Get into the holiday spirit with these simple and affordable ideas that will help you transform your home into a winter wonderland.

The holiday season is a time of year filled with warmth, joy, and the spirit of giving. One of the most cherished traditions during this time is decorating your home with Christmas greenery.

Whether you choose to use fresh or artificial greenery, the addition of these festive elements can transform your space into a winter wonderland.

In today’s post, we’ll chat about the benefits and drawbacks of using both fresh and artificial Christmas greenery. I’ll also share some creative ideas on how to decorate your home for the holidays that will make it feel more festive and cozy for the season.

Wait until you see all of the beautiful inspiration you may not have thought of!

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Fresh vs. Artificial Christmas Greenery

With an array of ideas for using Christmas boughs, there is no shortage of options for decorating. How much or how little you do largely depends on what you are decorating and the Christmas aesthetic you are striving for this year.

But the best part?

You can go with fresh winter evergreens or faux Christmas greenery depending on what you have on hand and how budget-conscious you are if you need more supplies.

Each choice carries its own set of characteristics, and the decision between the two can greatly influence the ambiance, the amount of work you want to do, the budget, and the sustainability of your holiday decor.

If you have access to Christmas greenery in your landscape, it’s both budget-friendly and sustainable to make cuts and create beautiful holiday decor with fresh supplies.

That said, you’ll need to be mindful of how early you decorate as the greens don’t last as long as faux. So consider all that before decorating this year.

From the Christmas tree and centerpieces to the wreath and garland, should you go with fresh or artificial Christmas greens?

christmas table ready for family breakfast or brunch decorated with chirstmas greenery and gold with centerpiece gold bucket filled with poinsettias and a crystal chandelier
Christmas Table

Fresh Christmas Greenery


  • Natural Aroma: Fresh Christmas boughs, like pine, fir, and cedar, releases a delightful, natural scent that can instantly make your home feel like a winter forest. The aroma of fresh greenery is synonymous with the holiday season.
  • Authentic Appearance: Nothing quite replicates the lush and vibrant appearance of real greenery. The texture, color, and detail of fresh boughs and branches add a touch of authenticity to your holiday decor.
  • Eco-friendly: Using fresh greenery is a sustainable choice that can be composted after the holidays, reducing waste, and benefiting the environment.
  • Budget-friendly: If you have access to lots of fresh Christmas greenery in your landscape, there are minimal costs, if any.


  • Limited Lifespan: Fresh Christmas greens have a limited lifespan and may start to wilt or shed needles after a few weeks, requiring replacement.
  • Maintenance: Keeping fresh looking its best involves regular misting and care to prevent it from drying out.

If you want to learn my best tips for keeping Christmas greenery fresh, click here.

farmhouse porch decorating ideas for christmas with fresh green wreaths and christmas greenery in black urns on front steps with mustard colored doors
Farmhouse front porch Christmas 2022

Artificial Christmas Greenery


  • Durability: Artificial greenery is designed to last for many holiday seasons. You can invest in quality pieces that will maintain their appearance year after year.
  • Low Maintenance: Artificial greenery requires minimal maintenance. No need for watering or worrying about shedding needles.
  • Customization: Artificial greenery comes in a wide variety of styles, shapes, and sizes, allowing you to select the perfect fit for your holiday decor theme.


  • Lack of Scent: Artificial greenery lacks the natural aroma of fresh greenery. However, you can use scented candles or essential oils to recreate the fragrance.
  • Initial Cost: High-quality artificial greenery can be more expensive upfront, but it can be a cost-effective choice in the long run.
  • Can Look Cheap: If using faux winter greenery, not all artificial Christmas stems are alike. Some look fake, cheap, and inauthentic.
christmas in the front entry hall with thrift store cabinet, sansevieria snake plant, christmas trees, stair garland with neutral christmas decor
Front Entry Hall at Christmas

How to Make Your Home More Festive For the Holidays with Christmas Greenery

Since my jam is plants and flowers, it should come as no surprise that I love playing around with fresh Christmas greenery for the holidays too.

While it’s true it can be tough with needle drop indoors, I’ve got some tips and tricks to getting those live evergreen branches to stay fresher for longer if you want to use fresh greens.

