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3 Plant Styling Tips to Transition from Winter to Spring Decor

(This post was written in collaboration with the Christmas Tree Shops but all thoughts and opinions are my own). Looking for ways to transition from winter to spring decor? Here are 3 plant styling tips to make your home feel warm and cozy with items I found at the Christmas Tree Shops.

Since I’ve been cleaning things up and organizing my home this month, I am also de-cluttering some winter decor.

As much as I love my winter greens, I’m ready for a change and want to pare things down while making a slow transition to spring.

With the holidays in the rearview mirror, it’s time for my houseplants to take center stage again.

And I’m ready to show off these beautiful dried hydrangeas that I have yet to display!

I really love that blue-green color and want to incorporate more of it in my decor.

Plant Styling in Living Room

I stopped by The Christmas Tree Shops the other day for some spring inspiration and to see what they had to give my houseplants a facelift.

They had a really great selection of cozy home decor ideas with so much more.

There was a lot with something for everyone.

The Christmas Tree Shops has an ever-changing assortment of items that are affordable, stylish and goes well beyond seasonal decor.

I found some houseplant accessories and a few other items that will help my home transition to spring.

And it looks amazing!

Wait until you see what I found.

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Plant Styling Tips in Living Room

Plant Styling Tips and Transitioning to Spring

With January coming to a close, I’m longing for spring, warmer weather and pretty flowers.

It gets so cold here in New Jersey!

Houseplants are a great way to add life, warmth and personality to a space without going full on spring decor.

Not to mention, they clean the air we breathe.

Plus, those bright, happy greens just make you feel gooooood.

Studies have shown that indoor plants improve concentration and productivity as well as reduce stress levels which makes them ideal for both home and work environments.

If you don’t have any, you’ve got to get at least one.

And once you start, I promise you’ll wind up getting more.

Caring for houseplants is very rewarding and they are just lovely to enjoy indoors in the doldrums of winter.

Plant Styling Tips

So Where Do You Put Plants?

When styling houseplants, their needs should be considered first.

What kind of light to do they require?

Where are the windows located in the room? (N, S, E or W)

To understand more about how to find the right spot for houseplants, CLICK HERE.

Plants look great on plant stands, shelves, mantels, tables, nooks, countertops…pretty much any place that has a sturdy flat surface.

Add greens to spaces that lack life and personality.

You know what I’m talking about.

Those areas that lack that certain something?

Put one there.

Plant Styling Tips

Incorporating more plants adds depth and makes indoor spaces come alive.

For example, trailing plants look great on a shelf because they soften the hard lines and fill in empty spaces.

Large, leafy plants can soften dark corners of a room.

And if you add an uplight behind that large leafy plant?

You’ll add mood lighting and instant drama.

Plant Styling Tip #1: Lift Plants Off the Floor

My living room is the prime location for many of my houseplants because it has the most windows and receives the most sunlight.

The front of my house receives south side sun, so I try to keep a lot of houseplants there along the window.

Houseplants and Amaryllis on Plant Shelf
Notice how many plants I have on the floor? They need to be raised up!

I also have west and north facing windows in the living room that don’t receive as much light, but are bright enough to house a few plants that are OK with those conditions.

Last year, I propagated quite a few plants, so my population of houseplants has really grown.

With a greater population of plants, I need to condense them in a smaller area where they will receive the best light.

Use More Plant Stands and Shelves

Plant stands and shelves are a great way to solve this problem.

They help plants sit closer to the light coming in from the windows.

And display plants more prominently in the room.

To give you an example, do you see that snake plant in the bottom right corner of my kitchen?

It’s sitting on the floor and barely noticeable.

Plant Styling Tips
In this photo, the snake plant in the corner is barely noticeable.

Notice the difference when I raised it up on a plant stand that I found at the Christmas Tree Shops?

That snake plant is much more noticeable now isn’t it?

Plant Styling Tips
With the snake plant raised on a plant stand, it adds more character and warmth to the room.

The Christmas Tree Shops had a great selection of plant stands that were super affordable.

There were so many great options, it was hard to choose what I wanted to bring home!

