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Flocked Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas and More

Is there anything prettier than a flocked Christmas tree? If you are looking for ways to decorate a snow-like tree this year, wait until you see these decorating ideas.

If there’s anything I love, it is Christmas tree decorating.

Whether it is fresh or faux, there’s just something about a beautiful evergreen tree inside your home with a bunch of Christmas lights that just make a space feel cozier.

From the unique decor to the pretty berries and garland, decorating a Christmas tree is always so much fun.

I love it so much that in fact, I decorated 3 Christmas trees this year in our new home!

Each tree has a different Christmas aesthetic as they are located in a different room and it was really fun pulling them together.

You can see how I decorated them all in my Christmas 2022 Home Tour.

This is my first year owning and decorating a flocked Christmas tree and let me tell you.

I love it!

And I love it even more in the front entry hall that has beautiful moldings and painted inlay wood floors.

The snowy tree brings winter joy indoors and looks so pretty all decked out for holidays.

While flocked Christmas trees look beautiful undecorated, it’s more fun to put your spin on it.

And I can’t wait to share how I decorated mine this year.

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What is a Flocked Tree?

Christmas trees are flocked through a process that gives an organic snow-covered look by adding a powdery white mixture to each branch.

I know there are ways to flock a real or faux tree, but this post isn’t going into all that.

Are Flocked Christmas Trees Out of Style?


Flocked Christmas trees have been around since the mid-1900s. And I’m going to say, if you like the look, do it!

Because my new home has a different vibe than our former home, I really wanted to try something different and I love the result!

Are Flocked Christmas Trees In for 2022?

According to Better Homes and Gardens, white Christmas trees are on trend for 2022.

So why not give it a whirl?

close up of painted piano with vintage mirror found at the thrift store decorated for christmas

Are Flocked Christmas Trees Messy?

Before getting my first flocked tree, I’d always heard that flocking gets everywhere. And to that I say, it really depends on the brand you buy because some are way better than others.

My flocked Christmas tree is from King of Christmas and the quality is extremely high.

Aside from the flocking getting all over me when I was fluffing up the tree and setting it up, it’s been pretty mess-free.

And I wasn’t really expecting that.

I have a few other smaller trees that are not King of Christmas and they drop flocking just by looking at them. LOL.

So my best advice is to be choosy if you are shopping around for a flocked tree because quality is everything.

sneak peak of my new king of christmas king flock tree with neutral garden theme and bling ornaments

What Color Scheme Goes Best With a Flocked Christmas Tree?

I’ve always loved reds and blues with flocked trees, but I decided to go with a natural neutral look that’s cozy, classic, and beautiful in the front entry hall.

So really, anything goes.

I considered tucking in some greens but held back and I’m glad I did because I love the gold and bronze tones with my flocked tree!

So choose what speaks to your heart.

close up of glitter ball ornamemt and glass ornaments in clusters on flocked christmas tree

How To Make Your Christmas Tree Look Fuller

To make your tree look more full, there are a few tricks of the trade. Here are some ideas:

  • Vary the sizing of Christmas lights to add more dimension.
  • Tuck ribbon or garland in sparse areas
  • Decorate Christmas trees with both slim and wide ribbon
  • Decorate Christmas trees with different-sized ornaments and include oversized ones for more visual impact
  • Add floral picks, berries, and whirls
  • Include Christmas ornaments with different textures and shapes for more visual interest
close up of king of christmas king flock christmas tree decorating ideas with neutral color palette

Flocked Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Before settling on a neutral color palette for my Christmas aesthetic in the foyer, I researched all over my socials to see what look I gravitated to.

I really loved the golds, bronze, silvers, and a tone-on-tone look, so that’s what I went for.

Before you get started, you’ll want to select the color palette that speaks to you and your home.

Here’s how I decorated my cozy garden-style flocked Christmas Tree.

flocked christmas tree in vintage farmhouse with painted inlay wood floors decorated with a neutral color palette with ribbon, ornaments, and a garden style touch

Choosing the Right Flocked Tree

As I mentioned before, quality is everything. The higher quality the tree, the better it will look and the less flocking that will get everywhere else in your home.

My flocked Christmas tree is the 7.5′ King Flock by King of Christmas and I can’t say enough good things about it.

It looks really full with no ornaments on it and the flocking stays intact aside from the initial set up.

I went out and bought a flocked wreath from Homegoods for the front door thinking I could just get anything and didn’t love how it looked.

So I ordered the King Flock Wreath from King of Christmas too and really, it was worth it!

I have four different King of Christmas trees and if you are in the market for a faux tree, I highly recommend their brand.

close up of king flock christmas tree by king of christmas with neutral colored ornaments and gold leaf branches

Choose a Tree Topper

I love the look of fluffy branches, feathers and filler at the top of the tree. I might change mine to that next year.