There are LOTS of beautiful evergreen trees and shrubs here on the property to cut from, so I can’t wait to dive in and start creating beautiful Christmas decor like these.

But those are just a few of the things I like to do with Christmas greenery. Here are lots more holiday decorating ideas to try!

outdoor planter idea using fresh cut greens from the garden in large black urn on front porch -Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Decorating Ideas

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Looking for budget-friendly ways to decorate the front porch for the holidays? Start winter gardening by potting up some fresh evergreens and making outdoor planters that will last throughout the season. Here’s how to make them. Winter brings its own unique charm to the world of gardening. While the vibrant blooms of spring and the

Easy Winter Container Garden Design close up with a variety of christmas greenery in black urn outdoor planter for winter with dwarf alberata spruce

Easy Outdoor Planters for Winter

Looking for easy outdoor planters for winter ideas? Learn how to design a budget-friendly beautiful winter outdoor planter for the holidays and beyond this year with these simple tips.

close up of 4 candle advent wreath in dining room with Christmas decor, black china cabinet and hutch in rustic farmhouse

How to Make an Advent Wreath DIY

Celebrate the spirit and meaning of Christmas with this easy tutorial to make a beautiful advent wreath DIY using fresh or faux winter greens. Advent wreaths are an old tradition that has been revived in recent years. They’re a fun way to decorate for Christmas, but they also serve as a reminder of the arrival

Easy Winter Porch Decorating Tips & Tricks

My good friend Jennifer from Cottage on Bunker Hill shared a few of her easy winter porch decorating tips to quickly turn your entranceway into a festive welcome for the entire winter season.

winter outdoor planters with christmas greenery and dried flower heads

Budget-Friendly Winter Outdoor Planters

Looking for budget-friendly winter outdoor planters inspiration? Learn how to design these simple outdoor planters for winter. And the best part? It costs little to nothing. Out of all the season, winter container gardening is my favorite. Why? Because I can design beautiful containers with little to no budget just by walking out to the

Cottage in the mitten with red berries and white pitcher

Beautiful Faux Greenery & Stems For Your Holiday

Looking for some new greenery this Christmas? When it comes to winter, my good friend Kim from Cottage in the Mitten is a faux kind of girl and she shared some beautiful faux greenery & stems for you to use this holiday season.

Cedar orange topiary trees by the ponds farmhouse

DIY Real Cedar & Orange Topiaries

My good friend Rachel from The Ponds Farmhouse shared these DIY Real Cedar & Orange Topiaries are a sustainable and budget-friendly way to decorate for the Christmas season. Fill your home with the wonderful fragrance of live greenery and save money this holiday by following this easy step-by-step tutorial.

winter greenery for mantel decor by robyn's french nest with farmhouse decor ideas

How to Use Winter Greenery to Create Beautiful Mantel Decor

Wondering how to decorate your mantel to last you through the season and after Christmas too? Make your winter mantel decor extra cozy with these easy decorating tips from my good friend Robyn from Robyn’s French Nest. Layers + textures + greens…the perfect combination!

cozy fireplace essentials for christmas by she gave it a go

Cozy Winter Fireplace Decor Essentials

My good friend Brendt from She Gave It a Go shared how to cozily decorate your fireplace for winter with these essentials. Don’t miss these easy-to-put-into-play ideas.

christmas house decorations with easy mantel decor for chirstmas ideas with christmas greenery, candles and fairy lights.

5 Easy Mantel Decor for Christmas Ideas

Looking for mantel decor for Christmas ideas? Wait until you see how my thrift store mantel looks all decked out for the holidays in the dining room.

The tattered pew christmas mantel with plaid stockings

How to Decorate a Rustic Christmas Mantel

Do you have a mantel that you need help decorating for the holidays? My good friend Kelly from The Tattered Pew shared these easy layering tips for how to add the best greenery, statement pieces and rustic accents to your mantel or fireplace that will leave you feeling inspired and ready to decorate.

