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Pottery Barn Cozy Christmas Looks For Less

Have you ever wanted a designer look for less? Today we’re shopping a cozy Pottery Barn Christmas living room look for a fraction of the price. Wait until you see what I found!

With Christmas decorating on the horizon, I thought it would be fun to share how to shop a designer looks for less.

And today, we are starting with one of my personal faves, Pottery Barn.

I love Pottery Barn, but it can get be pricey.

And if you decorate on a budget, you may not want to spend Pottery Barn prices.

But all is not lost.

With the click of a mouse, we can find the same designer look for a fraction of the price.

Because the designers at Pottery Barn did all the work for us!

Let’s shop the same holiday looks for less and see how we do!

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Pottery Barn Cozy Christmas Living Room

It was tough narrowing down the room I wanted to replicate for less but I’m really loving this cozy living room by Pottery Barn.

This look has lots of cozy layers, with clean, simple lines.

And I love an understated holiday look, don’t you?

It looks festive without in-your-face Christmas decor.

What I love most is the sophisticated winter vibe that goes well beyond the holidays.

So when you remove the Christmas stuff, the room is well decorated until spring.

Which is a great perspective to have when decorating a home on a budget.

Instead of purchasing things that ONLY work during Christmas, decorate with items that translate well into winter.

Not only will this ultimately save money in the decorating budget, but there’s much less decor shuffle as the seasons and holidays change.

So let’s break out what we’d spend to furnish and decorate this cozy Christmas living room by Pottery Barn.

The Inspiration Room

Photo by Pottery Barn.

Here are some products from this look.

Pottery Barn Cozy Christmas Living Room Cost

If you bought this whole look, you’d spend in excess of $11,800.

I mean – can you even believe that?

And if you didn’t want the big-ticket items like the sofa and chairs, you’d still be in the ballpark of $5,000.

Which is still a lot.

So what’s a thrifty decorator supposed to do?

You could just buy a few pieces to add the real Pottery Barn Looks to your holiday living room.

Or we can shop for the dupes.

Cozy Pottery Barn Christmas Living Room Look for Less

Here’s what I found to get the same look for A LOT less.

Wait until you see the savings!

Pottery Barn Cozy Christmas Living Room Dupes Cost

If I were to total the dupes with the furnishing the room, the total is a whopping $2,378!


Can you believe how much money we would save on the dupes?

Pottery Barn Dupes
Photo from Amazon

Some standout savings for me included THESE pillows.

On Amazon, you can buy a pack of 4 for much less than this one from Pottery Barn.

And this tree skirt is almost $100 in savings on its own versus the Pottery Barn tree skirt.

Photo by Amazon

Another great example would be the cost of the Pottery Barn sofa versus one of the knock-offs LIKE THIS ONE.

The Pottery Barn version is almost $5k!

I found several dupes that looked pretty similar ranging from $890 through $2,200.

They might not be EXACT matches, but you get a similar look for so much less!

How This Experiment Changed My Own Design Perspective

I think I have a whole new appreciation for my dark leather living room sofas now!

Because I long for lighter colored sofas, but my living room can’t handle them with my two black labs who shed all the time!

With their flying fur, I’ve resigned myself to darker leather.

And as much as I love my leather sofas, sometimes they can be tricky to decorate with.

Because dark furniture can really weigh a room down.

But after doing this design experiment, I now see how I can use what I have and apply the same principles of the bigger designers.

The Takeaway of Doing More Research When Decorating a Home

For me, one of the biggest takeaways is how much the web can help SAVE you money.

And I always thought it was the opposite because it’s so easy to buy stuff now!

But now, with a little research, you can totally get beautiful designer looks for so much less!

Why pay thousands more when you can spend a little extra time doing some homework.

Pretty neat stuff!

Thanks so much for shopping with me today!

Tell me, do you have a favorite find from this cozy Christmas look?

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Pottery Barn Cozy Christmas Looks for Less 2021

Thank you so much for following along.

Enjoy a beautiful day! xo

Stacy Ling

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  1. You are so right! I seem to recall an old HGTV show that actually did this same thing where they had an expensive inspiration room and recreated iton a budget. I don’t remember what it was called, but I miss those old shows from the 90’s and early 2000’s. I was a young stay at home mom at the time and I learned so much from all those “decorating on a budget” type shows like Decorating Cents, Room by Room, and Design on a Dime. I also have an old book from former HGTV designer Kitty Bartholemew who’s advice was to shop at the top, but don’t necessarily buy from the top, which is just what you have done here. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I remember that show! I used to watch it all the time! I miss them too – particularly the gardening ones. There was one called A gardener’s story and I just loved it! xo

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  3. Hi Stacy
    Love the savings, however, when purchasing a sofa , I would not buy from Pottery Barn or Wayfair. When you feel the arms, there is minimal padding and you can feel the wood. I purchase from Wayfair for production shoots, but not for any home. This is the only time, I will shop and feel. With Pottery Barn. you are buying a name , not quality. Amazingly, I have actually found great deals at Home Goods at a fraction of the price of PB or Restoration Hardware. It’s all about the name. My gorgeous recliner was $300 and has lasted for quite some time. They still have these prices on recliners. Please remember, feel the arms to see if they are padded properly.