I picked up this three-tiered plant stand that I LOVE because it styles each plant at a different height.

And it was such a GREAT price! I had to get it.

Plus the details are really pretty, aren’t they?

Plant Styling tips

In addition to the tiered plant stands, I found a few free standing ones that can be purchased individually.

So they are a set but not a set, which is great because I have the option of separating them or keeping them together.

That freedom allows more flexibility when moving plants around to different locations.

Which I do a lot.

Plant Styling tips

And since they didn’t have to be purchased in a set, I picked up quite a few of these!

They were so affordable I figured I’d better grab them before they sell out.

Plant Styling Tip #2: Choose Pretty Containers

Similar to choosing home decor, it’s important to select plant containers that will accentuate your home. There are so many options to choose from.

And the best part?

You can change them up whenever you want!

I gravitate to pots and containers that look organic, rustic and neutral.

While I was poking around all the great garden stuff at the Christmas Tree Shops, I found these beautiful containers that I thought would look amazing with my kalanchoe plants.

They are neutral but similar in color to my dried hydrangeas.

It’s a neutral gray with bluish-green undertones.

And they were really affordable too.

So I picked up a few of these gorgeous containers.

Plant Styling Tips

Coordinating Containers With Other Decor Items

While I was shopping for plant stuff, I picked up a few pillows too.

I found these beautiful throw pillows that look amazing with my new containers and houseplants.

Plant Styling Tips

Aren’t these pale greenish-blue ones so pretty?

They have a beautiful texture and pull that greenish-blue color from my dried hydrangeas.

When I saw then in the store, I love how well they paired with these pretty containers and kalanchoe too.

Plants and Pillows

But I also love these ruffled pillows.

The ruffles are nice and stiff so they stay in place instead of flopping over like most other ruffled pillows.

Plant Styling Tips in Living Room

To add a little more dimension, I picked up this dotted, textured pillow too.

It’s neutral but has touches of that blue and green found in these containers.

They are the perfect touch for my decor that’s making a slow transition to spring.

Plant Styling Tip #3: Add Faux Plants in Hard to Care For Places

As much as I love caring for live houseplants, there is a time and place for faux.

I tuck faux plants throughout my home in spaces that don’t offer the right conditions for proper care.

And since they are mixed in among my real plants, no one can tell the difference.

Faux plants are perfect for hard to reach shelves or areas that don’t receive enough light, and for decor enthusiasts that want the look without the hassle.

There are some great faux options out there.

But be choosy!

Select ones that look authentic, do not look like plastic and mimic what you’d actually find in nature.

Plant Styling Tips

Like this one I found at the Christmas Tree Shops.

Doesn’t that look like a real hyacinth bulb?

Plant Styling Tips in Living Room

I use all faux plants on my fireplace mantel and hearth.

When that fire burns, it gets pretty hot.

Live plants would not love the location.

So faux is the way to go!

Plant Styling Tips

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3 Plant Styling Tips to Transition from Winter to Spring Decor

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  1. Love all the greenery! I bought the same Petal and Stone white ruffled pillows at the Christmas Tree Shop, such a bargain for such a quality piece! Happy Winter!

  2. Thanks for sharing all your tips! So many great purchases. I need to find a Christmas tree shop. I’ve never been to one.

    1. Thanks Ann Marie! If you haven’t been, you’ve got to go! They have such a variety of items at great prices. And the quality is really good. I’m telling you, those ruffle pillows are amazing! I’ve never met a ruffle that stays intact. Until now… xoxo

  3. I love The Christmas Tree Shop! Before we had one locally, my mom and I would take a “day trip” to Rhode Island just to spend the day shopping at CTS. We’d always come home with a carload of goodies. They do have great pillows! Thanks for sharing your styling tips. I love how the faux florals look on your mantel! Pinned 🙂

    1. Thank you Rebecca! How cool is that! Don’t they have such great stuff? There are two located near me about 20 minutes away near two different malls. I love to pop in there when I’m out running errands. I really love their pillows too! Not that I need more pillows but every time I go, I’m like “Oh I have to have this one!” They hold up really well with my dogs who love to lay on my sofas.

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