But for this year, I went with a simple gold star.

It coordinates well with my natural neutral tree and I love the simplicity.

You can DIY a tree topper too, but I sometimes its just easier to buy.

top of flocked christmas tree with gold leaf branches and simple star with tree decorated with cottagecore neutral color palette

Don’t Forget the Tree Bottom

Especially when you are working with a faux tree, you’ve got to cover the bottom up so it doesn’t look like a boring stick of greens.

I love to create cozy layers at the bottom of a Christmas tree so I often use more than one of the following:

  • tree skirts
  • tree collars
  • area rugs
  • blankets
  • baskets
  • gifts
close up of neutral organic textured ornaments on flocked christmas tree with hammered gold tree collar and crocheted christmas tree skirt

For this tree, my amazingly talented niece Sutton from Off The Clock Crafts crocheted this beautiful tree skirt for me.

Speaking of Sutton, if you crochet and want to learn how to make one like this, she shared a DIY on her YouTube Channel here.

And if you want to learn how to crochet?

She shares how to do that too. Sutton is super talented to check out her channel if you want to learn crocheting basics.

To cozy up and glam up the base more, I added this pretty hammered gold tree collar.

Doesn’t it look so pretty?

The ruffled crocheted tree skirt adds some feminine charm to the tree. I love it!

close up of tree bottom with crocheted tree skirt and tree collar on flocked tree
close up of flocked tree with crocheted tree skirt

Adding Garland or Ribbon

To me, Christmas trees look naked without some sort of garland or ribbon. I’ve never used ribbon before on a tree, so I decided to try a waterfall effect with this tree and love how it looks.

I used two kinds of ribbon that I found locally at the nursery. Both have wire so it’s better to manipulate in the tree.

One is super thick with velvet and lots of glitzy decor but all in a neutral color palette.

And the other is plain gold. I wanted to go with a second ribbon that would accent but not overpower or compete with the wider more elegant ribbon.

Since this was my first time doing it, I wanted to be judicious with the ribbon because it was not cheap! So I carefully made cuts and insured I left enough length for extra tucking in the branches.

I’ve seen ribbon wrapped horizontally and vertically, but I love the vertical waterfall look.

close up of gorgeous velvet ribbon with neutral details and glass tear drop ornament on flocked Christmas tree
Decorating a flocked christmas tree with neutral color palette and beautiful velvet ribbon

Christmas Tree Decorating With a Theme

Once you have your color palette, the Christmas ornaments and decor will bring the whole look together.

With a neutral Christmas aesthetic in the front entry hall, I opted for glitzy neutrals and organic textures in shades of gold and bronze.

To start decorating, I tucked in these pretty gold leaf branches, gold berry sprigs and glittery whirls for texture.

close up of natural neutral ornaments on a flocked christmas tree near a sunny window - Flocked Christams Tree Decorating Ideas

I used oversized ball and teardrop ornaments, glitter Christmas balls, and adorable furry little owl ornaments.

Plus I added these smaller gold and bronze glass balls that I secured together to make ornament clusters.

Don’t they look great?

I shared a tutorial on it here in my latest YouTube Video here.

YouTube video

To add some rustic charm, I tucked in several pine cones.

While you can buy them, they can also be found in the landscape! Simply pick them up of the ground and allow them to dry out for a few weeks and voila! You’ve got pretty natural decor that you can use anywhere in your home.

And I have to say, I love them on a flocked tree!

I plan to add some pretty DIY paperbag snowflakes and gifts around this tree to finish off the look but I love where it’s going.

As I add more decor, I’ll add pics to this post so stay tuned!

flocked christmas tree in vintage farmhouse with painted inlay wood floors decorated with a neutral color palette with ribbon, ornaments, and a garden style touch

Watch the Video!

Want to see more of my flocked Christmas tree and how it’s decorated in real-time? You can see it all in my latest YouTube Video.

Come tour my front entry hall with lots more details of how this tree looks in my home.

10+ Creative Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

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These Christmas tree ideas are perfect for fresh or faux trees. And they’d looking amazing with flocked or green trees.

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Want to Learn How to Decorate With Fresh Greens for the Holidays?

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This 40-page guide is full of simple DIY holiday decorating ideas that includes how to cut, care for, and design with fresh greens, as well as tips to purchase and incorporate faux greens with your holiday decorating style to create a cozy, beautiful, and organic vibe.

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Looking For More Christmas Decorating Ideas?

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Wait until you see these holiday decorating, entertaining, and food ideas to create a cozy home for Christmas.

christmas in the front entry hall with thrift store cabinet, sansevieria snake plant, christmas trees, stair garland with neutral christmas decor

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