How to Make a Dining Table Bigger For Extra Seating

Looking for ways to make a dining table bigger for extra seating? Wait until you see how we made our dining table bigger and ditched the folding tables for good!

Do you need to add a folding table or two in order to accommodate more dinner guests during the holidays?

We always need more room than our dining table can comfortably fit during the holidays so we came up with a solution that solves this problem and enables us to still host a large sit-down dinner without using them.

If you or your spouse are handy, this weekend project is for you!

Why We Made a Dining Table Top

Every year, we host Thanksgiving dinner and I love to set a beautiful fall table for sit-down meals.

We frequently have a few extra guests than our dining room table accommodates so we usually grab a few folding tables to fit the extras.

It bothers me that the tables sit at different heights and widths, the extra table legs get in the way, the tables feel weak and never quite look right.

Through the years, I’ve worked with the challenges but have not loved result.

Last year we were hosting fourteen adult guests, which is two more than my table accommodates.

Since one of our folding tables needed to be replaced, we searched online for new ones.

We could not find anything close to what we were looking for, so we searched for alternatives but came up short.

Talking through our needs and wants, we came up with a weekend project that helped us scrap the folding tables yet enabled us to comfortably seat more than twelve guests.

Wait until you see how it all came together!

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Build Your Own Tabletop
My 2018 Thanksgiving Table accommodated fourteen guests comfortably with this tabletop. The table is longer and wider than my existing table with the leaves installed.

Make Your Table Bigger with a DIY Table Top

To add additional seating without using folding tables, we decided to build a custom-size tabletop that would sit on our existing table.

From start to finish, this project took a weekend to complete because you need time to run to your favorite home improvement store, pick up supplies, build it and let it dry.

Last year, we constructed this the weekend before Thanksgiving and it was ready to go by Thursday’s festivities.

Measure the Table and Room Size

Before getting started, the first thing to consider is how you want to design your table.

My existing table with the leaves comfortably fits 12 guests, but I usually need space for 13-15 adults during holiday dinners.

Therefore, I wanted to create more of a square, than a rectangular shape to accommodate more guests on the ends of the table.

We measured our table with the leaves installed and considered the overall size of our dining room.

To ensure mobility, we also considered the space needed for people to move around the table.

When discussing what materials would be best for this project, we ruled out a 4’x8′ sheet of plywood because it is too small for our table.

But if that size and shape work for what you need, go for it because it would be much less work than our design.

Measuring length and width of the existing dining room table.

After measuring our table, we determined we wanted a tabletop that is 5’x9′.

For this project, we opted to use pre-weathered shiplap boards because it gave us the option to custom-size the tabletop and would look good if we left it exposed instead of covering it up with a tablecloth.

There are other options to shiplap so feel free to substitute if you prefer a different material.

Measuring the table for desired size. We adjusted the tape measure to see what our dining room could accommodate so guests can still move around the finished table with ease.


  • Pre-weathered shiplap boards (the amount you buy will depend on the overall size of your finished tabletop – we used 12)
  • (4) 1″x4″ to screw the shiplap boards together and provide support
  • Wood glue
  • Sheetrock Screws
  • Screwgun
  • Saw
  • Measuring Tape
Build Your Own Tabletop

Notice where the 1×4’s are placed.

The inside two sit just outside the measurements of my existing dining table so it can sit on top without damaging the table.

The outside two sit a few inches from the edge to provide additional support.

Be sure to leave it about an inch or two shy of the ends so you don’t see the 1×4’s when the table is exposed.

Building the Tabletop

  • First, cut the shiplap to the desired length.
  • Then, cut each 1×4 to size to meet the width of the finished table top but leave an inch or two from the ends (see photo above). The inner 1x4s should line up with the outside of the existing table that it will sit on so it does not move when it is resting on top. The reason we left it a few inches shy of extending to the very edge of the tabletop is so the 1×4’s could not be seen from the sides.
  • Lay each shiplap board loosely next to each other face down on the ground (so the tabletop is facing down).
  • Then lay each 1×4 across in the place where they will get screwed in. Place them perpendicular to the shiplap boards (see photo above). The 1×4’s will help secure the shiplap and provide support.
  • Set (2) 1×4’s just outside the length of your existing dining room table so the tabletop will snuggly rest on top of your existing table without budging. Then set the other two a few inches away from the edge so the table ends have additional support when finished.
  • Screw the 1×4 to the first shiplap board, then apply glue in the groove so you can lock the next piece of shiplap into place.
  • Repeat this process until you are done securing and gluing all of the boards together.
  • Weight down any areas that start to bow so it dries flat. We used full paint cans but anything that has weight can be used.
  • Allow the glue to fully dry before moving and using.
Build Your Own Tabletop
My husband is finished assembling and weighted down some of the areas that were bowing so it would dry flat.

Using the Tabletop

Before laying the tabletop on top of my existing dining table, we first covered it with a table cloth so the tabletop would not scratch or otherwise damage the table.

I chose to cover the tabletop for Thanksgiving instead of leaving it exposed.

Since most tablecloths do not come in the size we needed, I picked up one drop cloth instead.

The drop cloth was the perfect color and size to cover our new tabletop.

Build Your Own Tabletop
The finished tabletop when we set it on top of the dining room table. This tabletop can be finished but we left it as is.

How the DIY Dining Table Top Has Held Up

We are really happy with result and the dining table top works really well.

There was so much more space at the dining table for guests and food. Everyone had plenty of leg room to sit comfortably.

And having one large dining table instead of several smaller tables at varying heights was much sturdier and easier to decorate too!

It is a large piece when finished and somewhat heavy, so you will need a place to store it and two people to move it around.

My husband and I were able to move ours pretty easily.

We lean it upright against the wall in our garage and take it out when needed.

But it can easily store in an attic or basement too.

To see more photos of this tabletop in action, see Thanksgiving Tablescape Idea.

Build Your Own Tabletop

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  1. Awesome idea!!! That way no one feels left out. I do have a question, have you had any problems with someone putting too much weight on one side of the table and the other side tipping up?

    1. Thank you Crystal! No – It’s worked out really well and I love the square configuration so much more than the rectangular dining table for bigger gatherings. xoxo

  2. Hi Stacy – Love the idea of enlarging the table and making people feel comfortable.
    I wish you and your family a wonderful blessed Thanksgiving as we all have so much to be thankful for. You are a blessing to all of us who read your blog.

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