21 ways to decorate with pinecones by thistlewood farms and a pretty wreath for christmas

21 Ideas for Decorating With Pinecones

Free Christmas decorating makes my good friend KariAnne from Thistlewood Farms happy. And if you have pine cones in your yard? Here are 21 ways to add them to your winter greenery.

close up of kissing balls made with holly and boxwood

How to Make a Christmas Kissing Ball

Skip the mistletoe and hang a beautiful Christmas kissing ball that you made on a budget using fresh greens and some holiday decor. Learn how to make a Christmas kissing ball in a few easy steps!

how to make a fluffy mantel garden with christmas greenery by simply 2 moms

How to Make a Fluffy Christmas Mantel Garland for Less

Learn how to make your Christmas mantel garland look full and fluffy without breaking your budget with tips from my good friends Anne and AnnMarie from Simply 2 Moms. These easy-to-copy ideas show you how to get height and volume starting with a cheap garland. This method can be used for any decorating style or color scheme.

store bought wreaths on chairs simply 2 moms

Simple Ways to Make Store-Bought Wreaths Look Amazing

Want to make your inexpensive store-bought wreaths look amazing when you decorate for Christmas? Try these simple tricks from my good friends Anne and AnnMarie from Simply 2 Moms to create a look that perfectly matches your style!

Welcoming Christmas Cozy with Winter Greenery

Transform your home with some cozy and cheerful ideas for adding greenery! Create a lovely mantel, a festive kitchen, a welcoming front porch — the possibilities are endless. Let’s get started with my good friend Brendt from She Gave It a Go.

magnolia wreath in industrial farmhouse by the ponds farmhouse

The Secret to Making an Easy Magnolia Wreath

Want to learn the secret to making a fresh magnolia wreath that quick and easy? My good friend Rachel from The Ponds Farmhouse says you can easily make this wreath for free in less than an hour, and it stays looking great for months.

close up of christmas wreaths on a table while decorating cottage on bunker hill

How to Host a Christmas Wreath Decorating Party

Invite your girlfriends over and have a wreath-decorating party! My good friend Jennifer from Cottage on Bunker Hill shares all the tips and supplies you will need to host a wreath night and learn how to transform fresh winter wreaths into personalized creations.

close up of christmas greenery with orange slices by cottage in the mitten

How to Make Orange Slices for Your Christmas Greenery

There is something traditional and magical about drying oranges for Christmas. In this post, my good friend Kim from Cottage in the Mittens shares her best tips for how to dry oranges, infuse them into your Christmas greenery or make your own festive garland.

DIY advent wreath by robyn's french nest

How to Easily Make a DIY Advent Wreath

You can easily create a DIY Advent wreath with this simple tutorial from Robyn at Robyn’s French Nest. Celebrate Christmas with intentional traditions for the whole family this year! Plus, this festive wreath will help your home feel extra special for the festive holiday season!

More About Decorating With Christmas Greenery

I hope you found some amazing holiday inspiration today. How do you like to decorate your home with Christmas greenery for the holidays? Do you prefer faux or fresh Christmas greenery? I would love to know more in the comments below.

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front entry hall christmas tree 2023

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From porch styling to cozy centerpiece and tablescape inspiration, wait until you try these budget-friendly holiday decorating ideas using fresh greens for every room in your home.

hanging planter for Christmas on the front porch

Looking For More Christmas Decorating Ideas?

Wait until you see these holiday decorating, entertaining, and food ideas to create a cozy home for Christmas.

scented gift tags for holiday presents for Christmas or Chanukah

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Can you believe we’ve spent 10 days together sharing different types of holiday inspiration to try this year?

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I’m super excited to share each day with some of my favorite holiday ideas as part of the 10 Days of Christmas.

The talented bloggers I’m sharing with are some of the best in the home decor niche and I feel very blessed to be a part of something so fun for the holidays.

If you are new here, I’m Stacy, a self-taught master gardener who lives and gardens in northern New Jersey, zone 6a.

We recently moved to a beautiful 1850 Farmhouse with 10 acres of gardens, sculptures and statues.

I’ve been gardening for greater than 20 years and enjoy helping beginner gardeners find their inner green thumb, as well as discover a love for all things plants and flowers. I love to bring the outdoors inside my home too.

I hope you enjoy visiting my home today and hope you come back so we can grow stuff and create beautiful spaces together.

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We used to decorate with a live Christmas tree since we got married but recently switched to this faux Christmas tree and have not looked back.

Because it was faux we could decorate much earlier and there was no needle drop!

And because I loved that tree so much, I added a flocked version that I’ll be sharing here soon that’s also by King of Christmas.

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