Looking for ideas for tea party food? Wait until you try these 6 quick, easy, and delicious menu ideas for a beautiful tea party.

I love tea parties, don’t you?

From the dainty decor to the flavorful teas and fresh tasting light bite menus, I enjoy it all.

For this month’s supper club, the group and I are sharing a spring Tea Party menu, table decor, and entertaining ideas.

So far the table decor and entertaining were amazing!

Did you see them? If not you can catch up HERE.

Wait until you see what we’re making for this gorgeous tea party!

If you are coming from my good friend Rachel’s from the Ponds Farmhouse, welcome to our tea party!

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6 Delicious Ideas for Tea Party Food

When hosting a tea party for Mother’s Day, there has to be an amazing menu with lots of light finger sandwiches, appetizers, tea, and pastry dishes.

And the simpler to make the better.

Wait until you try these quick, easy and delicious Mother’s Day brunch menu ideas!

Fresh flower centerpiece in copper ice bucket with crystal chandelier and black china cabinet and hutch on table with tablesettings for Mother's Day Brunch Afternoon Tea Party Table decor and centerpiece ideas

Ideas for Tea Party Beverage

My good friends Anne and AnnMarie from Simply 2 Moms made a refreshing sweet iced tea cocktail that sounds AMAZING.

As much as I love a hot tea like English Breakfast for Early Gray, I enjoy something light and refreshing as well.

Particularly when it is a hot day.

Wait until you try their sweet tea recipe HERE!

close up of bourbon tea cocktail by simply 2 moms

Appetizer Idea for Mother’s Day Brunch Menu

My good friend Rachel from the Ponds Farmhouse is making these spicy cheese wafers as an appetizer.

I’ve never had them before so I’m really looking forward to trying them.

They look so good, don’t they? You can get the recipe HERE.

spicy cheese wafers on vintage dishes by the ponds farmhouse

Afternoon Tea Party Light Bite Sandwich Ideas

Every good tea party has fresh an delicious lite bite sandwiches so wait until you try these incredible recipes!

I decided to make THESE chicken salad with grape sandwiches.

If you’ve never made chicken salad with grapes before, I prefer it to chicken salad made with celery.

close up of easy chicken salad with grapes on croissants on white platter -made chicken salad with grapes sandwiches on mini croissants
The Best Chicken Salad with Grapes Sandwich Recipe

It tastes a bit sweeter and is a little less dry.

While it tastes amazing on it’s own, I enjoy it most as a sandwich.

You can use any bread you want, but I prefer making this dish with croissants.

And if you are bringing it for a tea party, cut the croissant sandwiches in half to make smaller, light bite sandwiches,

close up of chicken salad with grapes sandwiches on mini croissantssandwiches
Chicken Salad with Grapes

My good friend Brendt from She Gave It A Go made some light bite sandwiches too from her easy egg salad recipe.

And this recipe is perfect for all of those leftover hard-boiled Easter eggs.

Egg salad sandwiches are another perfect light bite idea for tea party food.

You can get her recipe HERE.

easy egg salad on croissants by she gave it a go

Mother’s Day Brunch Menu Ideas for a Side Dish

My good friend Michele from Vintage Home Designs is making easy parmesan rosemary shortbread crackers.

She had me at easy parmesan rosemary because it is such a pretty combination of flavors.

Don’t they look delicious? Wait until you try her recipe HERE.

close up of easy parmesan rosemary shortbrad crackers

Tea Party Dessert Ideas

And for dessert, my good friend Jen from Midwest Life and Style made this super fresh and tasty Classic No-Bake Lemon Berry Cheesecake Cups.

I’ve never made this before but it sounds so easy to make and looks so good!

It is a must try! You can get the recipe HERE.

close up of no bake lemon berry cheesecake cups

Doesn’t those ideas for tea party food sound so good!

I can’t wait to make them.

Next up on in our tea party supper club is my good friend Michele from Vintage Home Designs.

Thanks for dropping by!

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afternoon tea party menu ideas
afternoon tea party menu pics

Thank you so much for following along.

Enjoy a beautiful day! xo

Stacy Ling

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  1. Nothing at the Vintage Home site per the link for the parmesan rosemary crackers. Can you help/contact Michele?

  2. I have to try the grapes in my chicken salad, I live with the celery police up here…
    Yummy looking menu this month!

  3. So many yummy tea party foods you all shared. I always love your monthly themes. This is a great one Stacy!