Looking for simple spring home and garden ideas? Here are my favorite spring garden, home decorating, table settings, DIYs ideas…and so much more.

There is no season quite like spring, am I right?

After a long cold winter, the days are longer, the air is warmer, the trees and shrubs start leafing out and the flowers start breaking ground.

I started thinking about my favorite spring things like spring plantings, decorating, entertaining, and blooms.

So today, I’m sharing 13 simple spring home and garden ideas that include my favorite spring gardening tips, decor, and more.

Wait until you see my spring favorites!

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My Favorite Spring Garden Tips and Tricks

The temps are still pretty cold here and we still have quite a bit of snow.

So it’s not quite time to start spring gardening yet.

But we can still dream about it? Amirite?

While I’m waiting to get started, here are my favorite spring garden tips and ideas to get you prepared for the next growing season.

Cut flower gardening is so fun! Home and Garden Blogger Stacy Ling

How to Start Seeds Indoor Without a Greenhouse

Do you want to start flower and vegetable seeds but don’t have a greenhouse?

No problem!

Follow along with this informative grow with me series that will help you create a beautiful and bountiful garden.

CLICK HERE to learn how to start seeds indoors without a greenhouse.

How to Start Seeds Indoors Without a Greenhouse

5 Spring Garden Supplies You Need to Get Now

Get your garden supplies early this year and be ready for spring.

You’ll want to have these on hand before the gorgeous days of spring arrive.

CLICK HERE to see what you need to get NOW!

Double flowering daffodils

7 Ways to Keep Deer From Eating Your Plants

Protect your plants before and after they break ground with these tips and tricks to keep deer from eating plants throughout the growing season.

CLICK HERE to see how to keep your plants from getting devoured all season long.

My garden in spring - 5 Ways to Grow a Cottage Garden

Dividing Perennials to Grow Your Garden

Did you know that you can grow your garden for FREE by dividing perennials?

CLICK HERE to learn why and how to divide perennials!

Garden shed in my jersey garden

Spring Garden Flowers That Bring Joy

There’s nothing quite like seeing the first blooms of spring after a long, cold winter.

CLICK HERE to see what to plant to enjoy early spring blooms.

Early Spring in the Cottage Garden

10 Gorgeous Spring Bulbs and Early Blooming Perennials

Looking for beautiful spring flowers that bloom early in the season?

CLICK HERE for 10 gorgeous spring flowers you want in your garden to kick off the growing season.

bearded iris is a great early spring blooming perennial to grow in the garden

Spring Garden Clean-Up Tips

One of the first things to do when the snow melts and the temps warm up is to get outside and clean up the gardens.

CLICK HERE for my best spring garden clean-up tips.

spring garden clean up tips to help keep the garden healthy

7 Tips to Get the Best Curb Appeal

Have you always wanted the prettiest home on the block?

Click HERE for 7 tips to get the best curb appeal for your home.

Curb appeal in the front yard garden. Tour my gardening zone 6a cottage gardens

The Ultimate Guide to Having an Everblooming Colorful Garden

There is nothing quite like a garden that grows and changes everyday. Gardens that bloom from early spring through the end of fall are truly magical.

CLICK HERE to learn how to have a beautiful garden that is always in bloom.

dividing perennials and growing an everblooming colorful garden with annuals, perennials and bulbs

Shop for Garden Supplies and Accessories

My Favorite Simple Spring Home Decorating and Table Setting Ideas

I realize we are still in the throes of winter, but I’m totally over it.

Sure the groundhog predicted 6 more weeks of winter.

But I am so ready for spring I don’t even care that there are 30″ of snow on the ground.

3 Plant Styling Tips to Transition from Winter to Spring Decor

With spring on the horizon, it’s time to de-clutter the winter decor and focus on ways to transition to spring.

Both live and faux plants are a great way to segue to spring.

CLICK HERE to see how to decorate with plants to transition from winter to spring decor.

Plant Styling Tips

Rustic Farmhouse Spring Home Tours

When I start decorating for spring, I love to bring the outdoors in with lots of plants and spring flowers.

Come tour my rustic farmhouse spring home and check out 12 other blogger’s homes to get spring decorating ideas.

CLICK HERE to tour my home for spring!

And CLICK HERE to spring forward to my spring home tour in 2021.

Spring Forward with My Rustic Farmhouse Spring Home Tour

Rustic Farmhouse Spring Centerpiece Idea

One of my favorite things to make is centerpieces for the dining room table.

Wait until you see how I made this beautiful spring centerpiece using faux greens and gorgeous flowers.

CLICK HERE to see how to make this rustic farmhouse spring centerpiece.

How to Decorate a Table For Spring

Beautiful Spring Tablescape Idea

Do you love a pretty table as much as I do? I love setting a beautiful table for friends and family and don’t need a special occasion to do it.

CLICK HERE to see how to set this beautiful spring table.

spring table decor ideas for the dining table

Spring Flowers Tablescape Idea

Spring flowers inspired me to create this beautiful garden-inspired table setting idea.

Oftentimes, I use what I have and find ways to re-purpose them in a new design.

Wait until you see how!

CLICK HERE to see this beautiful rustic spring table decor idea.

Spring Flowers Tablescape Idea

Shop for Spring Home Decor

13 Spring Home Decor and Garden Ideas
13 Spring Home Decor and Garden Ideas

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    1. They are awesome – deer love to eat them though so if they stop by your home, you’ll want to spray them with a repellent after they break ground and while they grow.

  1. So many great posts Stacy. I’ve got to go back and read some of these gardening tips. I’ve got my seeds and trays. Now what to do. Lol.
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us dummies.

  2. Great post Stacy and I pinned a portion.

    I know we still have snow on the ground in NJ but I have been working on spring crafts and getting posts ready.

    It will be time to share before we know it.

    Stay warm, another round of snow is coming to us I think