Step into a wonderland of festive inspiration with my charming Christmas home tour, featuring rustic elegance and vintage decorations.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year when we are traveling from home to home to see lots of beautiful Christmas decorations that are certain to inspire.

Step into a world where nostalgia and timeless elegance intertwine, welcoming you to a vintage Christmas wonderland.

With the arrival of the holiday season, my home has transformed into a sanctuary of rustic elegance, adorned with vintage Christmas decorations that evoke cherished memories of yesteryears.

So join me on an inspiring journey through the cozy nooks and enchanting corners of my home, where every room tells a story and is adorned with the allure of rustic elegance and vintage charm.

Grab a cozy cup of tea, coffee…or whatever you want…and let’s tour my holiday home!

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vintage gold bells and christmas greenery close up

Welcome to My Vintage Farmhouse!

Our home is an 1850 farmhouse located in the rolling hills of Somerset County, New Jersey. We’ve got sprawling 10 acres filled with garden rooms, outdoor living spaces, and incredible flower gardens that you have to see to believe!

In case you want to see how gorgeous the plants and flowers are here, you can see them in these posts.

But I also share weekly pics of the gardens in my Sunday updates here too. (Subscribe here so you don’t miss out on the gardening inspo!)

farmhouse porch decorating ideas for christmas with fresh green wreaths and christmas greenery in black urns on front steps with mustard colored doors
Farmhouse front porch Christmas 2022
outdoor porch planter for winter with cedar branches, pine, white pine, variegated boxwood, magnolia leaves, red berries and oversized pine cone in large black urn

Front Porch Christmas 2023

The first stop in my house tour is the front porch, which is one of my favorite places to enjoy views of the front yard gardens.

It just started getting colder here, so I held off cutting fresh Christmas greenery from the gardens to make my winter front porch planters like I’ve done in the past. I will be doing them soon, but waiting until December to get started so they last through February.

For now, I tucked some faux greenery in my vintage copper boiling pot that I found thrifting and some boho planters until I get started.

To jazz up the porch swing, I added a faux cedar garland with lights to cozy up the chains on the swing with these red and black buffalo check and Christmas pillows.

I also added an outdoor area rug that looks SO PRETTY with the greenery and that abelia in the back of the garden.

Doesn’t it look so festive?

front porch swing decorated for Christmas with festive Christmas greenery, red cascade area rug from Well Woven and thrift store flips planters
Front Porch Swing in Winter

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front entry hall christmas tree 2023

Farmhouse Decor Ideas in the Front Entry Hall

As we enter the home from my porch, we see the front entry hall with these gorgeous French doors that lead to the dining room.

The foyer went through quite a transformation after we moved in two years ago. You can see the before and after front entry makeover project here.

Anyway, we’ve been thrifting around looking for storage pieces to furnish this space on a budget. It sits adjacent to the dining room, so I figured it is a great place to store table decor.

And so far, we found some great deals!

rustic elegant christmas decor in vintage front entryway

Vintage Decor in the Foyer

This is one of the vintage decor storage pieces I found while thrifting. Isn’t it so cool? I love all those details in the wood. It’s a pretty large piece too so I decided to use it by the French doors and staircase that sits just off the dining room.

I also found those frames while thrifting too. They were both wood that was a little dark and heavy for the space. So I used Rub ‘n Buff on them to give them a quick makeover. The smaller frame was like $.50 so these were a great deal!

Another GORGEOUS storage piece I found thrifting was recently relocated to this small vestibule that sits off the front entry hall.

There’s actually a small bathroom to the right and a hall closet on the left. That beautiful storage piece fits like a glove in this space. And it has a marble countertop. I love how it looks under the oval window with the painted wood inlay floor too.

christmas house decorations in the foyer with a rustic elegant style

Wood Flooring With Painted Inlays

The wood floors have a painted inlay, so it’s tough not to compete with them when looking for the right area rug. I’m still learning but so far I’m loving my latest area rug find. I may ultimately move this one to the library, but for now, it’s staying here.

