Looking for ways to decorate your home for spring? Wait until you see how easy it is to make this spring centerpiece idea for the dining table.

I love to infuse my passion for gardening with my home decor.

When I am unable to get outside and garden, I enjoy playing with flowers and creating beautiful arrangements.

For spring, I designed this gorgeous magnolia centerpiece and love the result.

Since I love to decorate with seasonal faux florals and greens, I purchase a few every season to add to my collection.

As much as I love to buy real flowers from the market, they don’t last long and can get costly.

I prefer the ‘set and forget’ approach to home decor and look for authentic-looking faux florals to match the season.

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Supplies Needed to Make A No Fuss Centerpiece for the Home

As much as I love arranging fresh flowers, sometimes I want an arrangement that I can set and forget.

And this idea fits the bill!

Here’s what you need:

  • Greens
  • Florals
  • Organic Elements like berries, branches, pine cones, etc.
  • Vessel
  • Dry floral foam or Floral Tape (optional)
Rustic Farmhouse Spring Home Tour
Rustic farmhouse spring centerpiece on my dining room table.

How to Create a Rustic Farmhouse Spring Centerpiece

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know how much I love this vintage toolbox.

I found it in the fall at Vermont antique store and thought it would make the perfect container for a centerpiece.

Well, fast forward six months and I’m still using it as a seasonal centerpiece.

faux greenery in a wooden tool box centerpiece

To decorate, I simply change the florals. It takes about five minutes but completely transforms the space with the current season.

Before we needed to stay home, I picked up these gorgeous faux magnolias from my favorite local nursery.

I saw them in the shop and knew I had to have them!

Since I’m gravitating to neutrals this year, they are the perfect compliment to my spring decor.

Rustic Farmhouse Spring Centerpiece Idea

When creating an arrangement, I gather everything needed to design the centerpiece.

Depending on the size of the vessel, I grab enough greens and florals to stuff inside and lean towards overstuffing versus understuffing a container.

For this centerpiece, I used two bunches of fern-like greens, three large magnolia flowers, seven small magnolia flowers on stems and magnolia foliage stems.

adding faux flowers to a rustic farmhouse centerpiece with greenery in a vintage wood toolbox

The toolbox is not that deep so I did not use floral foam or another item to anchor the stems.

Instead, I started with two large fluffy bunches of faux greens to use as the base.

Because these bunches are so thick, they will help anchor the rest of the florals and fill in the base of the toolbox.

rustic farmhouse with faux magnolia centerpiece and black china cabinet

While at the nursery, I picked up two types of magnolias: large flowers and smaller flowers on branches.

I added the smaller flowers on branches first to the arrangement because they anchor the larger blooms.

close up of the faux flower being added to the  rustic farmhouse table centerpiece
Rustic Farmhouse Spring Centerpiece Idea

Once situated in the toolbox, I tucked in the larger magnolia flowers.

After tucking the larger blossoms in, I added a few magnolia foliage stems.

The leaves are large and oversized so they add dimension and texture to the arrangement.

adding faux greenery to a rustic farmhouse table centerpiece with black China cabinet in background

Doesn’t it look great? It’s so easy to do and it takes very little time to create.

To see how this centerpiece has changed with the seasons, see Budget Friendly Winter Centerpiece Ideas and How to Decorate for Fall and Christmas Before Thanksgiving.

 rustic farmhouse dining table with magnolia centerpiece and elegant table setting
Rustic Farmhouse Spring Centerpiece Idea
Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Spring Home Tour
This centerpiece lends a different vibe to my kitchen. I love it in both rooms and have been moving it back and forth.
Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Spring Home Tour

Looking for More Centerpiece Ideas for the Dining Table?

Wait until you see these ideas using faux flowers and greens.


Rustic Farmhouse Spring Tablescape Idea

Thank you so much for following along.

Enjoy a beautiful day! xo

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  1. This is so lovely Stacy, and the toolbox is really darling! A great find! ???? Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. I just joined your Charming Homes & Gardens link party with Dabbling & Decorating, which led me to your blog. Your tool box posts have been so helpful and illuminating! So many times I see tool box posts or images but there there’s no handle across the top like yours has (and by the way, it IS gorgeous!). I have a tool box exactly like yours, with a handle across the top. It was part of display in a booth at a craft fair. Happily for me, it had a price tag on it. I don’t they had intended to sell, but they really had no choice! It was already a dull flat green so I repainted it a richer green. So please know, your designs and ideas have inspired me to be more creative and use my toolbox more! I have used fairy lights, but not wrapped around the handle, as you did – brilliant! Thank you for sharing your creativity and your step-by-step!

    1. Kristine I am so excited to hear that!!! I love my toolbox centerpiece and it is such an easy seasonal decor change. And it is so nice to meet you! I’m happy to hear you will be joining us too. xoxo