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11+ Easy Italian Food and Beverage Ideas

Looking for simple Italian food and beverage ideas? My supper club got together this month with an Italian dinner party theme and the menu is SO GOOD! Wait until you try these easy Italian recipes!

My favorite cuisine is hands down Italian food.

Maybe it’s because I’m Italian and grew up eating it all the time.

Or maybe it’s because each recipe is made with great love and care.

But whatever the reason, it’s a delicious cuisine and a favorite of many.

And an Italian dinner party is a great theme to bring friends and family together.

So you can never go wrong serving an Italian dish at any event.

When this month’s supper club host, Jen from Midwest Life and Style decided on an Italian dinner party theme, I was all in!

Wait until you try these Italian food and beverage ideas!

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Italian Dinner Party Theme for Supper Club

So it’s my favorite week of the month!

A time when my virtual supper club gets together to share some entertaining and menu ideas.

For this month’s supper club, we are celebrating Italian night with simple table decorations and food ideas.

Have you been following along with our supper club themes?

We’ve had so much fun since we started getting together well over a year ago.

Cozy dinner party table ideas for an italian dinner party with crystal chandlier, cozy candles and flowers

If you are not familiar with what a supper club is, CLICK HERE.

So far, the group and I have celebrated:

If you are coming from Rachel’s at the Ponds Farmhouse welcome to my home and our cozy supper club!

I can’t wait to make her dessert because she made it with her homemade limoncello.

setting cozy table decorations for italian dinner party

My Favorite Italian Food Dishes

Since I am a huge fan of almost every Italian dish, I asked my Grandmother for some of her recipes before she passed away years ago.

And they are so easy to make, incredibly delicious, and perfect to feed a crowd.

Baked Shrimp Scampi

My favorite dish that she shared with me is this recipe for baked shrimp scampi.

Yes, you read that right.

This shrimp scampi recipe is baked not sauteed!

If you love a dump-and-go recipe, this one is for you.

And the best part?

Dinner guests will think you slaved hours over it.

But it’s quick and easy to make.

Wait until you try it.

CLICK HERE for the recipe!

Baked Shrimp Scampi

The Best Recipe for Bruschetta Tomatoes

Another favorite recipe from my grandmother’s vault is this recipe for bruschetta tomatoes.

It is SO GOOD!

I’ve made it as an appetizer, but seriously, it’s a meal!

Because you can eat it in one seating.

It’s that good.

I love to make it during the summer when tomatoes are fresh, but you can make it any time of year.

Since this recipe is a real crowd-pleaser, I suggest doubling the recipe so you have enough for leftovers.

Because it’s even better the next day!

Wait until you try this recipe for bruschetta tomatoes!

CLICK HERE for the recipe!

Sunday Sauce with Meatballs

My favorite go-to dish to make when my family is all under one roof is my Sunday sauce with meatballs and Italian sausages.

This dish was standard Sunday fare when I was growing up.

No matter how busy we were all week long, we always ate Sunday dinner together.

I love to make this for a crowd.

And enjoy serving it with fresh Portuguese rolls to make meatball subs.

Overall it’s an easy dish to make and well worth not cracking open that jar of generic marinara sauce.

I learned how to make it from both my mother and Grandmother.

So over the years, I’ve come up with my own recipe.

I never make this dish the same way twice because I eyeball everything in the meatballs.

So feel free to play around with the ingredients if you want to fine-tune it to your liking.

Learn how to make Sunday sauce with meatballs like a pro with THIS recipe.

And because I’m not a fan of standing over a hot frying pan to make meatballs, this is how I make them in the oven.

close up of sunday sauce with meatballs How to Make Sunday Sauce like a Pro
Sunday Sauce with Meatballs

Italian Seafood Stew

Have you ever had Italian seafood stew before?

OMG it is amazing!

There is several different fishes in the dish but it’s pretty easy to make because it’s all done in one pot.

For Christmas Eve, we like to make a seven fish meal and this dish was a great alternative to making seven different dishes.

If you read the recipe, it might seem like there’s a lot to it, but there’s really not.

There’s a little more prep work involved, but it’s not hard to do.

And trust me, it’s worth the effort.

Wait until you try this recipe for Italian seafood stew!

Italian Seafood Stew

Caprese Salad

Caprese salad is a great year-round dish, isn’t it?

Sometimes I’ll make it as an appetizer for get-togethers.

But I make it all summer long as a meal during tomato season.