More Budget-Friendly Decorating Ideas

After painting this room, I wanted to fill some of the empty wall space with things I already had. So I grabbed some old black wood frames and gave them a makeover that vibes better with the space.

This vintage print gallery wall was so easy to do. I originally made these frames to decorate my other dining room.

And since I wanted to use them here, I used a little Rub ‘n Buff and totally changed the look in under an hour.

Last year, I found this beautiful wood frame with a not-so-pretty painting inside. I recently found this beautiful Tree of Life print that looks AMAZING in it instead and looks so pretty with my Christmas decorations, don’t you think?

Oh, and I still get asked a lot about how my painted piano is holding up, particularly after the move. And the answer is…

GREAT! I still have no regrets about painting it.

flocked christmas tree in front entry hall with arched doorway
close up of flocked christmas tree decorations in the foyer

Vintage Christmas Decorations in the Front Entry Hall

For Christmas, I decided to go with a natural neutral vibe using gold leaf branches, glittery whirls, and these incredible real-touch poinsettias that I found at a local garden nursery.

I added a garland with white Christmas lights, pinecones, white berry picks, gold berry sprays, and the same gold leaf branches and glittery whirls to move the look around the room so it all flows.

My King of Christmas King Flock Tree is in this space and is decorated with the same vibe. I LOVE how it turned out, don’t you?

One of the reasons I wanted to keep this room pretty neutral is it flows into the dining room that is also decorated with a natural, neutral aesthetic.

Speaking of my flocked tree, do you see the tree skirt beneath the gold tree collar? My niece crocheted that for me. I love how the dainty ruffles add a feminine, vintage touch to the tree.

close up of flocked tree with crocheted tree skirt

To help make the xmas tree look fuller, I waterfalled two different kinds of ribbon that I found at the local garden nursery. One is really thick and large with a lot of gold detail and the other is simply gold.

To decorate the tree, I chose a bunch of gold, bronze, and glitter ornaments to add more texture to the tree. Plus I used those same gold branches, glitter whirls and gold berry sprays.

In case you want to achieve the same look, you can shop my Amazon Storefront here and I also curated a list of rustic elegant decor here. .

I usually decorate the foyer with my indoor plants but also mix in a few faux plants and flowers among my real ones to keep it looking seasonal, lush, and green year-round.

front entry hall christmas tree 2023

My Vintage Farmhouse Dining Room for the Holidays

Since we are almost in the dining room from the front entry hall, let’s go in! We did SO MUCH work in here after we first moved in and the transformation is pretty amazing.

The walls used to have padded fabric that was full of dust and the ceiling was textured with lots of painted details.

Some of the details were really pretty and extremely well done, but it took away from this gorgeous crystal chandelier. We pulled the fabric down, repaired the walls, and painted over all of the faux finishes.

Both the walls and trim were both painted with Benjamin Moore Linen White that brought the room to neutral. Someday, I’d love to add some beautiful moldings and maybe a neutral wallpaper above it.

I love this room now because the eye focuses less on the ceiling and more on the pretty details and that crystal chandelier.


That glamorous crystal chandelier is the shining star of the room. I mean, it stops me in my tracks every time I walk by!

I also have my oversized black china cabinet and hutch in this space on one wall. It soaks up the entire wall for the most part.

Last year, I decorated with a few slim flocked trees with lights on the sides for Christmas to spruce things up. But this year, I decided to skip that and leave my snake plants there instead.

The opposite wall was pretty blank and I’d been searching for the right piece to fit there. We need the circulation around the dining table so a larger storage piece would overwhelm the spot.

vintage farmhouse dining room decorated for Christmas with rustic elegance and touches of gold and neutral plaid

Christmas Decorating in the Dining Room

While out thrifting, I found this old mantel, refinished it a few times until I got it right, and decorated it for the holidays.

