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Christmas Tree Ornament Storage Hack (Tik Tok Made Me Do It!)

Looking for better ways to store your Christmas tree ornaments? Wait until you see this cool storage hack that I found on Tik Tok!

With lots of Christmas tree ornament storage ideas out there, how do you store your ornaments?

I’ve been individually wrapping mine in tissue paper, paper towels, and packing paper for years in 20-gallon storage containers.

It’s worked and served me well for several years, but after moving this year, I am totally over individually wrapping and unwrapping stuff!

Since I already have several of these huge storage bins, I didn’t want to buy more storage bins.

Use what you already have, am I right?

One day, while I was scrolling Tik Tok, someone shared this Christmas tree ornament storage life hack.

And I thought it was brilliant.

Particularly if you have oddly shaped ornaments of all different sizes like me.

It looked a little less time consuming in the long run.

So I decided to try it.

Wait until you see how easy this is to do!

And be sure to check out some extra Christmas tree decoration storage at the end of this post.

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Christmas Tree Ornament Storage Hack

Every year, I spend SO MUCH TIME individually wrapping and unwrapping ornaments.

I know it’s not the best way to maintain them, but seriously, I’ve been storing Christmas baubles like this for years.

It’s worked for me but it is really time-consuming.

christmas tree ornaments storage life hack

Anyway, I saw someone on Tik Tok share her life hack for storing Christmas tree ornaments and I was blown away!

This method is SO much easier.

I can use what I have.

And I only needed to purchase one item to make the life hack work.

christmas tree ornament storage life hack

Supplies Needed

christmas tree ornament storage life hack tik tok made me do it

How to Store Your Christmas Tree Ornaments

To do this storage hack, we’ll be storing Christmas tree ornaments in layers with the egg crate mattress pad serving as the base.

If you have oddly shaped and sized ornaments like me, you’ll want to group similarly sized ornaments together on the same layer.

And all we need to do is make a template so we can cut each base layer.

christmas tree ornament storage life hack
  • It’s best if you trace around the bottom of the bin with a sharpie to get a more precise measurement of the layer.
  • I skipped this step and instead, flipped the lid over, eyeballed it, and cut around it. (This method is not as accurate but still worked).
  • Whichever way you decide to do it, once you have your template, layer it on top of the egg crate mattress and cut the rest up.
  • Lay the first layer down on bottom of the storage bin.
  • Arrange like-sized Christmas tree ornaments on the mattress pad until the layer is full.
  • Then lay the next layer down and repeat the process until the storage bin is full.
  • When you reach the top, either top it off with another layer of
christmas tree ornament storage life hack

Christmas Tree Ornament Storage Hack Observations

What I like about this method is the ornaments stay in place and don’t move around.

Plus they are protected by each layer from damaging one another.

Using the hospital bed size egg crate mattress pad, I was able to cut 8 layers which were more than I needed for one storage bin, so I used them with 2 storage bins.

christmas tree ornament storage life hack

Cutting the templates in the less precise way meant my sizing was off, but it still worked.

Sidenote: I did not store glass balls or mercury ornaments this way because I don’t have that many and wouldn’t have enough to create a full, even layer.

The ones I have, I wrapped up with tissue paper and placed carefully on a top layer.

christmas tree ornament storage life hack tik tok made me do it

If I had more glass ball ornaments, I would prefer storing them in something like THIS or continue to individually wrap them as I’ve been doing.


Because I’m not sure if the foam used to make the egg crate mattress would damage the glass or mercury ornaments while in storage.

christmas tree ornaments storage life hack
Christmas tree ornament storage life hack

To avoid any risk, I suggest this method be used for other types of ornaments made from fabric, wood, resin, or plastic.

If you have stored your glass ball or mercury ornaments this way, let me know in the comments how it worked for you.

christmas tree ornament storage life hack tik tok made me do it

When I neared the top layer, I reserved my softer ornaments to put on top before the lid so there was a protective layer on top.

Because I had a few extra layers of mattress pad, I wanted to used them in a second storage bin.

Next year, when I take the ornaments out and put them away, it will go much faster than having them individually wrapped.

christmas tree ornament storage life hack

How Should I Store My Christmas Tree Decorations?

More Christmas Tree Decorations Storage Tips

  • Store decor in clear plastic bins so you can see what’s inside.
  • Label bins really well so you know what’s in them.
  • Save those toilet and paper towel cardboard rolls to wrap Christmas or fairy lights around.
  • Remove batteries from lights or other decor items to preserve the battery component. Batteries can corrode while in storage.
  • Keep all of your holiday decor stored together so it’s easier to find next year!
My dog overseeing my work with my DIY christmas tree ornament storage life hack
Koda was making sure I was doing things correctly while trying out this storage hack!

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Adding a new tree or are you looking to change things up for next year?

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Here are 17 Christmas tree decorating ideas to consider.

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  1. Any worries about the egg crate mattress pad decomposing or offgassing if your decorations are stored in the attic or garage where it gets hot in the summer?

    1. Hi Amy! I’m not worried about it and the Tik Toker who shared it said she’d been storing her decorations this way for several years. I will update the post next year when I pull them out and let you know for sure because that is a very good question!

      1. Thank you so much for this idea! I have a lot of very old ornaments from when I was a child and a lot that my children made when they were growing up. I feel this would be a perfect solution instead of just bunching them up in a box.

    1. Thanks Paula! After wrapping and moving the last thing I wanted to do again was individually wrap stuff. I love this idea and really wanted to try it! Happy New Year!!! xo

  2. Love this idea! I have an old ornament organizer but have long run out of space for all the ornaments so I individually wrap them as well. Need to try this method next year! Pinned!

  3. Stacy,
    What a great idea. Thanks for sharing. I’m pinning for next year and sharing on my dirt road adventures.