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DIY Wood Pallet Star Tree Topper

Looking for a rustic topper for your Christmas tree? Make this budget-friendly wood pallet star tree topper in just a few hours.

It looks so good and was very easy to make using things we already had on hand.

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Just after we were married, my husband and I bought an angel tree topper from Rickels.

Do you remember Rickels Stores?

If you aren’t familiar, it was kind of like an Ace Hardware Store but closed its doors several years ago.

Anyway, we were living in this small one bedroom condo before we moved to our current home.

So we’ve had this angel tree topper for about 25 years now and have faithfully placed it on top of our real tree every year.

But this year, we changed things up and got this faux tree. It’s really beautiful and looks very authentic.

When we put the angel on top, it just didn’t look right.

Maybe we were just done with it, or maybe it just wasn’t working with the look we were going for.

To see what I mean, check out my holiday home tour here.

So my husband stood back and said, “I’m making a star from the wood pallet we have out back.”

And off he went.

DIY Wood Pallet Star Tree Topper

I love when he does stuff like this.

Last time he did this, he made me a cool potting bench from all the wood debris we’ve collected in the back of our shed.

DIY Wood Pallet Star Tree Topper

Supplies Needed for DIY Wood Pallet Tree Star Topper

When you decide to do a project on the fly, it’s helpful to have a bunch of random things on hand to bring it all together.

This entire project was made from the leftovers of other projects we’ve done so feel free to improvise the supply list.

  • Wood Pallet
  • T square
  • Pencil
  • Stick Ruler
  • Star Template (as a guide)
  • Compound Miter Saw
  • Clamps
  • Oscillating Saw
  • Leftover Screws and Hardware (whatever you have on hand)
  • Picture Hanging Wire
  • Drill
  • Screw gun

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How to Make a DIY Wood Pallet Tree Star Topper

  • Gather supplies.
  • Select wood pallets.
DIY Wood Pallet Star Tree Topper
  • Cut wood pallets into smaller workable pieces.
  • Make a star template. We found a rusty metal star that we used as a guide.
  • Set roughly three pieces together.
DIY Wood Pallet Star Tree Topper

  • Traced star on wood pallet with pencil.
DIY Wood Pallet Star Tree Topper
  • Cut the star pieces with a compound miter saw. Use an oscillating saw for pieces that were more complicated. Could also use a jigsaw if you have one.
DIY Wood Pallet Star Tree Topper
DIY Wood Pallet Star Tree Topper
  • Fasten star together with screws and hardware we had on hand.
  • Pre-drill holes before screwing together.
DIY Wood Pallet Star Tree Topper
  • Attach wire to the hardware on the back.
  • Sand the edges to smooth out.
  • Add to the tree.
DIY Wood Pallet Star Tree Topper

Doesn’t it look amazing?

So much better than the angel.

Sad to lose it since we bought when we first moved in together.

But we are ready for the change.

DIY Wood Pallet Star Tree Topper

I love a cozy Christmas tree, don’t you?

The new tree topper made a huge difference.

Wood Pallet Christmas Tree Topper

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Wood Pallet Star Tree Topper
Wood Pallet Star Tree Topper
Wood Pallet Star Tree Topper

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    1. Yes! and do you remember their catchy song? Rickels helps you do it better, do it better at the rickels! LOL! And thank you!

  1. Stacy, I much prefer your rustic Christmas star tree topper to the angel. Your tree looks so beautiful! I’m pinning this for later – I have some pallets that I could use for this project AND I have a bit of thing for stars! Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. The star looks fantastic. Yes, perhaps the old angel was ready for retirement yet it’s hard to put away pieces that have so many memories under their wings (sorry, couldn’t help it). I love that your husband took on this project. You two are a great team! Thanks for posting, Stacy!

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