Last year, it had more of a simple look, but this year? I went all in on rustic elegant tucking in the same glittery whirls from the front entry hall, pinecones, flameless candles in vintage candlesticks and these cute clip on candles too.

It adds some texture to the room with a little sparkle from the vintage mirror above it and the Christmas mantel decor.

The dining table has a relaxed look with this gorgeous rustic elegant Christmas centerpiece and neutral plaid tablecloth.

To keep things looking neutral, I focused on greens, ivory, and gold for the table decor and loved how it turned out. It’s cozy, pretty, and welcoming for guests.

The table is set with a gorgeous linen tablecloth, gold chargers, lenox dinner plates, and gold flatware that is tied with twine and fresh sage from my garden,

I added some beautiful amber wine goblets for a vintage touch. Plus, I love to mix different types of tableware for a unique look.

These vintage candle holders with flameless taper candles add a soft warm glow with minimal effort because they are setn and forget. I use them ALL THE TIME in every tablescape I design. They are so versatile and look good with any decorating style. So they are worth having them if you are looking for something that you can use for different seasons.

Christmas mantel in the dining room decorated with rustic elegance with touches of gold, christmas greenery and twinkle lights
Christmas dining room decorated with rustic elegant christmas tablescape and a crystal chandelier

Vintage Christmas Decorations in the Living Room

The living room has not had a makeover yet and it is finally getting one this winter. Our living room has Venetian plaster walls, painted inlay wood floors, and a very detailed hand-painted design on the ceiling.

Although it’s not my style, the artistry is pretty amazing and I’m not sure I want to paint over it all just yet if there’s a way to keep some of it. We’ve decided to paint over the ceiling first and repaint the trim with Benjamin Moore Linen White but leave the walls as they are. I may or may not keep that.

So the spring home tour of this space will be pretty interesting because it will look much different then!

But overall we love the formal living room. It feels warm and inviting. My plants love it in here, and it’s a great place to sit down with guests when they visit or enjoy a cozy.

formal living room in vintage farmhouse decorated for Christmas with rustic elegance and cozy aesthetic
cozy fireplace in the formal living of vintage farmhouse that is decorated for christmas with rustic elegance

I upgraded the rug, bought a new coffee table, added that vintage floral art, and incorporated some cozy throw pillows last spring that I am using here for fall.

So no, I am not swapping out my pillows for spring and fall this year. The mix-and-match patterns work so well that I don’t feel like I need to.

However, I removed a few and added a few plaid pillows that would help sprinkle a little red around the room in a more subtle way that works well with my rustic elegant aesthetic.

Speaking of the rug, I LOVE the earth tones in it. It has lots of pretty neutral olive tones, charcoal, and some earthy browns. The details are really beautiful and it helps pull the room together.

For Christmas, I added some cozy green plaid throw blankets, my gorgeous 7.5 Foot Royal Fir King of Christmas Tree that is decorated with a rustic farmhouse aesthetic and touches of red.

cozy Christmas pillows in formal living room on dark leather sofas with green and red plaid
Rustic Farmhouse christmas tree in the formal living room

Family Room Vintage Christmas Decorations

We completely renovated the family room with a few cans of paint. The walls were painted with Benjamin Moore Linen White and the room looks much bigger and brighter than it did before the renovation.

Do you remember what the family room looked like before?

The former homeowners had huge plantation shutters on every window that we removed shortly after moving in. They were really beautiful but we took them down anyway. The slats didn’t stay open and they took away from the beautiful gardens outside and closed the room.

And you know how much I love the gardens, so we took those down in an afternoon and have not regretted it since.

Last fall, I divided several perennials and planted up the back garden behind the family room, and love seeing it when I’m in this room.

family room in vintage farmhouse decorated for Christmas with rustic elegance and vintage decor
neutral throw pillows for farmhouse christmas decor
family room of farmhouse decorated for christmas with vintage decor and rustic elegance

Decorating for Christmas in the Family Room

To spruce up the family room for Christmas, I added some neutral pillows with more of a lodge aesthetic, some cozy blankets, and some real-touch Norfolk Pine mini trees in vintage crocks.

