Looking for ways to enjoy the garden this fall without creating more work for yourself? Wait until you hear this fall garden tip.

It’s been a warm, dry week here, so I did not visit the nursery to buy any more fall garden plants yet.

At this point in the growing season, I’m feeling emotionally done watering every day and don’t want to coddle anything anymore.

I want some assistance from Mother Nature.

Recognizing that’s my approach to gardening right now, I won’t add new plants until I see slightly cooler temps and some rain in the forecast. 

Since new plants need help establishing, it’s important to pay attention to the weather before shopping.

If like me, you do not want to spend time coddling plants, hold off purchasing them until the temps cool down a little more and there is some rain in the forecast.

I’m not saying I won’t take care of my gardens at all, but I recognize how much work I want to do and plan accordingly.

Since I know I don’t want to water every day anymore it’s a waste to purchase plants now, not provide the level of care needed, watch them dry out, and fail to recover.

Thus, if we want to have success with plants AND do a little less work in the garden, it’s important to watch the weather before we visit the nursery.

New plants need help acclimating and we should be cognizant of both plant needs as well as the amount of work we want to do.

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Easy Fall Garden Maintenance Tip

Front Yard Cottage Garden in Fall

With the weather being warm and dry this week, I’ve had to break down and water the Asters and Ornamental Grasses I planted a few weeks ago or risk losing them.

And we don’t want that!

The spring annuals that were planted in the beds are pretty well established and don’t require much maintenance at all.

While they looked good during the summer, they are looking really full and beautiful right now after the hot summer.

Easy Fall Garden Maintenance Tip
Fall Flower Garden Ideas
Easy Fall Garden Maintenance Tip
Easy Fall Garden Maintenance Tip
Easy Fall Garden Maintenance Tip
Easy Fall Garden Maintenance Tip

Fall Garden Flowers by the Well

I need to do a little work in this garden because it looks very off-balance to me.

Now that the plants are starting to die back, I need to step back and reassess what’s working, what’s not and start planning how to fix it.

Aside from wanting to make some changes in this bed, the Zebra Grass is doing quite well.

I love the blades of grass and their plumes!

When I’m out for a run and approach my house, I love seeing it move in the breeze.

Smoketree foliage is starting to turn.

I love how it anchors Zebra Grass and some of the other plants in this border.

Caryopteris is done blooming for the season while the Callicarpa berries are still doing their thing.

Have I mentioned how much I love that shrub?

It’s so pretty!

Easy Fall Garden Maintenance Tip
Easy Fall Garden Maintenance

Mailbox Garden

The Mailbox Garden looks so good right now.

I am so happy I moved some Sedum Autumn Joy to this bed and love how they flank the mailbox.

I want to tuck some Pansies and a few pumpkins in, but until I see some rain, I’m not purchasing anything.

This garden is not near a water source and is a pain to water.

New plants dry out here all the time.

So timing is everything where planting is concerned!

Easy Fall Garden Maintenance Tip
Easy Fall Garden Maintenance
Easy Fall Garden Maintenance

Backyard Gardens

My backyard container gardens are starting to finish up and some of the plants are dying back.

I probably should water them more, but again, I’m kind of letting them go at this point.

Since they are starting to die back, I’m going to lift out the Caladiums in the next week or so.

Caladiums are tender here so they need to be dug out and stored in a cool dry place for the winter.

I will keep them outside a bit longer but will tackle this task within the next week or two.

Easy Fall Garden Maintenance Tip
Joe Pye Weed
Joe Pye Weed is done blooming, but the dried flower heads continue to add fall interest.
Easy Fall Garden Maintenance Tip
Easy Fall Garden Maintenance Tip
Easy Fall Garden Maintenance
Japanese Anemone
Outdoor Dining Ideas
Easy Fall Garden Maintenance Tip

What Do You Think?

Have you bought any fall plants yet for the garden?

I am chomping at the bit to pick up some newbies but the weather forecast is holding me back.

Praying for some rain in the next week!

If not, I may reassess what I’m doing.

What was your favorite garden this week?

I would love to know – let me know what you think in the comments here. 

Easy Fall Garden Maintenance Tip

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Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this week’s garden tour and appreciate you joining me!

If you missed a few tours or want to see how the garden has progressed during the growing season, you can see them here:

Thank you so much for following along.

Enjoy a beautiful day! xo

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  1. I cannot pick a favorite garden. Your entire garden is looking beautiful right into the fall season. We also have high temps and no rain. It’s a real challenge to keep everything looking good.