic farmhouse dining room -How to Decorate for Almost Fall
Shelf styling tip: layer decor to add depth and create a cozy vibe.

Create a Cozy Vibe

The key to creating a cozy home is to decorate in cozy layers.

When we decorate in a linear and flat fashion, there is no depth and the space feels boring and static.

Pick a room, step back, and look at your base layer.

Base layers are the big-ticket items we own like sofas, chairs, tables, shelves, etc. 

To breathe life into a space and create a cozy vibe, add layers to your big-ticket items using color and texture.

There are lots of ways to achieve this and you don’t have to go out and buy all new stuff.

Dig through what you have and start arranging things.

It might take some time to come up with the right formula that works for you, but you will get there.

neutral fall living room with dark leather couches, white pillows and cozy fall decorHow to Decorate for Almost Fall
Cozy neutral rustic farmhouse living room

Add Neutrals

During seasonal transitions, I prefer to start with a clean, neutral color palette so that when I’m ready, I can tuck in seasonal decor.

One of the first things I like to do is switch to neutral pillows and blankets.

I remove all of my pillows or pillow covers and only use neutral tones with varying textures.

As we move into fall, I’ll incorporate fall-inspired pillow covers and blankets to create a fall vibe.

If I have neutral decor items, I’ll move them around until they settle in just the right spot.

Since my decorating style is garden-inspired rustic farmhouse, most of my decor is made up of some sort of organic element that works well in more than just one season.

How to Decorate for Almost Fall

Add Plants and Flowers

Whether you go with live or faux, nothing cozies up a space like plants and flowers.

I tuck greens and flowers in everywhere throughout the year.

Both faux and live greenery softens hard lines and breathes life into otherwise dull spaces.

They are especially helpful during seasonal transitions because they make a great filler and provide a base layer to tuck in fall decor and florals.

Since I live in New Jersey where we experience a change in season, nature is my guide with respect to how to decorate.

In spring and summer, the greens are more true and vibrant.

How to Decorate for Almost Fall

As we move through fall, they start to mute. As we move into fall, I’ll follow nature and swap out bright greens for more muted earth tones with a warm autumn color palette.

But for this refresh, I am simplifying my summer decor to just the greens.

In another month, my houseplants will return from their summer vacation on my deck.

When I bring them inside, they help “liven” things up, clean the air and boost the mood throughout the colder months.

Click here for tips on how to care for and keep your houseplants alive.

How to Decorate for Almost Fall

How to Make a Simple Transition to Fall

When the time feels right to decorate for fall, my neutral base is there and ready for autumnal touches.

I like working with a green, neutral base because it makes it so much easier (and less expensive) to decorate both during and in-between seasons.

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How to Decorate for Almost Fall

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  1. I think the trees are reacting to hot, dry weather. My birch has been dropping leaves like crazy but with our last two weeks with bouts of heavy rain, it has recouped. Branches higher, less yellowing.
    The trees and I are looking forward to cooler temps!

    1. You are probably right – it’s way too early for falling leaves. We have not had a good soaking rain here in so long!

  2. NO NO NO not yet. I can’t even think about cozy things. My leaves are falling because of lack of rain.

  3. Great tips, Stacy! Also, I can’t believe leaves are falling already. That’s craziness right there! Here in NC we’re a long ways off from fools fall, second summer, almost fall, third summer, and then finally fall! 😆😆😆 Enjoy these last days of summer, and can’t wait to see how you decorate your new space for fall this year!!

    1. I think they’re coming down bc of stress with the heat and drought but it’s so close to the leaves starting to drop it looks like fall!