I found these gorgeous arched wood wall decor that really completes the look over my new console table.

Because I’ve got a huge built-in that encompasses the wall in this room, I bought two of each to balance out the space.

My indoor plants line the window wall so they can get a lot of light. I brought them in so you can see where they’ll be when we get our first frost this fall.

Right now, they enjoy their porch living time, so I’ll be moving them back outside to enjoy the rest of their summer vacation.

My husband wasn’t too sure about it when brought it inside for me. But now that it’s all decked out for fall? It’s grown on him. Hahahaha.

family room in farmhouse with rustic christmas decor with neutral aesthetic
vintage reindeer in the family room
family room at Christmas in vintage farmhouse
family room Christmas tree decorated with vintage christmas ornaments in farmhouse

Christmas in the Sunroom

I’ve not featured my sunroom before in a seasonal home tour before, but I decided to include it this year so you can see how it’s coming along!

Many of you know I decorated it last year and it is one of the brightest, prettiest spaces in my home. The sunroom houses my indoor plants and is the place where I start my seed indoors for my cut flower garden.

It is a small but mighty space that I enjoy every day. The chairs swivel so I can turn them in towards the library or face them out overlooking the gardens. It’s a great spot to enjoy a morning cup of coffee or a glass of wine in the evening to unwind.

For Christmas, I took a subtle approach and swapped out my throw pillows for a cozier look with these gorgeous plaid throw blankets. I may add a small Christmas tree in here but really don’t have the space with all of my plants! I’m shopping around for the right one that’s the right size. So for now, this is as glammed up for Christmas as it’s going to get.

What do you think?

Christmas decorating in the sunroom with boho farmhouse style with plaid blankets, throw pillows and indoor plants
close up of accent chairs in sunroom with houseplants, plaid blanket, poof ottoman and throw pillows

Wrapping Up My Vintage Farmhouse Home Tour

And that’s the end of my vintage farmhouse fall home tour!

It’s come a long way since we moved in almost two years ago, right?

I hope you enjoyed dropping by and look forward to sharing more of the outdoor living spaces with you in a few weeks.

family room in farmhouse decorated for Christmas with cozy neutral decor and vintage style

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vintage gold bells and christmas greenery close up

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rustic elegant christmas decorating ideas in vintage farmhouse
bloggers best holiday home tours - 30 of the best decorated homes for christmas
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  1. Stacy,

    Everything looks so cozy makes me feel like picking a corner and grabbing a good book! Perfect for the holiday season. Wonderful hopping with you this week.

  2. Stacy – It’s amazing the transformation of your home in two years. The classic vintage pieces that you’ve found to make your home your own are stunning. Your house dressed up for the holidays is about as perfect as it gets.

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  6. Stacy I always love seeing what you do for Christmas and I have to say, your tree this year is stunning! I really love it. Thanks for joining me for the tour this week and
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    1. Thank you so much Kelly! And as always, your tours are always the best! Thank you so much for organizing another amazing group of talent! xoxo

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  9. So many enchanting touches. I love all of the fresh greenery and am truly inspired. It’s a delight to be on tour with you.

  10. I think your home is the only home on the planet that looks amazing with real plants during Christmas! I can’t get my 2 piddly little plants to fit in anywhere and look good. But despite all guidance, I still have a brown thumb so the fact they are still alive means they will be staying right where they are. 😉 Loved every inch of your home. The color palette, the coziness, and the decor – all stunning. Hope you have a magical Christmas.

    1. I appreciate that so much Cindy! I love incorporating houseplants around my home – I love my flowers but houseplants are a close second for me. We can bring out your inner green thumb too – it is def there! Merry Christmas! xoxo

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