There is nothing like a good caprese salad when it’s made with fresh tomatoes and basil from the garden.

Wait until you try this recipe for caprese salad!

The Best Recipe for Caprese Salad

Mozzarella and Tomato Caprese Appetizer Bites

And if you want to do a little more with caprese salad, you should totally try these appetizer bites!

They are easy to make, serve well at a party, but also make a great meal idea too.

You an whip them up as handheld bites or enjoy them on a sammy too.

close up of mozzarella caprese appetizer bites in the farmhouse kitchen

Pasta Fagioli Soup Recipe

If you are looking for a cozy dinner idea that is hearty and easy to make, look no further than this pasta fagioli soup recipe.

It is hearty, delicious and will warm you up on a cold, chilly night.

This recipe for pasta fagioli is easy to make and cooks in well under an hour.

But if you let it sit a bit and let the flavors meld a bit longer?

It is MMMMM good.

Here’s how to make this recipe for pasta fagioli soup!

best recipe for pasta fagioli with toppings of parmesan, basil and parsley

The Best Creamy Balsamic Tomato Soup Recipe

This recipe is a go-to favorite for me, when I’m craving something Italian but want a cozy soup recipe to feed my soul.

And the best part?

We’re making this creamy balsamic tomato soup recipe with a grilled cheese sandwich that dips well in this soup!

Wait until you try this delicious recipe for creamy balsamic tomato soup!

Close up of best creamy balsamic tomato soup recipe
The Best Creamy Balsamic Tomato Soup

Spinach Tortellini Soup

When the temperatures dip, there is nothing like a good bowl of comforting soup to warm up the soul.

While I’m a huge fan of homemade chicken soup, this spinach tortellini soup is a go-to recipe for me all winter long.

It takes minutes to make, tastes amazing and you can keep all of the ingredients on hand.

CLICK HERE for the recipe!

Easy Tortellini Soup

Sausage and Peppers

This recipe for sausage and peppers is a different take than cooking it in the oven.

Have you ever cooked sausage on the grill before?

It adds a smokey flavor to the sausage and tastes great when made with sauteed peppers and onions.

Wait until you try this recipe for sausage and peppers!

the best recipe for sausage and peppers

5 More Easy Italian Food and Beverage Ideas

For our cozy Italian dinner party, I was in charge of making the beverage.

This simple Italian cocktail is light, aromatic, and refreshing.

It pairs well with savory dishes and will become a favorite heading into the spring and summer months.

organic elements as table decorations

The Best Bellini Recipe

Have you ever tried a Bellini before?

They are so good!

And so easy to make too.

What I love about it is it’s the perfect cocktail for a brunch or dinner.

It’s similar to a mimosa but it’s not the same.

Because a bellini recipe is made with peaches and prosecco, while mimosas are made with champagne and orange juice.

If you lean towards making mimosas for brunches, try making this bellini recipe the next time.

CLICK HERE for the best bellini recipe!

best bellini recipe

Easy Italian Bruschetta Appetizer

For our supper club, my good friend Michele from Vintage Home Designs made this simple Italian bruschetta dish that looks and sounds amazing.

It is the perfect appetizer for our Italian supper club!

I can’t wait to try it.

Simple One Pan Skillet Lasagna

My good friend Jen from Midwest Life and Style made this super easy and delicious one-pan skillet lasagna.

Doesn’t that sound so good?

I love a dish that involves minimal prep and clean-up too.

So I can’t wait to make this one.

Italian food one pan skillet lasagna

Crispy Roasted Parmesan Garlic Brussel Sprouts

Lately, I’ve been into making roasted brussel sprouts.

So when my good friends Anne and AnnMarie from Simply 2 Moms made this recipe for our supper club, I knew it would be a winner!

It looks and sounds so good, right?

I cannot wait to try this recipe!

Roasted Parmesan Garlic Brussel Sprouts

Frozen Limoncello Dessert with Toasted Coconut

My good friend Rachel from the Ponds Farmhouse made this super yummy and refreshing dessert with her homemade Limoncello.

Have you ever made Limoncello before?

It’s pretty easy to do and tastes amazing when it’s homemade.

I cannot wait to try her dessert!

Frozen Limoncello Dessert

This Cozy Tablescape is Perfect For Your Next Dinner Party

Learn how to create this cozy and beautiful tablescape!

Watch the video!

YouTube video

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How to Make Sunday Sauce with Meatballs

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